Monday, 29 January 2007

all the pics

These r all the pics that i did not upload now i shall post it...

the ant bite at 1st...
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the ant bite later on...
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the bump on the back of my car...
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Bout a few weeks ago i wen for a dinner in Holiday Villa...Its a charity dinner organised by a center that my dad was in the committee...its to raise funds for a monk to build a retreat centre in australia,where the monk comes from...he's a reli famous we wen la...the food was all vegetarian but quite nice... nothing much la...juz some speeches n some singing...

The monk that is the founder of the retreat centre,,,
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A buddhist singing group that is not that bad...
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they dress like christians eventho they r buddhists...
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then no more bout the dinner...

Peeled oranges...yummy...
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The parking ticket that i modified... can u spot where i changed it?
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my stack of Charmed books...
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the stupid frog that was the reason y i got the ant bite...
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A dolly that i designed...
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Ok,no more ad...finish...later will hv more...i'll post the pics i took at Mysticals Steppes : Down the Silk Road...i wen wit my mum n dad...its was okla...but not very nice...then at 1st we wen the wrong way n ended up at a masquerade ball n we din noe...the lady there ask us to fill up a form for a free photo shoot with an english kind of furniture long as very nice wan i wen...then we saw so many ppl wear so nice wan...then got masks...then got 2 ladies where those old types of dresses...those very puffy wan...n at 1st we thought they changed into that for the photo shoot...but later we realised they actually wore that we figured somthin must b wrong then we wen to check the front was some other thing la...not the mystical steppes...haha...dam funny...then we juz wen to the right place la...i took photo for free...but dono whether they'll send to me or not...mayb they'll figure out that my name is not in the name list or sumtin then they won send...haha...anyw,thats all...gotta sleep ad...tmr hv to go early cuz hv to put my chem notes in the car wen gm passes it back to i don wan to walk so far...nitez!!!


OMG!!! I finally got over him...for so bloody long...i held on to him...i guess its bcuz i was so afriad that i'll hv no1 left...but,i alwiz had all my frens...i guess it juz cudnt get thru to my heart...until recently...i found a new best guy fren...1 dat i noe i can depend on...that won betray my,ya,thanks... =D u noe who u r...

Anyw,don wana waste anymore blog space on my ex...i wen out wit gm n darryl on sun to watch movie...i was suppose to go out wit gary n gm on sat but then gm had to go out so tak jadi la bcuz gary said he will ony go if gm is goin...they r couz btw if u din ad noe...ya,so i ask gm if sun can onot he said he rather go out wit his other frens since he's gonna c gary on sat he said he is goin out wit darryl n nimalan n mayb yvonne to eat so i can join if i wan since i noe them oso...n then he n darryl r gonna watch movie in i wen lo...

Gm fetched me n darryl drive dam scary la...but fun la...cuz i kinda noe that he noes wat he is doin...he swerve here n there...then stop dam near the car in front...purposely to scare me...cuz i sat in front...n i screamed said if lk dat oso i scared i surely scream lk hell in gary's car...he said i was least i don complain n ask him not to do this n that lk sum1 else...then i say its fun long as u noe wat u'r doin then its fine since he said gary's car even more scary it sounds even more fun to need to sit roller coaster...juz sit my fren's anyw,we wen to some noodle shop to eat which nimalan was quite good la...then in the car gm was sayin that bein single n darryl totally disagree wit him...cuz both of us had relationships b4 so we noe la...then we told gm that u wudnt know cuz u nvr experience b4...then gm say my 1st time oso kena rejected,ya la...memang he nvr experience b4...

We wen to watch blood diamond...okla the show but not very nice to me...bout war over this big pink diamond...then quite violent lots of shooting n killing...then darryl was lk...u wish now u had a bf to hug rite?i was lk ya...cuz its quite scary to c all the killing...then in the car park gm was so noisy bout holdin my handbag cuz he say very dangerous for me to hold handbag n so i finally gave up n let him take...he hold until dam funny la...cuz he dono how to hold properly...then end up holdin it lk its some stinkin rubbish he was forced to carry...then gm say if got ppl come he can take 7 ppl...darryl can take if 13 ppl come then sorry la,habis la...then i say nvm la...i can take 1...then he if got 14ppl then we die la...then darryl say,no la,if got 14 ppl we juz sacrifice her agreed,sayin 1 person gone is better then 3 ppl gone...dam bad la they all...

