Thursday, 28 July 2011

Blogging from work

Hiya!!! I'm blogging from work!!! How cool is that? Haha. I'm on my lunch break now. The staff are seriously super friendly and I'm really enjoying it tremendously. It's tiring, yes but I don't really feel it when I'm at work, it's only once I reach home I realise how tired I am. But that's good you know? I'd love to be this happy throughout my entire career. I look forward to going to work everyday (though I hate getting up early).

I took a later bus today because I got up late (oops!) but I still arrived before my boss, so that's fine. Haha!!! I missed my breakfast so I had 1.5 cups of coffee and a cheese and onion pasty that S got for me. My colleagues really are the friendliest bunch!!!

Alright, I better go now. Lunch time's almost up.

Bye! =D

Monday, 25 July 2011

First Day At Work!!!

I can't type much because it's late, but IT WAS AWESOME!!! Seriously, I didn't expect it to be this fantastic and enjoyable!!! The staff there were all really friendly, and my tutor is great!!! Also the previous pre-reg is still there and she's from Malaysia as well so obviously we get a long well. Then there's a 2nd year student (who's going on to 3rd year) who's worked there since last summer, so he knows everything already. Super fun!!! I did almost everything today!!! Ordering, dispensing, dosettes, methadone, CD register, sending off prescriptions, repeats!!! Gosh it was really fun!!! I did get kind of sleepy after lunch. So I think I'll get a coffee after lunch to prevent the yawns. That's all I'll say for now. Gotta get to bed soon.


Sunday, 24 July 2011

Nottingham - Take 4 - Success!!!

Hi everyone!!! Sorry for the delay. I was crazily tired the past few days. Yes, as the title suggests, I DID IT!!! Hahaha!!! Finally made it to Nottingham sort of on time. I missed the first bus, but it was not my fault (although I was late by a few mins)!!! The bus stop I was waiting at was the wrong one. Luckily a kind old man pointed me in the right direction. So then I took the 8.33am bus and reached about 10am. Wee!!! Then obviously, I went shopping!!! Haha.

What I wore.
Check out my cute purple devil phone case! It even has a small sharp tooth and cute horns!!!

First stop, Victoria Centre:

These 2 maxi dresses were only £10 each, but I decided that I hardly wear them so I didn't buy any. Even though they were luxuriously soft and form fitting.

I went to La Senza, TopShop, and quite a few other shops. I bought this crystal leopard case for £10. It's the normal price for it, BUT I was in a hurry that I didn't check the quality properly. Urgh. It sparkles, yes, brilliantly. However, the crystals fall off quite easily. The man who sold it to me had the nerve to tell me that they don't! Grrr... I've already lost two and have superglue-ed back 4.

This pic is rather dark, but I assure you, it's beautiful!

Second stop, Starbucks!!!

Finally!!! I've not had one for more than a month!!!

Third stop, Primark!

Heh! I didn't take any pictures there, but these are some things I saw in a shop while walking to my fourth stop.

So cool!!! Keep calm and ... stuff!!! Would have bought one were they not so expensive.

Fourth stop, H&M...

Here's where it got kind of weird. I was walking towards H&M and this random British photographer said "ni hao" to me. Normally I would get irritated by it cuz he's assuming I'm from China. BUT, he said it in a friendly way so I just smiled back. If I could turn back time, Iwould have stayed the HELL away from him. Because he ended up following me down the street and said he would take some pics for me, and so he did and said he would print them for me now. So I felt obligated to follow him to Boots where he spent more than 30mins printing those damn pictures. Then he said he would take more and so I don't know like he was helping me and he looked so excited I just felt really bad and kind rude if I said I don't want to take anymore. Which is weird you know. Because I've always wanted to be a model, but I just felt so bored and uncomfortable!!! Not only that, he was SO FULL OF HIMSELF!!! Seriously, I've never met such a boastful person. The worst thing is he doesn't even realise. It's not like Mean Girls where the Plastics know they are full of themselves. He's like nice but he boasts about himself a lot but says it in a matter of fact kind of way. Which is soooooo annoying because he's still polite so I can't diss him and walk off you know? Urgh!!!

Because of him, I accidently gave him my house address. Stupid me. I wanted to give him my pharmacy address but I couldn't remember it. I should have told him I forgot and will email it to him. Damn me and my slow brain. Anyw, he wasn't even that good.

He took these with my phone. And these are the nice ones. The rest were horrible.

Here's part of the conversation and the entire 2 hours it was like that:

Him: Show your parents and your friends ok?

Me: Hmmm, ok.

Him: Then they will be like oh this guy takes good pictures, we want to meet him! And your friends will be oh, these are so nice!!! And your bf will say wow this guy is good! I want to copy him!

