Thursday, 28 May 2009

22 miss calls

Normally everytime after I leave his house, I will message him when I reach home, to tell him that I've reached the house. But today when I got home, my phone battery died and my mum was watching Bionic Woman, so I joined her. I remembered that I needed to message him, but decided to do it later when I get upstairs and charge my phone. After all, he usually doesn't reply that message so I figured that it wouldn't hurt to message later. What I didn't expect was that the show was quite long, only finishing about 1 hour after I reached home. Then I went upstairs, switched on my laptop and facebook-ed awhile till 10pm. Hehe. I realised it was late already and so quickly prepared to shower (have not eaten dinner). Then I remembered I have not messaged him, so I quickly charged the phone. As soon, as the phone was on, a message came in "You have 22 miss call(s) from **********" OMG!!! I hurriedly typed a message to him saying that I was ok, and I'm at home and explanined to him what happened. That was when a multitude of messages came in.

"Baby are u ok?"
"Hello, can u pls reply?"
"Hello hello hello"
"OMG baby are u ok?..."

Something like that la. He was so worried. Then his call came in. OMG. He contacted so many people to get my house number. He lost my house number and my parents' numbers sometime ago but forgot to ask me for them. He said that for the past 1.5hrs he couldn't study and kept calling people. He said that I can't imagine the trauma he went through. I'm so sorry baby. while I was watching TV and playing facebook, you were calling people and worrying your head off. Sorry!!!

I felt really bad, but at the same time very touched. I didn't think he really read those reached home messages, and that he would be so worked up if I didn't send one. Thanks baby. Really!!!

And not to forgoet those people he called. Especially Wen Tye. Haha. Sorry!!! Because of me, GM™ called you so many times. Here's the list of them (as far as I know)

Wai Kwan
Vicki (Even though he knew that he most likely would not get through (She's in Turtle Camp. No reception))
Mabel (messaged online)
Wen Tye
Bob Kurt (Even though your phone was off too)
Siu Hoong

Thanks people!!!

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Orange Poppy and Garlic Sausage

Today Nicole Woon gave all of us an Orange Poppy muffin that she baked herself. Not from a box wan ok? No cake mix or short cuts!!!

Pretty? Yummy? Definitely!!!

But er, I have not tried it. Hehe. Because I wanted to share with my darling during lunch, but we ate McDonald's today, and was so full and so decided to eat it later. Today we had a Sundae Cone!!! Hehe!!! Because I was very "guai" (good) yesterday (I did 17km on the exercise bike). Hehe!!! Yummy!!!

His set

My set!!! See Nicole's muffin? Prove that I wanted to eat it during lunch.

Ok, so anyway, after lunch, he continued studying while I looked at an IKEA brochure that just came. I just adore IKEA stuff!!! Their furniture and stuff are so stylish and functional. Unfortunately, they are also very expensive. Hmmph!! After going through it like 3 times, I went on to read Inkheart. I have not even read till the middle but I can conclude that it is a seriously nice read. I have not watched the movie (yes, I know I'm outdated), but I received 2 reviews that are at both extreme ends. My darling said that when he and his couz went to watch it, both of them didn't like it. However, Ching Yee said that it was very nice. So, I don't know who to believe. What I do know is that I would prefer to watch the movie before I finish the book. This is because I believe that if you read the book first, you will ALWAYS be disappointed with the movie. After all, you can't really expect the filmmakers to be able to recreate the story exactly. Actually that is what I expect but, it doesn't seem like it will happen anytime soon so I shall stick with reality.

Then it was already 4pm. Nap time!!! (omg, I sound like a small kid) He couldn't really sleep but me, as usual, slept very well. By the time he woke me up, it was already 6pm. Exercise time. Went to exercise, then thought that we could eat it after that. But then his mum came back right after we finished out workout so I had to quickly shower. Then I packed my stuff and went downstairs to drink soup. By the time I remembered the muffin, I already finished the soup and was going to leave. He told me to eat it by myself since it's meant for me anyway. But I really wanted to share it with him so I'm gonna keep it till tomorrow.

That is the funny thing about me, I just love to share everything with him. As in EVERYTHING!!! Even for example a few nice biscuits my mum/dad/whoever brought back, expensive chocolate, anything that I find nice and know that he probably will like it too, I want to share it with him. Even if I myself only have a small miserable piece. I will try my best to keep it and bring it to his house so that we can share it. I'm not sure if it's normal. Hehe.

