Friday, 15 July 2011

Finally got out of the house

After 5 days of holing up in my room, I finally stepped outside today. Good thing today was a sunny day!!! I didn't even check the weather. Ya, so I went out to get groceries. Haha. The stupid trolley which I took out with me kept knocking into my legs as I pulled it back. But then again, I couldn't have carried all the groceries back without it. So its equal then?

Anyw, some pics to make up for this lousy post.

What I wore out today. Love the top!!!

Taken with my Galaxy S2's front camera. Ain't it awesome? =D

My landlord's dogs!!!
(L-R) Dolly, Bruce, and Daisy!

My landlord's having a BBQ tonight, so I MIGHT post up some pics tomorrow. I don't know. Depends. I might not even take any.


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