After the movie we wen to gm's hse cuz i wanted to take the cd that gary was suppose to burn for me lk 3 months ago...n darryl was depending on gm for transport...then gm said the quality dam sucky so he burn for me again...n then i chose lots of songs la from his com cuz he got that took lk 1 hr... his room got 2 speakers nice got sound system in his room...his hse quite big la...bigger than mine lo at least...then later wen he fetch me back he came in to c my cats...bast a,lk him soo much...kept circling gm...haha...bite juz sat there,letting me manja him...din bother bout gm at all...haha...

After that i wen to pasar malam wit my family...bought a jeans for my sis...n food...then we came back n watch night at the museum while havin funny la the show...haha...then nothing much la...cuz by the time it was over it was lk 11 sumtin close to 12 i wen on9 for awhile then slept at 12.40 lk dat...this morning was okla...not that sleepy...n i was dam lucky...found a parkin so near col...hehe...n i saw him la...but i don feel anything is such a was such a pain to hv him in my heart...ok,ciaoz ppl...hv to go hv dinner...dinner time has been over lk so long ago...

Wednesday, 24 January 2007

AS results

I got my AS results last fri ad...but as usual i'm too lz to blog till now...i got 3As n 1B...b for bio...i very happy bout my ressults la...cuz i din study for it...but i think,i don deserve my results...seriously la,alof of those ppl who reli study wan din get better than me wor...which is toattly unfair n weird...anyw,i was very fan la today...i din c him all day,yet other ppl saw him...his fren refuse to tell me his results...when i dropped my sis in the morning,the car in front of me stopped to drop their child so i oso stopped to let my sis get down...then the car in front of me moved,but not enuf for the car behind me to go anywhere oso...but yet,the car behind me honned so i released the brake to let the car slide in front a little after my sis got down...but she haven close the door...when i wanted to press the brake i accidently pressed the accelerator so the car moved too my sis had to run a little to close the door...bloody hell...then,i'm broke now...seriously running out of money...then it was so difficult to eat the watermelon in asia so much seed until 1 of the watermelon cubes fell onto my skirt n then onto the floor...n that was ony my 3rd or 4th cube...but after that i din wana eat ma fan...din feel lk eating so ate fruits(watermelon) n drank barley ony...then b4 that i ate a sandwhich n 3 fishballs...then after i wen home i called gm n we both emo to each other so i din feel fan ad after that...hehe...thanks!!!

i din go to tuition today cuz got readers book club meeting...i hv to decide who is the author of the month...any suggestions any1?tmr is ECA day...i hv to man 3 booths n i ony hv 2 free lk,i dono which booth to man!!! aahhh!!! haha...

i wana bitch for awhile la...cuz i'm a bit fan...that fuckin bitch...go n laugh my fren for wat...bloody hell...she din do anything bad to me recently la...but i juz dislike her bcuz she's 1st impression of her was ad bad...i shud hv known dats she's a bitch...a fuckin bitch...fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck...n she noes him...haih...i juz get jealous sometimes...altho,i don think she's reli dat close to him...i dono...fuck her...she'll surely get an A for chem n b oh so snobbish bout it in tuition...i oso got an A la...u don c me goin around sayin...oh,u'r so stupid,u din get an A for chem,i got an A for chem,i'm so smart...bla bla bla...fuckin bitch...n fuckin shit i still miss him...i hv to reli stop thinkin bout him...i ad sort of promise gm we'll get over it i hv to do my best...haih...but its not as easy as it seems...anyw,nitez every1...i'll put the pics i did not put yet 1 day...wen i'm free la...tata...

Tuesday, 23 January 2007

I fuckin miss u...y the hell do i keep missin u?its been 6 bloody months n i cant get u out of my mind...n its not as if they r no other guys to distract me...there r 3 in fact...but i still fuckin miss u...u werent suppose to mean so much...u reli werent...fuck fuck fuck...i'm gonna die of heart ache...i don wana stop lovin u...but i hv to...but i don wan to...n i'm scared of not lovin u for some reason...fuck...u fucked up my mind...i'm all screwed up...fuckin screwed...

