Monday, 25 July 2011

First Day At Work!!!

I can't type much because it's late, but IT WAS AWESOME!!! Seriously, I didn't expect it to be this fantastic and enjoyable!!! The staff there were all really friendly, and my tutor is great!!! Also the previous pre-reg is still there and she's from Malaysia as well so obviously we get a long well. Then there's a 2nd year student (who's going on to 3rd year) who's worked there since last summer, so he knows everything already. Super fun!!! I did almost everything today!!! Ordering, dispensing, dosettes, methadone, CD register, sending off prescriptions, repeats!!! Gosh it was really fun!!! I did get kind of sleepy after lunch. So I think I'll get a coffee after lunch to prevent the yawns. That's all I'll say for now. Gotta get to bed soon.


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