Oh!!! About the lamb that day, OMG!!! It tasted ok, quite nice if I can say so myself. But it took way too long to cook. Not sure why. Some pieces were ok, but some needed like 40minutes to cook. Even then it was just ok, like if it was cooked a little longer then it would have been better. I'm not into raw or medium raw. I prefer well done.

On Tues, I felt soo sooo frustrated in the morning. I came a little earlier specially for my darling because his class was suppose to end at 10.30 while mine starts at that time. So, I was hoping to see him before my class and after his ends. After parking my car in the car park, I found his car parked near the staircase. I was going to pull his wipers up and stick a note on
his windshield when I saw someone coming up the stairs. I was a bit shy about it so I just stood around his car waiting for her to pass. But low and behold, her car was the one parked next to his!!! I was thinking whether I should run over to my car and quickly shift her here. But I have no idea, what made me stand there so long. By the time I really wanted to move, I saw a car coming and was so so terrified that he/she might park in that spot!!! I waited there to see, but luckily, the car parked somewhere else. Then, I wanted to move but another car came!!! This time I was not so lucky and she parked there. Haih!!! It felt soooo frustrating!!! If I had moved my ass earlier I would have gotten that parking. Aargh!!!

After sticking on the note, I went to uni, and when I was on the 2nd floor, I saw a lot of his batch mates so I knew his class was over so I called him. Guess what? He was already on the way to the car park!!! I didn't even see him!!! He went to the cafeteria first, so I missed him. OMG!!! If I had called him earlier this would not have happened. It's like, if I had done things earlier, which some voice in my head had told me to, I would have gotten both the chance to park next to his car AND to see him before my class. It was so pissing off I tell you. But then, at the end of the day, I felt that it as not such a bad day after all, because...

I finally bought the Garlic Sausage bun!!! OMG!!! I'm in love with it!!! (Don't worry baby, I still love you more) It's so so delicious!!! It's like garlic bread with a sausage in the middle. So yummy!!! The buns at the cafe in the library are seriously good. The buns are so soft and fluffy, especially if you ask them to heat it up. I particularly love their Fish Chip burger, Chicken Cheese Triangle (or something like that), Double Cheese bun, Garlic bread, Doughnut Stick, and now, Garlic Sausage bun!!! Hehe!!!

These are pics from the Pharmacy Practice 1 lab class on Monday. Hehe.

Ching Yee's methylated spirit smiley

My poop-like Salicylic Acid 50% in Lanolin Ointment


Monday, 25 May 2009

Daylight Robbery

It's not as serious as it sounds, but it's still very terrible. I had Nasi Lemak for lunch today in IMU's cafeteria. It was from the Indian Stall. I already gave up on their mix rice because it seriously is too bloody expensive for the amount they give (they scoop for you, so you can't hide anything anywhere or take the amount you want). I only buy things like Roti Canai (RM1.00/piece), Tosai (RM1.00/piece), Nasi Lemak (RM1.20/plate) from them because the price is fixed and is shown to you, and it is reasonable. So, today I spotted this dish...

Looks nice right?(It did to me anyw) At first I thought it was prawns, but she told me it was fish fillet. I was so tempted to take it, and I did. I was thinking that today my lunch will only cost me around RM2. BUT, it was RM3.20!!! OMG!!! RM2 for that 2 miserable pieces of fish fillet. Maybe it looks big in the pic, but see this pic!!!

That is how insignificant it is. And it cost me RM2. OMG!!! I rather use that RM2 to buy a Garlic Sausage Bun from the cafe in the library. Haih!!!

That's why I said, DAYLIGHT ROBBERY!!!

I am officially boycotting the mix rice in IMU's cafeteria. Join me? =)

Sunday, 24 May 2009

Sook Yee Je's 22nd

On 21st of May, Wednesday, it was Sook Yee's 22nd birthday!!! We celebrated it at Tony Roma's, Mid Valley. Before that I went to Ching Yee's place. We played "pig" in Lee Ming's room (Ching Yee's house mate), with Chris , Shin Yen and Chooi Chooi.

The game goes like this...

