Saturday, 30 April 2011

Screwed Biological Clock

I literally sleep when the sun rises.

Though I don't wake up when the sun sets because that's around 10pm here.


Just in case you guys forget how I look like.
I curled my hair with scrunchies. What do you guys think?
Curly or straight? Which is better?

Time to sleep.
Gotta continue being a nerd tomorrow.

Thursday, 28 April 2011

The Last Hurdle

Hi everyone. Guess what? Now all that is left between me and my degree is my finals. Urghhh. Yucks!!! I HATE exams. I don't know why, but this is the most unmotivated I've ever felt for exams. Which is rather ironic, considering it is the MOST important exam of my entire life. Haih. I'm just so weird.

On a irrelevant note, summer is approaching. Which means the weather is warm enough for people with no worries to frolick around and play. Which leads to LOTS OF BBQs OUTSIDE MY WINDOW. Grrrr... You might say that it has nothing to do with me. But it DOES!!!

1. They're tempting me to go out and play
2. They're freaking distracting with their screams and shouts and with me being such a ke po chi (busybody) I'll look out the window every 5 secs.
3. The smoke from the bbq bloody floods my entire room if I even open the window with the tiniest crack. Which is freaking annoying because right now it's hot and stuffy in my room and I need some fresh cold wind! Even if I could stand the smoke smell, I would be worried that somehow it'll trigger the fire alarm in my room, causing EVERYONE from THREE freaking blocks to evacuate and blame me when its not even my fault.

There! Now can you say it doesn't concern me?


After my finals, we're definitely going to have a BBQ outside one of those halls filled with Ang Mohs!!!

REVENGE will be sweet!!!
(well, actually more like savoury)