Saturday, 19 May 2012

Moving House

I'm moving house tomorrow!!! My landlord bought a house and sold this one, so I'm moving with him. Quite excited about it because I get a bigger room, plus the kitchen is MUCH bigger!!! Only downside is that the toilet is downstairs (who the heck doesn't have a toilet upstairs?). Probably means that I have to shower much earlier now. I wouldn't dare to go downstairs for a shower at 1 in the morning. Perhaps this is a good thing. 

Another plus point is that I don't have to worry about cabs not being able to find the house. I called for a cab at 8.30am this morning because I was too warm and snuggled up, thus didn't get ready in time for the bus. By the time the cab came, it was 8.50am! 20mins to find the house (he admitted) ! And I had to reach work before 9am! Thankfully the roads were clear and we reached in time. Also the bus stop will be nearer so chances of missing the bus is less!!!

My landlord is hiring 2 guys to move things but are leaving my things till the last. So I don't have to get up early for it (hurray!). Mid morning he says. I'll probably get up at 10 or 11am to start getting things together and tying up loose ends (of string). I have already packed since Wednesday (so efficient), but just the extra bits that I've still got to use till tomorrow morning. Not to mention the rubbish and things that I have decided to throw out. I've got to chuck all them out.

HOWEVER, I have to change my address everywhere. Bank, memberships, cards, uurghhhh... Have been using the pharmacy as the sample request add. Hope they don't mind the influx of mail for me! Hahaha.

Well, I better go shower (see, can't do this anymore next time) and hit the sack. I need the energy to unpack tomorrow!!!  

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Free stuff

Come tomorrow, it will be a week since I have been back from Glasgow. I sometimes still can't believe that my exam is over. Sure, I haven't got my results, but the pressure of taking the exam is off. Plus I feel rather good about it. =) *I will pass my exam. I will pass my exam. I will pass my exam. Repeat 30 times*

I received a parcel this morning actually afternoon. I was happy and surprised because I wasn't expecting anything and the box did not reveal whom it was from. Opened it and the stuff was bubble wrapped and wrapped again inside in purple tissue and rather heavy!!! So curious at that time. It was two 500 ml bottles of Aussie Miracle Moist shampoos!!! 1 for me and another for a friend I chose when I entered the competition. Her's was customized with a message from me on the bottle itself!!!

This is what I want to talk about today. Free stuff!!! If you know me personally, you would probably know that I love getting free samples and coupons and discounts. I mean, who doesn't? But I search them out. I sign up to websites that list freebies. My favourite freebie website is MagicFreebiesUK. However, some people turn their noses up at me when they discover this hobby of mine. They probably think I'm being cheap. Which is true, I'm not denying it. What I don't get is how is that wrong? You need something, and if you can try it out for free first, why not right? If you only need something once and only in a small amount, if you can get it free instead of having to buy the humongous bottle, why not?

I have not bought any tea (except for 1 box when I first came, and it's still more than half full) or coffee since I came here, and I have been here for 3 years. I don't drink much of these, which is why free samples are good. I can't finish like an entire bottle of coffee or a box of tea. I'd be wasting my money if I buy them when the craving strikes. So free samples help me save plus I get lots of variety! What's wrong with that? Even if you do drink a lot of it, what's not to love about getting 1 or 2 more tea bags for free?

Perfume. I love perfume but I don't have the habit of wearing it. I usually only use it for occasions or on holidays. So I have never bought any branded perfume (unless you count Body Shop). But I have perfume from Juicy Couture, Molton Brown, Britney Spears, Lancome, Ed Hardy, Burberry, and just recently Viktor & Rolf! They are all tiny bottles, yes, but I don't use them often and I have an array to choose from! Plus because they are small, they are good for traveling and storing in handbags!!! I love it when I'm able to bring four different perfumes along for a trip.

Some of my perfume

Free make up! Yes, that is a full sized Rimmel foundation.

Skincare products are really good when they come as samples too because you get to see if it works for you before you spend that 50 bucks on it. Or as traveling toiletries. Ok, I really love free samples a lot because they make awesome traveling toiletries. I'm not the kind that goes out to buy miniature moisturizers and stuff. I'm the kind that collects free samples and use them when needed. It saves me a lot! Do you know how much miniature things cost? They are usually more expensive per ml or gram than bigger ones. Plus it reduces wastage that occurs when transferring from big bottles to small bottles.