Thursday, 18 January 2007

Ant bite

I wen to the back lane behind my hse on sun was reli dark ad cuz it was raining earlier so we cudnt go till bout 8pm...oh,n i had to marinate some chicken and fish and then wrapping them in aluminium foil n puting it in the oven before i cud go...mmm...juz thinkin of it makes me hungry...anyw,me n my sis wen n we found that the back lane changed quite alot since the last time we no londer has this weird kind of plant that grows some translucent leaf thingy that is shaped lk a ball n has air more morning glorys,no more big shrub with cute green n red we wen back...on the way back we spotted a frog so we squatted down to watch it for a was then that a medium size black ant crawled onto my little finger n bit it was painful...n who say that ant bite isnt was fine then but then after an hr or so it started swelling...the swelling spread over a few hours to the back of my palm n to my ring finger n a little part of my middle finger...the small valley between the knuckles of my little finger n ring finger was almost completely gone...cuz of the sis said that it wud go away the next day so i din worry bout it...but the next day,after i came back from col the swelling was still present n so i wen to c the doctor...he told me that i had an infection as the sweeling was red n warmer than the rest of my hand...bcuz of the swelling,i had to take of the ring i was wearin to col n so i lost isnt an expensive 1...a very cheap 1 in fact...u noe,those fake jewelry little girls play wit?well,it was that kind...but it was so precious to me cuz i had since i was a little girl n till now i still think it looks reli my dad always says, anicha...which means impermanent...everything is impermenant...howh,but i reli do lk it...wish i cud find it back...too bad i don hv a pic of it... =(

The swelling has gone but its still itchy...i had to take antibiotics and an anti toxin that makes me for the past few days i've so hard to get up in the morning n harder to concentrate in class...haihz...sleepy...sleepy...*yawn*...

Today is oso the 1st time i got into an accidetn which is NOT my fault...haha...a girl older than us by a year bumped into my car from behind n some paint came off so she has to pay me 2o0bucks to respray my darling car...more stuff happend today but,i juz wan to take a short nap b4 dinner...write bout those i said...sleepy...Zzzz...

Sunday, 14 January 2007

OUting on fri

Fri was specs day as phyll said...she asked me n sian yee to wear specs to col so we did...alot of ppl in our class wears specs...n we took a pic...but i wore my gray contacts rite after collectin them...oh,ya.i ordered 2 boxes of it the day b4...i saw nic wen we were takin a pic at the corridor n it made me realise how much i still miss him n thus the song that i juz wrote...other than that we wen for breakfast in Peppercorn n then i wen to the curve wit sin yee...i'd rather not write it all over again so if u wana read bout it juz go to the new four forever blog cuz i wrote bout it there...its linked in my blog...nothing much...juz 3 pics besides the other pics i posted in my other here thay r...

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
me wearin the new contacts...

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
almost every1 in class that wore specs that day...

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
me,phyll n specs...

ok,thats all...tata...

Saturday, 13 January 2007

Killing me inside

Killing Me Inside

It was cold outside town
but it felt colder in my heart
you made me feel like a million bucks
but i knew it was just a lie

You pretend
That you loved me so
You pretend
Pretend I don't know

I love you but I don't wana love you
When you don't even care
i miss you but I can't bring myself
To trust you anymore
You're killing me inside
You're killing me inside....

I saw you yesterday
By the corridor outside class
Our eyes met but i looked away
So you wont see how i hurt

You pretend
That you don't see i'm sad
You pretend
Pretend i don't care

I love you but I don't wana love you
When you don't even care
I miss you but I can't bring myself
To trust you anymore
You're killing me inside
You're killing me inside...

How am I suppose to live
How am I getting through this

I love you but i don't wana love you
when you don't even care
I miss you but I can't bring myself
To trust you anymore

I want you but i just cannot have you
and even if I can
I wouldn't wana trust you so then i just don't want you
What the hell do i want?

You screwed up my entire life
You made me oh,so confused...

I love you but I wana love you
When you don't even care
I miss you but I can't bring myself
To trust you anymore
You're killing me inside
You're killing me inside...

Tuesday, 9 January 2007

You Are My Sunshine

You are my sunshine,
my only sunshine.
You make me happy,
when skies are grey.
You never know dear,
how much i love you.
So please don't take my sunshine away...

I'll always love you,
and make you happy,
even if it breaks my heart.
I'll sacrifice
everything for you,
cuz u'r the only sunshine i know...

I kinda made this up...juz wanted to post it here my feelings i guess...since it makes u happy,i'll let u go...even if it breaks my least u'r happy...

