Saturday, 4 August 2007


Ok, i know I said I'll write a really long post but.....its taking too long to finish it. And you know how lazy I am. I'll just post it later if I have the time. Anyway, I have a new pair of heels that my baby darling bought for me!! Patent black classic heels with ribbons at the back!! hehe!! My sweetheart is absolutely wonderful!!

Besides that I had my interview awhile ago and I've got a conditional offer from Uni of Nottingham already. My table is a mess as usual. My interest in cooking has been recently heightened but unfortunately my skill is still as low. =( My mum bought 2 new cooking books for me and my sis. Finger food and Delicious desserts. It seems so easy but still it turns out horrible. So far the only people who think that they can survive solely on my cooking is me and my baby(i think...or i hope? =p). Oh well. Perhaps cooking is just not for me. =] Guess I never inherited 'Gong Gong''s cooking skills.

I think, I've never been happier in my entire life than now. Being with my darling is just Sure, we have our fair share of disagreements and misunderstandings but it works out in the end. =D i love u,muax*!!!

Junie's birthday @ Poppy-16/06/07

Taylor's A-Levels Prom @ JWMarriot-17/06/07

Dinner with GM @ Tong Siang-can't remember

Daddy's birthday @ home-17/07/07

Having Espetada with my family @ Nando's, Atria-21/07/07

Pan mee with Gary and my baby @ Desa Petaling-25/07/07

My sister's 14th birthday @ home-26/07/07

Outing with My baby,Jason,Grace,Wen Yee @ Kayu-one of those days where I lose track of time.

extremely long roti tissue

Lunch with my sweetheart @ his car-one of those days where I lose track of time(top=mine,bottom=his)

Will have more pics next time when I find them. They seemed have gotten lost. Haha. Anyway,tata!!

p.s-comments on the heels pls?hehe...thx!!

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  1. Anonymous3:26 am

    hahahaha, erm...the length of that heels was quite LONG? the front part is quite big, as if u r going to work some sort of like that! :P

    *i saw ur friendster and I guess that pair of shoe you wore is that one right?*