1. Take n (n being the number of people playing the game) sets of numbers from the deck.
2. Everyone gets 4 cards and you pass a card anti-clockwise or clockwise (up to you) with the objective of getting all 4 of the same number.
3. All the while you have to keep your eyes on everyone.
4. Once somebody gets all 4 cards of the same number, they will do a pre-determined action (in our case was putting a finger on our nose). It's best to do something that is not too obvious.
5. Everyone has to do the same action, and the last person who does it is a pig.
6. Normal people can't talk to the pig. If they do, they become a pig too.
7. So, if the pig becomes a pig again in the next round, he/she becomes a Level 2 pig.
8. Level 1 pig can only talk to Level 1 pigs, Level 2 with Level 2 and so on.
9. If a Level 1 pig talks to a Level 3 pig, he/she will automatically become a Level 3 pig too.
10. So the pig's objective is to talk to lower level pigs and normal pigs to trick them into replying or responding to them so that they become a pig or increase in level.
11. At the end, the person who is the lowest level pig or not a pig at all wins.

Haha. It was so funny!!! In the end, Chooi Chooi was the winner. Me and Chris were Level 1 pigs, Lee Ming, Shin Yen and Ching Yee were all Level 3 pigs. When Chris and I realised Ching Yee (who was then a Level 2 pig) responded to Lee Ming (who was already a Level 3 pig), we just looked at each other and burst out laughing. Haha. I didn't fall for any of their tricks. The only reason why I became a Level 1 pig was because I didn't understand the rules that well in the 1st round, so I was last to put my finger to my nose. I thought that the last person to get all 4 cards of the same number becomes the pig. Haha.

So anyw, I drove to Mid Valley, fetching Ching Yee, Chooi Chooi, Huey Ping, Sze Ying and Nicole Liew. Sounds pack in a Wira? Well, it was for them. Haha. The advantage of being the driver, is that we ALWAYS don't have to be squished. Even the person sitting in the front passenger seat might have to share it with another person if the situation calls for it. I don't know why people hate driving so much. I understand if it's during a jam, but normal times? It's so fun to feel the power of your car (although mine is only a Wira), and zoom past other cars. Of course the make of the car matters, but the person driving it matters more (Wahaha, sounds like self-praise). If you can drive well, even with a Kelisa you can outrun better cars. Of course it doesn't apply when you're competing with a Mersedes or a BMW or other much better cars.

Ok ok, back to the topic. We went there earlier to walk around and buy the birthday cake. After a little walking around, some calling and a lot of debating among ourselves, we decided on Cheeze Choc from Secret Recipe. The message we wrote was quite cute. Hehe. See it in the pic later. The dinner was suppose to start at 6.30pm, but the rest of the people took soooo long to get there. I think they reached at 8pm? Not sure because I didn't check my darling watch.

Sook Yee looked so much prettier than usual. She was in everything Wendy. Meaning everything she wore was from Wendy la. From head to toe. Wendy, Khong Hern and Chris were responsible for it all. Make up, clothes, heels. Sook Yee looks nice in make up. Usually she doesn't put make up, or maybe she does but it's not obvious as she wears specs so they cover it. That night they made her take of her specs. Haha. She looked pretty without it but she was like half blind because her power is high. Oh, and her feet hurt because Wendy (same size as me!!!) is 2 sizes smaller than her. Oh well, they do say that beauty hurts.

The food there was good!!! Sze Ying, Chooi Chooi, Huey Ping, Nicole and I all ordered sanwhiches/burgers. All of us, except Nicole (because she doesn't eat beef) , divided out food into 4 portions and we all shared. We ordered Chicken BBQ, Sirloin Cheddar Grille, Chicken Swiss and Beef Bacon, and 1 more which I can't remember. The portion was so huge that I had trouble finishing it all. Or maybe it was because I didn't really concentrate on eating and so got full faster. Ching Yee ordered Fish and Fries. It was yummy!!! The sauces there are quite nice too. Hmmm, but the price is a little over my usual budget.

I used my credit card for everything, so I was the cashier for the day. OMG!!! Really, I have to be more organised the next time I do this kind of thing. I didn't seperate the money for the cake and the food bill so everything got mixed up. Spent soooo long collecting and counting the money. In the end, I managed to get the amount correct. I think? Even if I didn't, the loss wasn't that much, at most RM5.