Me: *laughs weakly while thinking omg can you stfu and stop following me?*

Seriously? My parents would wanna meet you? Even if you did take good photos, why the hell would my parents wanna meet you? Does taking good photos imply in any way you will be a good bf? NO! Btw, he's a lousy bf. He ratted out his gf to me, if she's even real. He said she was childish, jealous, demanding, inconsiderate, while telling me how good he is. If you were a good bf, you wouldn't talk shit about your gf to a stranger. And honestly, not good getting married because you've not finished studying is a good reason. He was pissed because his gf asked him to marry her a few months before her visa expires, but he said no because he said he asked her before this and she said no and her reason was that because she had not finished studying and it was a stupid reason. Fuck you man. Who the hell wants to marry you anyw? I don't know how she stands him. She's a pretty Taiwanese apparently. All the more reason to think he made these stories up. Even typing this makes me angry. Throughout the entire 2
hours I had to be nice to him, compliment him on him normal pics, saying he sounds like a good bf, saying the pics he took of me are nice. God, I hate being pretentious!!!

Also, because of him, I did not manage to shop in H&M, didn't go to Oriental Mart (my oyster sauce!!!), and couldn't return a pair of £6 wedges!!! Hmph!!! Plus he smokes so his breath and clothes stank of it. Ewww!!!

I finally said I needed to go back around 6pm and he said he would accompany me to the bus station. I kept saying it's alright but he said its only polite to do so and he does that for all his friends. Urghhh!!! I didn't want him to know which bus I took home goddamnit!!! Now I can't
even go out without looking around suspiciously, even though my address is still not on google maps. But its a small town. If he drove around for about 30mins he'd be able to find it. So yes, I'm afraid. It might be conceited of me to think people would come and stalk me, but it's always better to be careful, no?

So I came home feeling rather scared. It was a wonderful day, but it got rotten at the end. =(

Just what I wore the next day to go into town

Anyw, work starts tomorrow. Am I prepared? No. I'm dead.

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Nottingham - Take 3 - Room

OMG. This is the 3rd attempt and I failed, yet again!!! I sound so happy about it but I'm not!!! Seriously. I know I slept late last night but I really really wanted to be able to go to Nottingham today. Nothing special happening there today, but it's already the freaking 3rd time you know? Anyw, I woke up at 11 in the morning all nice and comfy and rested, and JUST KNEW that I had missed all 4 alarms (where each rings for 4 more times). Damn. It's scary what I can sleep through.

That's all. I didn't go anywhere today. But I watched the first 2 Harry Potter movies again!!! The first movie was out 10 years ago but it felt just like yesterday that I watched it. I still remember almost everything in the movie. Oh, I love Harry Potter. The books and the movies I mean, not the character. I'm somewhat in love with Draco Malfoy, though I know he's a mean person and a rather cowardly character. My sister used to have dreams about Harry Potter, with me and her in it. I was Malfoy's gf. Oh, how I loved hearing her dreams (eventhough she portrayed me as some bimbo). Hahaha!!! Those were the days. Now that the last movie is out, and it's all going to end. Though, not really. It all lives on in us. But I'm very happy to be able to say I am part of the Harry Potter generation. The generation that grew up with Harry Potter.

Ok, that's all for today. I hope I'll be able to make it for the 8.03am bus tomorrow morning, Wish me luck!!!

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Nottingham -Take 2 - Mansfield

Ya ya, I was suppose to go to Nottingham today, but I failed to do so, AGAIN!!! I slept super late last night so I already knew I wouldn't be able to go. I went to Mansfield instead, and gosh, shopped again!!! This is what £26 at Primark can get you:

Velvet top/dress with gold sequins at collar (£1), Printed skirt (£3), Purple checked shirt for bf (because I think he looks hot in checks) (£7), Floral top/dress (£2)

Lola bunny tee (£6), Superman tee for bf (£6)
These are original Warner Bros. stuff!!!

Super cute flip flops with anchor and yatch charms (£1)

Complete outfit for only £14 (RM 70):
Checked tee £7
Velvet top £1
Skirt £3
Purple feather earrings £2
Flip Flops (not shown) £1

What I wore today

Not bad huh? It's quite a lot of stuff!!! I'll probably return half of it. Like that floral top, and erm erm, nothing else. Haha. I plan on returning the leopard stool (amazing that I'm returning leopard stuff right?) too cuz my landlord finally brought back the desk chair for me. Hurray! A proper chair! So that will save me 6pounds! Oh and I'm returning the floral dress and bracelet from H&M. So another 10pounds! Woohoo!!!

Hmmm, actually nothing to be happy about because I still spent alot. OMG. Thankfully this will be my last shopping trip. *I hope* I'm going to Sutton town on Thursday to return the leopard stool, so hopefully I don't accidently venture into any shops.

That's about it. Oh, then I made steamed egg for dinner!!! Yummy!!! Plus I simply threw together 2 other dishes.

Steamed egg with mushrooms, onions and sausages!

Stir fried vege, and mushrooms with Quorn meat chunks

Oh! I forgot these shots that I took during the BBQ that day. I didn't take any of the BBQ itself because, well, I didn't feel like I could? No one was taking pictures so it would have been weird.

Dolly, the cutest dog ever!!! My favourite!!!