Furthermore, it's not like I go grabbing every single free thing there is. Only things that I might use or need. So there isn't a wastage.

So I don't get why people view it as a bad thing. It's fine if you don't participate in it. I'm not trying to force you. Heck, don't fight with me for free samples!!! Hahaha. I just don't like it when people turn their noses up at me for that. Get over yourself. 

Life is too short, get the most out of it!

Friday, 4 May 2012

It's over




Thursday, 3 May 2012

Panic attack

Ok so it's not that dramatic. I don't literally get panic attacks.  

My exam is in 16.5 hours. OMG. And in 19.5 hours I will be free. Free to go shopping and have Starbucks and sleep!!! I don't know if I should be happy or sad that the exam is tomorrow. I will be free soon, but what if I'm not ready? I don't particularly feel ready. I don't feel as nervous about it as the last time, but STILL. OMG OMG OMG. 

My bf's mum skyped me to wish me good luck. According to my bf, once you receive his mum's good luck wish, you won't fail. That's what he said. I will hold him to it! Haha. Lets hope it works.

OMG. Breathe Ash, breathe. 

I have to get this in my head. 

I WILL GRADUATE. Repeat x1000.


Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Non-applicable things

Hi. This is really unusual. I usually hardly update at all don't update so much. But I just felt like typing a post. About something. It's 6 in the morning. It's already bright. I don't know what I'm doing up so late. I was suppose to be studying, or rather doing a mock test on myself. Buutttt that didn't work out. I ended up watching YouTube videos. 

Let me just explain the paper I am going to sit for. You are given an article from a journal and are expected to answer 8-10 questions on it in 3 hours. It is typically a research comparing 2 drugs together, studying the effect of that drug, or just some form of intervention and if it benefits the patient. The questions are usually like, what is the background of this study, what are the aims of this study, what does Figure 1/Table 2/etc. say, are the conclusions justified, some questions about the drug and some research terms. So basically, it's to read the paper and regurgitate it in your own words. 

I just can't like this paper. I mean, I've heard about the law of attraction from The Secret. I've not read it, just heard about it from XiaXue and QiuQiu. So I just made up a theory that if I could like the paper, it would like me back, as in let me score. However, the problem is that I just CAN'T like this shit. Because that is what it is, shit. Like who the hell is going to come up to a pharmacist and say:

"Hi, I am a regular everyday internet savvy patient who just found this article online about some drug I am taking/a disease I am having and wondered if you could tell me what this article is about in 3 hours."

Nobody! No one is going to do that. I know there are people who might bring in articles and stuff, but they don't demand that you "critically analyze" it in 3 hours. Yes, you are expected to be able to come up with some clever professional jargon to reply to this patient. BUT, you will probably say something like this first:

"Yes, I can do that. No problem at all. I will take a look at this and will get back to you tomorrow."

Logic demands that this is the response you give simply because you won't have 3 hours to stand there and analyze the crap out of the paper. You have customers to serve! Prescriptions to label, dispense and check! People to counsel! You don't have the time!!!

Which is why this paper pisses me off! It's not applicable in real life! Why are we getting time tested on this?!?! I understand if its an assignment. That would make sense. But an exam? Seriously? Your patients are going to accept your opinion regardless of whether its right or wrong. Whatever comes out of the pharmacist's mouth must be right after all. They are not testing you. That is not to say I simply spew things to my patients. I do read the article and take it seriously if I get anything like that. But like, I don't think its serious enough for us to get tested on it. It's not going to change what medication the patient is taking. It's not going to like change the patient's lifestyle or anything like that. It's probably just some new herb supplement or cream, something along those lines. 

Gosh. I really hate doing things that are not applicable because I don't see the point. And the thing that really really pisses me off is that 2 marks from this paper is what has delayed me for a year. 2 freaking marks for A BLOODY YEAR!!! 

Ok. Got that off my chest. I might be able to study better now that I've gotten all the hate out. Ya right. I better go to sleep now. Actually it's waking up time. My body clock is screwed...

Oh, I see you.
Hi! =)