I was suppose to go home after that, BUT Ching Yee and Sook Yee convinced me to stay over. So I did, in Lee Ming's room because she has an extra bed (her roommate went back to her hometown). Luckily I brought my exercise clothes, so that was my PJs that night. We talked all night. Well, not ALL night, but till 3am!!! OMG!!! My class the next morning was at 9.15am, so I had about...5 hrs and 40mins of sleep. I woke up at 8.40am, after much willpower on my part and alot of ringing power on my alarm's part. I had a quick shower, wore back the same clothes I wore the night before (no choice!!!), then left the place with Ching Yee at 9am. Fast le? Haha.

So that was it. Now, the pics!!!

Groovy Grape, Coke Lite and Ice Lemon Tea

The free yummy bread with some herbed butter

Ching Yee's baked potato soup (minus the beef bacon). Yummy!!!

Ching Yee's Fish and Fries (thumbs up!!!)

My Chicken BBQ Sandwhich. Nicole had this too. Definitely for those who like it sweet!!!

Chooi Chooi's Sirloin Cheddar Grille Sandwhich. (Delicious!!!)

Huey Ping's Chicken Swiss and Beef Bacon Sandwhich. (The bacon was tasty!!!)

Sze Ying's Sandwhich. Hehe. Can't remember the name. But yummy!!!

Kelvin, Nicole and Sze Ying

Ching Yee and me

Sze Ying, Chooi Chooi and Ching Yee

"Happy birthday Sook Yee! We love you
From 20% of P1/08"

Sook Yee! The main person of the day

The amount of plates needed!!!

These are the names of the people who went:
Me, Nicole Liew, Sze Ying, Chooi Chooi, Huey Ping, Ching Yee, Kelvin, Gen Yuan, Khong Hern, Fiona, Choon Wee, Shin Yen, Wai Hou, Lee Ming, E-jing, Wilsen, Sook Yee and Kun Yang.

19 all together. Almost 20% of P1/08. Haha.

I'm trying my hand on grilled lamb chop today. Check out the next post to see how it went ok? Tata!!!

Outing with Vicki

On Wednesday night, I met up with Vicki. We had dinner in Ming Tien, so we ate Sarawak Handmade Noodles, as usual. Hehe. Then we shared a BIG glass of refreshing watermelon juice!!! After that, we headed to Giant, KJ cuz she needed to get some supplies for her Turtle Camp. She left on Friday night. *sob sob*

Sarawak Handmade Noodles

Watermelon juice. Doesn't look big in the pic, but it is.

Haha. Overall, it was a short but super fun outing. We talked, laughed and teased each other so much!!! Hehe. Makes me miss Fourforever, but at the same time feel lucky that Vicki is still here.

Enjoy ur Turtle Camp dear!!! muah!!!

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

My shopping spree!!!

These are what I bought that day in Goin' Places, Centrepoint, and Padini and Elements in The Curve. Hehe.

There were tons of different jackets and wind-breakers and sweaters and whatever that is needed in the winter. But since I already have some jackets and clothes from other people, I just bought these.
A long wool cardigan (my mum thinks it looks like a sleeping robe)

Purple ear mufflers (velvety!!!), soft purple muffler (something like a scarf. I LOVE it!!!) and soft leather gloves

PURPLE (!!!) tights and thigh high stockings
I can't go out only in skirts after all, I'll freeze without these.

Long johns. Mine's two-piece since it's much more convenient when I wanna go to the toilet. Hehe. (There's purple!!!)

My super nice and thick and fluffy yet light down-feather jacket!!!

The inside of the hood is furry. The fluffy lining can be seperated from the hood, and the hood itself can also be taken off. Hehe!!!

After that, me and my sis headed to The Curve as my mum had a DOME cash voucher that was expiring soon. On the way to DOME, we spotted Padini, with a huge "sale" sign. Since I have the member card, we got extra discounts!!!However, it was still not that cheap, so we only bought 1 piece each. Then, as we walked out, we saw another SALE sign just opposite us, in ELEMENTS. Yay!!! We made a beeline for it. Haha!!!

Amazingly, a lot of their sale items had S size, even XS for some. So, I grabbed everything that had an S or XS size and we headed to the changing room with our arms full of clothes. Haha. Luckily there was no limit to how many you can try at a time. Most of them fit and looked wonderful!!! Hehe!!! Lots of them were for only RM19.90 or RM29.90. Cheap!!! There were even 2 racks of 40%!!!

