Sunday, 24 July 2011

Nottingham - Take 4 - Success!!!

Hi everyone!!! Sorry for the delay. I was crazily tired the past few days. Yes, as the title suggests, I DID IT!!! Hahaha!!! Finally made it to Nottingham sort of on time. I missed the first bus, but it was not my fault (although I was late by a few mins)!!! The bus stop I was waiting at was the wrong one. Luckily a kind old man pointed me in the right direction. So then I took the 8.33am bus and reached about 10am. Wee!!! Then obviously, I went shopping!!! Haha.

What I wore.
Check out my cute purple devil phone case! It even has a small sharp tooth and cute horns!!!

First stop, Victoria Centre:

These 2 maxi dresses were only £10 each, but I decided that I hardly wear them so I didn't buy any. Even though they were luxuriously soft and form fitting.

I went to La Senza, TopShop, and quite a few other shops. I bought this crystal leopard case for £10. It's the normal price for it, BUT I was in a hurry that I didn't check the quality properly. Urgh. It sparkles, yes, brilliantly. However, the crystals fall off quite easily. The man who sold it to me had the nerve to tell me that they don't! Grrr... I've already lost two and have superglue-ed back 4.

This pic is rather dark, but I assure you, it's beautiful!

Second stop, Starbucks!!!

Finally!!! I've not had one for more than a month!!!

Third stop, Primark!

Heh! I didn't take any pictures there, but these are some things I saw in a shop while walking to my fourth stop.

So cool!!! Keep calm and ... stuff!!! Would have bought one were they not so expensive.

Fourth stop, H&M...

Here's where it got kind of weird. I was walking towards H&M and this random British photographer said "ni hao" to me. Normally I would get irritated by it cuz he's assuming I'm from China. BUT, he said it in a friendly way so I just smiled back. If I could turn back time, Iwould have stayed the HELL away from him. Because he ended up following me down the street and said he would take some pics for me, and so he did and said he would print them for me now. So I felt obligated to follow him to Boots where he spent more than 30mins printing those damn pictures. Then he said he would take more and so I don't know like he was helping me and he looked so excited I just felt really bad and kind rude if I said I don't want to take anymore. Which is weird you know. Because I've always wanted to be a model, but I just felt so bored and uncomfortable!!! Not only that, he was SO FULL OF HIMSELF!!! Seriously, I've never met such a boastful person. The worst thing is he doesn't even realise. It's not like Mean Girls where the Plastics know they are full of themselves. He's like nice but he boasts about himself a lot but says it in a matter of fact kind of way. Which is soooooo annoying because he's still polite so I can't diss him and walk off you know? Urgh!!!

Because of him, I accidently gave him my house address. Stupid me. I wanted to give him my pharmacy address but I couldn't remember it. I should have told him I forgot and will email it to him. Damn me and my slow brain. Anyw, he wasn't even that good.

He took these with my phone. And these are the nice ones. The rest were horrible.

Here's part of the conversation and the entire 2 hours it was like that:

Him: Show your parents and your friends ok?

Me: Hmmm, ok.

Him: Then they will be like oh this guy takes good pictures, we want to meet him! And your friends will be oh, these are so nice!!! And your bf will say wow this guy is good! I want to copy him!

Me: *laughs weakly while thinking omg can you stfu and stop following me?*

Seriously? My parents would wanna meet you? Even if you did take good photos, why the hell would my parents wanna meet you? Does taking good photos imply in any way you will be a good bf? NO! Btw, he's a lousy bf. He ratted out his gf to me, if she's even real. He said she was childish, jealous, demanding, inconsiderate, while telling me how good he is. If you were a good bf, you wouldn't talk shit about your gf to a stranger. And honestly, not good getting married because you've not finished studying is a good reason. He was pissed because his gf asked him to marry her a few months before her visa expires, but he said no because he said he asked her before this and she said no and her reason was that because she had not finished studying and it was a stupid reason. Fuck you man. Who the hell wants to marry you anyw? I don't know how she stands him. She's a pretty Taiwanese apparently. All the more reason to think he made these stories up. Even typing this makes me angry. Throughout the entire 2
hours I had to be nice to him, compliment him on him normal pics, saying he sounds like a good bf, saying the pics he took of me are nice. God, I hate being pretentious!!!

Also, because of him, I did not manage to shop in H&M, didn't go to Oriental Mart (my oyster sauce!!!), and couldn't return a pair of £6 wedges!!! Hmph!!! Plus he smokes so his breath and clothes stank of it. Ewww!!!

I finally said I needed to go back around 6pm and he said he would accompany me to the bus station. I kept saying it's alright but he said its only polite to do so and he does that for all his friends. Urghhh!!! I didn't want him to know which bus I took home goddamnit!!! Now I can't
even go out without looking around suspiciously, even though my address is still not on google maps. But its a small town. If he drove around for about 30mins he'd be able to find it. So yes, I'm afraid. It might be conceited of me to think people would come and stalk me, but it's always better to be careful, no?

So I came home feeling rather scared. It was a wonderful day, but it got rotten at the end. =(

Just what I wore the next day to go into town

Anyw, work starts tomorrow. Am I prepared? No. I'm dead.

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