Saturday, 17 October 2009


Ok, I know I've been slacking in updating again. Sorry!!! I will TRY to update more often. So far life here has been great, with the exception of missing my baby. It is really fun buying your own food, going wherever you want to go whenever you want to go, shopping at any day of the week (hehe), and cooking whatever you want to eat whenever you want to eat. So far, me and Ching Yee have baked 1 cake together, another with Khong Hern, and the 2 of them baked 1 for my birthday. Hehe!!! We didn't bake it from scratch though. Lazy people like us bought the cake mix. Haha!!! But it was still fun. In fact, me and Ching Yee are going to bake another 1 later. Hehe!!!

She also knows how to make fish balls, so we bought a fresh mackerel this morning from the Fish Plaice, it's a shop that sells fresh fish and frozen chicken and things like that. It's much cheaper than Tesco, Aldi, Sainsbury. Oh!!! Aldi has this special promotion of Harvest Morn's Honey Nut Flakes. £1 for 1kg. It's extremely yummy!!! Honey and peanut coated flakes.Hehe!!! It's cheap compared to Kellog's in Malaysia. Btw, you won't find this in Malaysia because Harvest Morn is produced for Aldi only. We don't have Aldi in Malaysia so.

So far, I've been surviving on baked chicken, fish, vegetables, potato... Anything baked. It's so easy!!! Just marinate the food, wrap it up in aluminium foil (which is provided by the uni), and throw it into the oven. After maybe 10-20mins, it's ready to eat!!! Hehe!!! I love the kitchen here as there is a toaster (which has not been used at all), oven, grill, fridge with freezer, cabinets, cooker, and microwave. So many things right? Hehe!!! Me and Bridget brought a rice cooker each, so we have that. The 3 of them has a pot each, and we bought a baking tray and a big wok. So we have all the cooking appliances we need.

Classes here start typically start around 9am, and finish around 12pm. If we have lab then it's 3 hours in the lab after lunch break. I really REALLY HATE morning labs. The doors close at 9.15am, and me being me, I'm always missing the alarm and things like that. I almost got shut out once. OMG!!! It's such a scary experience. Thankfully, a lecturer who apparently isn't normally nice to late students, let me in, without any scolding really. Just some serious reminders that this is the only time she will let me in late. If we miss a lab or a workshop or a PP3 class, with or without an MC, then we have a 2000words long essay about the lab. Without that letter, we can't sit for the exam. Scary le!!! I really have to wake up early. Haih!!!

The gym here is quite good. It's only £70 for 9months, which is cheaper than in Malaysia. They also have classes like dance fit, hip hop, body attack, aqua fit, and things like that which you can join for free if you're a member. There's also a swimming pool which is free for members. Non-members will have to pay £3 for the gym and £2.50 for any other activity. Another benefit of being a member is that some classes need to be booked, and non members can only book an hour before the class. Hehe. The gym had 2 weeks free for us, so we could see what it's like and decide if we wanted to join. I just joined this Monday. I'm proud to say that I've been rather regular, but this week I've slacked because I had some membership issues at the start of the week, and other complications. I didn't go today either because I was super tired. I really HAVE to go tomorrow.

Ok, I better go cook my dinner now, and then the cake baking will start!!! Yummy!!!