Purple white-striped shirt from Padini, Brown striped shirt from ELEMENTS

I finally got myself some fitting slacks. This pin-strip darling from ELEMENTS was on 40%!!!

I also got myself a pair of white knee high boots from ELEMENTS. Again, amazingly, they had my size!!! My sis bought 4 tops. 1 of them was this nice unique jacket that at first I thought was mine. But in the end she took them away!!! No!!! I really feel like going back there and buying another 1 for myself. After all, it's only RM19.90, it's worth it!!!

Ok, then we finally made it to DOME without any more stops. The food there is scrumptious but expensive. I had a Creamy Seafood Pasta and one of their ice blended coffee-chocolate thingy. OMG!!! The drinks was absolutely heavenly. That is if you prefer chocolate over coffee. That is not to say that it didn't taste of coffee. It did, just that the chocolate taste was the strongest. Delicious!!! The pasta was fantastic as well. It came with a few rings of squid, 3 large prawns, some cubes of fish, shreds of abolone mushroom, and 3 mussels. I'm not particularly fond of shell fish (besides scallop) and always find that they are way too fishy and taste odd. The only mussels I like so far are from Manhatten Fish Market and now, from DOME as well. The cream sauce was a little too diluted, but it still tasted great to me.

My sis had a cheese and ham croissant, and lemon chill. The croissant was delicious, albeit a little miserable since it's actually on the breakfast menu. It came without any extras. No salad by the side, nothing. Just a croissant. The contents weren't even spilling out. However, it was delicious, although you can actually make it at home as well. With good quality cheddar, of course. I don't really fancy lemon, but I found the lemon chill refreshing. So I would give it two thumbs up. My sis however, felt that it was rather normal. Anyw, the total for the night was RM70 ++!!! Just for 2 person. We didn't even order any extras, or super expensive dishes. Luckily we had the cash voucher. Haha.I definitely can't afford to eat there on my own.

After that, we went home.

The end!!!

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Hi!!! I know it has been super long since my last post. Hehe. Sorry!!! It's already the 5th week of the semester. So fast!!! It felt just like yesterday that I started Sem4. I really have got to start on my assignments. I have a mock test on Tues for Pharmacy Practice. It's the subject I like the most. It's not easy, but it's fun. Hehe. We get to make real medication in the lab. Of course it's not safe enough to be used, so it's all thrown away after that. It's really the most applicable subject for now. It really gives you more of a pharmacy feel, rather than all chemistry.

I recently watched X-men Origins: Wolverine. The show was super nice to me!!! Watched it with my baby of course. Hehe. I watched Mall Cop: Paul Blart too. This I watched with Vicki during our Fourforever (divided by 2) outing to 1u. Funny la the show. The lead actress looks rather familiar, but just can't remmenber what other movies she starred in, or maybe it's just another actress who looks like her. Haih. SO saddening there's only the two of us left. We ate dinner at Johnny's but the feel was gone. Even the food tasted bleehhh. We couldn't bring ourselves to finish it. So wasteful, but we were not hungry, the food was not yummy and we were emo-ing. How to finish?

I'm so broke recently. I feel like buying so many things, but just looking at the price I know I defintely can't afford it. Haih!!! Shoes shoes shoes. I love them so much but why must they cost so much? During the fourforever (divided by 2) outing, I saw a super nice sexy pair in Voir. They shifted downstairs, near the cold storage btw, did you know? Anyw, it was this pair in sexy red with black trim, looks abit like ankle boots but has cut outs, about 3inches at least!!! They weren't even on discount yet and it was already down to the LAST PAIR!!! Amazingly, they were in Size 4!!! How rare is that? Usually last pairs will either be in size 3, or some humoungus size. But not this time, they just my size!!! It was sooooooo tempting. I even tried it on. OMG!!! Looked sooooooo soooooooo sooooooooooooo GORGEOUS!!! (the shoes). Haih. But it wasn't on discount, plus I'm broke, so... I left it there... I didn't snap a pic of it because I was worried the people there wouldn't like it. Now I can't even find a pic of it on the internet. Honestly, brands like Voir, Vincci, Diva, and other big brands should have online galleries of all their stuff. It makes like alot easier for us, don't you think?

Now I'm going to Centerpoint. Going Places is having a sale there. Gotta get my winter clothing. See ya!!!