Monday, 25 May 2009

Daylight Robbery

It's not as serious as it sounds, but it's still very terrible. I had Nasi Lemak for lunch today in IMU's cafeteria. It was from the Indian Stall. I already gave up on their mix rice because it seriously is too bloody expensive for the amount they give (they scoop for you, so you can't hide anything anywhere or take the amount you want). I only buy things like Roti Canai (RM1.00/piece), Tosai (RM1.00/piece), Nasi Lemak (RM1.20/plate) from them because the price is fixed and is shown to you, and it is reasonable. So, today I spotted this dish...

Looks nice right?(It did to me anyw) At first I thought it was prawns, but she told me it was fish fillet. I was so tempted to take it, and I did. I was thinking that today my lunch will only cost me around RM2. BUT, it was RM3.20!!! OMG!!! RM2 for that 2 miserable pieces of fish fillet. Maybe it looks big in the pic, but see this pic!!!

That is how insignificant it is. And it cost me RM2. OMG!!! I rather use that RM2 to buy a Garlic Sausage Bun from the cafe in the library. Haih!!!

That's why I said, DAYLIGHT ROBBERY!!!

I am officially boycotting the mix rice in IMU's cafeteria. Join me? =)


  1. HAHAHA!!! so small!!! XDD
    but it's worthy compare to here, I WANNA GO BACK TO MALAYSIA LOR!!!! T____________________T

  2. Har?!!?!? Like that also worth it!?!?!?! OMG!!! It's so bloody expensive!!! The fish is like 6cm x 3cm x 1cm. So small ok? I'm sure the fish and chips in Aus are a much much bigger portion.