Me with Daisy. Would have been a nice pic if she didn't move!!! =(

Daisy sitting on my lap

My landlord's cool hot tub! It bubbles too!!!

That's all. Take 3 on Nottingham will be up tomorrow!!!

Monday, 18 July 2011

Nottingham - Take 1 - Sutton

I was suppose to test out taking the bus at the time I need for work today, which means having to wake up at 6.45am in the morning to catch the 8.03am bus. Urgh. To make up for it I wouldn't stop at Kirkby but continue on to Nottingham. However I couldn't sleep last night because I was too hungry at 1am because I ate at 7.30pm. So I HAD to go down and have a cup of milk. Anyw, in the end I only managed to sleep around 3am. So I silenced my alarm this morning and ended up waking at 12pm, and sat on my bed cutting my hair for 2 hours. =.=

Then I decided I wouldn't waste my day and ventured into the town again and had McD for
lunch. Yum!!!

What I wore todday

And to nobody's surprise I went shopping, again. In less than 2 hours I managed to spend £34. Of all skills to have, why do I have the ability to shop like crazy? But but but I can totally justify some. Erm, a quarter of it was to buy stuff for my cats and my landlord's dogs, plus
a leopard stool and some ingredients for a brownie. And erm, another 2 pounds was spent on this:

Nice or not!?! Purple and gold feather earrings from Dorothy Perkins

It's a storage box and a stool. Cute!!!

Unrelated item. Haha. Bird-in-a-cage earrings from eBay

Compulsory camwhore shots in Dorothy Perkins' fitting room.

Love this dress like so so much!!! So many pretty butterflies on the dress!!! But can't afford. =(

Super cute dress!!! But can't afford as well!!! =(

And finally the item that totally blew my budget.

Leopard print jacket!!!


Look at the details!!! The print!!! The length!!! *ignore the price*

My goodness. I really have to lock myself in the house and never go to shops. HOW?!?!?! Should I return it? =( It's so so beautiful (perfect, awesome, fashionable,...) but its £24. =((((((((

What should I do?!?!

Haih. Moving to other topics, I made brownies. It was sort of a success? I followed this recipe I saw on yahoo. It didn't quite turn out as expected. It tasted all right but took freaking 3hours to make!!! Recipes always say it takes 20mins (or in this case only 12mins) to prepare. BUT IT IS A LIE!!! I always end up taking at least an hour to prepare. Grrr... Anyhow, my brownie was rather dense. Hmmm. I did substitute some ingredients, but I don't know. Maybe it was just me.

I know its an ugly picture. I'll upload a nicer one later.

Oh well. At least I still have yummy Chinese rice (don't know what else to call it) to eat!!!

Ok bye.

Oh wait!!!


Bye =)

Friday, 15 July 2011

Finally got out of the house

After 5 days of holing up in my room, I finally stepped outside today. Good thing today was a sunny day!!! I didn't even check the weather. Ya, so I went out to get groceries. Haha. The stupid trolley which I took out with me kept knocking into my legs as I pulled it back. But then again, I couldn't have carried all the groceries back without it. So its equal then?

Anyw, some pics to make up for this lousy post.

What I wore out today. Love the top!!!

Taken with my Galaxy S2's front camera. Ain't it awesome? =D

My landlord's dogs!!!
(L-R) Dolly, Bruce, and Daisy!

My landlord's having a BBQ tonight, so I MIGHT post up some pics tomorrow. I don't know. Depends. I might not even take any.


Tuesday, 12 July 2011

New House

Ok, so I have promised a post today about my new house, and here it is:

First of is my room:

Then as you come out of the room:

There's my landlord's room opposite, and the toilet at the side

The toilet:

Not bad huh?

It has a rather unique "light" on the ceiling (which unfortunately can't be seen here), directly on top of the toilet bowl. It's more like a hole with a translucent light cover from which sunlight shines through and lights up the entire toilet in the day.

Then down the stairs:

Some cool stuff my landlord has at the end of the stairs

That's a Marilyn Monroe classic picture btw. Kitcen to the left and front door, at the front?

The kitchen is rather cute, but still kitted out with an oven/grill, microwave, stove, toaster, fridge, even a washing machine!

Some cute decorative teapots (and my ugly rice cooker at the side)

Then there's the HUGE living room!

Nicely decorated! With a huge ass flat screen TV too!

Well, that's all of the new house. It isn't really big. Rather small actually, but it's alright. =)

NOW, for my clothes!!!

Work dress from H&M, in preparation for work (excuses)!

H&M leopard top (could not resist!) and a summery Topshop top

Dresses from H&M. Which should I keep?

Did my own nails with The Cocktail Collection by Malibu from Nails Inc.
Nails: Malibu Mojito and Malibu Cosmo (the tree)
Toes: Maliblush

The other pair of summer wedges from the Rag Market

Not very comfy, but still stable even though they're high!

For comparison just in case you think both pairs are the same

Ok, that's all for now. Will update again when I start work! =)