Tuesday, 12 July 2011

New House

Ok, so I have promised a post today about my new house, and here it is:

First of is my room:

Then as you come out of the room:

There's my landlord's room opposite, and the toilet at the side

The toilet:

Not bad huh?

It has a rather unique "light" on the ceiling (which unfortunately can't be seen here), directly on top of the toilet bowl. It's more like a hole with a translucent light cover from which sunlight shines through and lights up the entire toilet in the day.

Then down the stairs:

Some cool stuff my landlord has at the end of the stairs

That's a Marilyn Monroe classic picture btw. Kitcen to the left and front door, at the front?

The kitchen is rather cute, but still kitted out with an oven/grill, microwave, stove, toaster, fridge, even a washing machine!

Some cute decorative teapots (and my ugly rice cooker at the side)

Then there's the HUGE living room!

Nicely decorated! With a huge ass flat screen TV too!

Well, that's all of the new house. It isn't really big. Rather small actually, but it's alright. =)

NOW, for my clothes!!!

Work dress from H&M, in preparation for work (excuses)!

H&M leopard top (could not resist!) and a summery Topshop top

Dresses from H&M. Which should I keep?

Did my own nails with The Cocktail Collection by Malibu from Nails Inc.
Nails: Malibu Mojito and Malibu Cosmo (the tree)
Toes: Maliblush

The other pair of summer wedges from the Rag Market

Not very comfy, but still stable even though they're high!

For comparison just in case you think both pairs are the same

Ok, that's all for now. Will update again when I start work! =)

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