Tuesday, 21 August 2007


Aaaahhhh!!!! I love my baby so much!!! I thought I was going to blog on how I missed the chance of seeing him. But then he called me...

Me: Are you online?
Baby dear: It's hard to go online here.
Me: Oh,ic.
Baby darling: Can you do a me a favour?
Me: Do what?
Sweetheart: Can you go to your gate....

Haha. I love him so so much!!! He surprised me with a fake rose!!! Ok, it may sound un-romantic but it really is very very sweet!!! It represents his un-dying love!!! muax* muax* muax* You are an absolute sweet baby darling sweetheart honey dear sweety!!!!!!!! So adorable and cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And yet still irresistably sexy and hot. I feel like screaming the way I scream when I see a cute animal everytime I see/think of him/hear his voice. Haha.

The fake rose

Yes, I know I'm crazy over the rose again.

By the way, he gave me his shirt on Monday(or was it Sunday?). He has an exact same 1 in a bigger size. Hehe. I'm going to wear it to sleep so I can feel closer to him.

We spent an hour in his car outside my house. Hehe. Its so nice to cuddle in his arms and breathe in his scent. The way he feels and his touch. I was playing with my cats earlier, manja-ing them and I was wishing that my cat was me and I was GM. So nice to be manja-ed and caressed and kissed and loved and hugged and...........Its just so nice to be around him.

I miss you so bloody hell much and I love you even more fucking much.

For the love of heels...

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