Wednesday, 3 January 2007

Layer ONE : On the Outside
Name: Tan Yi Ping
Birth Date: 14 October 1988
Eye color: Black
Hair color: Black
Righty or Lefty: Righty
Zodiac Sign: Libra

Layer TWO : On the Inside
Your heritage: Chinese
Your fears: Heights,Bein alone in the dark n unknown,needles...too many to list out...
Your weakness: I
Your perfect pizza: Island Supreme from Pizza Hut

Layer THREE : Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
Your thoughts first waking up: I still want to sleep...
Your bedtime: It depends...11pm-1am usually...
Your most missed memories: When my bf reli loved me...

Layer FOUR : Your Pick
Pepsi or Coke: I actually don know the diff between them...
McDonalds or Burger King: McD!!!
Adidas or Nike: Nike...i'm juz dyin to own a pair of Nike shoes...
Lipton tea or Nestea: Nestea
Chocalate or Vanilla: Chocolate is the BEST!!!
Cappuccino or coffe: Cappuccino

Layer FIVE : Do you
Smoke: nope...i wanted to try once but i know its bad for dear pet bro won let me anyw even if i wanted to...
Curse: well,yea...its bcumin an annoyin habit of mine...
Take a shower: Duh...who doesnt?
Want to get married: obviously
Believe in yourself: yup!!!

Layer SIX : In the Past Month
Drank alcohol: Yes. i wen to Maison at the beginnin of dec n wen to Soda to party on new year's eve n i drank on both occasions
Gone to mall: I'm a girl so yea,of cuz i've been to the mall
Been on stage: Hmmm,does dancin on a raised platform wit lots of other girls in a club count?
Eaten Sushi: Yes!!! I love sushi!!!
Dyed your hair: Sadly no...i wan to highlight my hair purple...or with 3 shades of brown...but i'm broke...

Layer SEVEN : Have you Ever?
Played a stripping game: No!!! of cuz not!!!
Changed who you were to fit in: i don think so...

Age you are hopping to get married: 26-29

Layer NINE : In a Guy/GirlBest
eye color: Hazel
Best hair color: a few shades of brown together
Short or long hair: Short

Layer TEN : What were you doing
1 minute ago: Doing this tag thingy
1 hour ago: Blogging
4.5 hours ago: readin a story book
1 month ago: havin my AS finals
1 year ago: gettin ready for college

Layer ELEVEN : Finish the Sentence
I love: to be loved
I feel: unwanted
I hate: bein left alone without any1 to love n love me
I miss: well,somebody that alredy knows...
I need: more cash... =p

Layer TWELEVE : Tag 5 people
I'm not taggin any1...i juz did this for the fun of it n bcuz i had nothing better to do...

p.s i juz wanted to say that i think my dear pet bro has forgotten bout me...



I hate this feeling...i hate it...i hate it...i miss feelin the spark when i fall for sum1...its juz that,nobody interests me now...nobody...n it seems that nobody is interested in me either...well,actually there r 2 or 3...but i hv no feelings for them...they juz arent my type at all...the only person i wan rite now doesnt wan me...the other possible person cud nvr possibly love me the way i need to b loved(well,at least i think so,deducing from past experience)...n he alwiz ffk anyw so it will b reli hard n frustrating to meet up wit him since he stays quite far...haih...n i feel lk i'm not wanted...i mean by guys that i wud actually consider to b my bf...there's nobody to flirt wit...well,ok there's 1 but he cant go out wit me cuz he stays so far away nor will he ever admit that he lks me...bcuz i suspect he doesnt...i think he juz does it for a reason that is juz between me n him...n well,i don think he'll b a good bf anyw...i reli miss the feelin of bein loved n cared for...n i miss lovin n carin for sum1...if any of my ex had givin me a soft toy at least i wud hv had that to take care of...but i don...i ony hv my darling snuffles which was given to me by a group of my close friends on my 14th or 15th birthday...sorry,cant reli remember...i'm not sayin that snuffles isnt good enuf...its juz that he wasnt given to me by a person that i truly reli loved n cared for n that loved me or at least liked me too...haih...
This is how he looks like btw,if u were wondering...
Isnt he juz cute?this was taken using my phone n the pic was edited wit my phone too! hehe...he's reli soft n cuddly...not too big too...
Ah well...i'm goin to get back to my brooding...n envyin other happy couples...ciao...