Sunday, 22 March 2009

3K Inn and prom dress

Hi!!! I'm back!!! Finally finished my EOS on Thurs. So relieving!!! After the exam we went to MidValley to celebrate Huey Ping's belated birthday. All of us got her a white Puma (I think) sling bag. We had dinner at Sushi King. We sat there quite long, just chatting. Then we went off our own ways. Huey Ping and Ibah went to Jusco, Wan Yuan and her bf went to eat, Nicole and her bf went home or something, Chooi Chooi went to find her friends, and me and Ching Yee went to get her harddisk. After that, we did some window shopping for my prom dress then went to Jusco. Overall it was a very enjoyable trip out as it was the 1st friend outing for a rather long time. Haha.

Confessions of a Shopaholic is coming soon!!! Yay!!! Will most probably watch it with Wan Yuan and Nicole since Fourforever is not around anymore. Plus I don't think GM™ would want to watch this. Hehe. It's more suitable to be watched with good girlfriends. Talking about shopping, I did some shopping myself!!!

MPH had a warehouse sale in Mayang Plaza until today. I went there with my mum yesterday and bought RM200+ worth of books!!! Hehe!!! Some of them were really cheap!!! Like the Buffy the Vampire Slayer series. It was going for only RM3 per book!!! I went crazy and grabbed 16!!! Then I bought the rest of the Shopaholic series (I already have 2), some Cecelia Adhern's books and a simple cookbook. Now I don't have to be worried about getting bored during the hols. I have more than 20 books to read!!!!!!!

Then, me and my mum went prom dress hunting. Our 1st stop was Just's Wardrobe in Damansara Uptown. It is 2 floors of dresses, dresses and more dresses!!! But then some were seriously too expensive!!! There was this dress that I liked, but it cost RM2000!!! OMG!!! Anyw, I tried on quite a few dresses. In the end I bought my prom dress there. Haha. Rather short prom dress hunting. I'll not disclose any information about my prom dress until the day itself. Hehe.

Then we went to Cineleisure where my babysitter's daughter, Esther opened a shop at, X'thena or something like that. It's on the 1st floor, facing the entrance. I tried a dress there once when I was on a date with GM™. So coincidently she was there at her shop (She's not normally there). So, she recommended some of the dresses to me. There was one that really captured my heart!!! Unfortunately it's not really a prom dress, more like a clubbing dress. Fortunately my mum bought it for me anyways!!! Hehe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was a super hot day so my mum got us a McD sundae cone. Yummy!!!

Then we went round the flee market but I didn't buy anything except earrings which were going for 5 for RM10. We had dinner at Waroeng Penyet. The food is ok, but the chicken is seriously tiny. The fried chicken is their specialty but the grilled chicken appeals to me better. There was an article in the newspaper calling it the Asian KFC. Honestly, it'll NEVER beat KFC. In price, quality, and quantity. Well, that's just what I think.

Today, after watching CSI, me and my mum went to 3K Inn for the offline bazaar thingy where online shops come and sell their stuff. I'm so happy I went!!! Hehe!!! Althought I wished I went with my friends. It would be more fun to change together and then have a friend's opinion on how the clothes look. I missed those times. I met 3 of my friends there, all batchmates, well 1 batchmate and 2 ex-batchmates. 2 of them were from Notts and are shop owners, Zhi Xuan from A lil of Everything and Siew Wui from Shopping Playground. The other one is Jessie from IMU, my batchmate. Anyway these are the things I bought.

Leopard print dress

A very nice blue dress

A purple waist belt

A brown waist belt

A pink top

and finally a black top

I got ALL of these for RM141!!! 6 items!!! That's about RM23+ each only!!! Hehe!!!

The only problem now is that I don't know where to put all this stuff!!! Hehe. Guess I should clear out my wardrobe soon!!!