Sunday, 29 June 2008


Hihi. Hehe. I'm sorry ppl. I know my posts are like so overdue. I'm having classes ma... Plus I only had 2-3 weeks of hols so I had to enjoy fully without wasting time on blogging. I started Sem2 at 10th of June. So early right? So fast the fourth week of class is going to start ad.
I'm really so geram with the guards here la. So babi la they all. They just like to target me so much!!! The dress code is that the skirt length must be around the knee. So fine, I follow it. Its just above the knee like 1inch. But they still insist on asking me to write my name and ID down(which of course I use fakes). Sounds reasonable? Yes, actually. Until u enter uni and see lots of ppl wearing skirts just as short or even shorter and remembering that there weren't that many names on the list. Plus!!! 1 of my batchmate which I find really really annoying always gets away with wearing short skirts AND jeans!!! How is that fair? Well, maybe she doesn't stand out to much since she's so plain and old fashioned(yes, I sound very mean but I really don't like her!!!) but STILL!!! It's UNFAIR!!! It's fine if they really wanna do their job well, but do it fairly, please? It's so unfair if I can't wear a little shorter skirts and lots of other ppl can.
I used to think I was one of the very few who got targeted, but I found out a few days ago that 2 of my batchmates were facing the same problem. 1 of them also frequently gets wolf-wistles from them. The other 1, well, she just goes up to them and flashes them her most enchanting smile and they let her go. I, however, used a different way of getting past them. I noticed lots of ppl wearing flip flops to uni. Not those normal ones, those a little nicer. So I thought hey, I think those are legal. So I wore my shiny silver flats too. But then, the guards wanted to stop me. I got so pissed at them for this outrage that I just ignored the guard and walked calmly into campus without a glance back. He kept calling "dik dik"(short form for adik= small girl/boy or little sister/brother) loudly but I just ignored him eventho I was the only 1 at the gate and it was perfectly obvious he was calling me. He didn't dare stop me physically so I just walked in. Now, I'm allowed to wear skirts slighly shorter as they don't dare stop me anymore. Either that, or they just view me as a lost case. I don't mind either way. The confrontation I planned to have with them and their superiors i not needed anymore!!! Hehe!!!
I don't know if u have heard of Twilight. It's a three(for now) book series about vampire love. Twilight, New Moon and Eclispe. It. Is. Superb! Honestly!!! It's the best vampire story I have read!!! Better than Interview With a Vampire. I don't know why ppl like that anyway. It's so dull, no romance... Anyway, I just finish reading the third book recently. The movie Twilight is coming on 12/12/08!!! I can't wait for it!!! Aahhh!!! well, maybe u won't like it so much if u don't like romance. It's not a horror story anyway Not scary at all. But that doesn't mean there isn't any action. U'll find that they are lots of stuff happening actually. Ok, I'm not saying anymore to spoil it for u.
Vicki just left for Terengganu yesterday morning. Haih. It's so SAD!!! Mabel's in aus, Vicki's in Terengganu, next feb Sin Yee may be in aus too!!! NO!!!!!! Altho it's not so bad since I still have my baby and I'll be leaving for Scotland before it's his turn to leave. But I won't even be able to be sure if he'll be joining me there or if he's going to aus and I will only be able to see him for a brief period of time each year for 2 years!!! Haih... The uncertainties of life... Oh well...
On the brighter side of things, I went to watch Beauty and the Beast in the Plenary Hall in KL Convention Center with my sweetheart. It was fantastic!!! It's a musical by the way, if u didn't know. My mum got free tickets for us from her client. We got like two of the best seats(the 350bucks seats)!!! It was near the stage, but not too near till u get a headache and a neckache from bending ur head all the time and it was in the center, but not too center till u have to disturb lots of ppl just to get in or get out. Belle's voice was amazing and they really made all the characters look like those in the cartoon. The candlestick and the clock were especially funny. It's not exactly like the cartoon version but the essentials are the same. They added some funny parts for the Beast. My baby enjoyed the show too, which is good since it's his 1st time watching a musical so he got a good impression and hopefully will follow me next time I watch a muscial. Hehe!!!
Ok, it's late and I have not showered. Tonight is the Euro finals. I support Spain I guess, since my baby, Sin Yee, Sze Ying and tons of other ppl support them. Good luck to Spain!!! I'm not watching btw. I need my sleep. I have classes tmr. Nitezzz...