Thursday, 31 May 2007


My baby darling is completely, all roundly, totally perfect!!! i love you lots and lots!!! muax*

Monday, 28 May 2007

i love you

OMG!!! I love my baby so so much!!! I mean like i was all upset earlier and it was because of myself and just a little bit because of him. I asked Gary to help me apologise to him for being such an oversensitve-bad-tempered-spoiled-brat for me since i couldn't message him as my phone is out of credit. Yes, i know. AGAIN! Gosh, my phone is almost always out of credit. Anyway, i couldn't call him using my house phone either because i've called him so many times and for so long that it would be a miracle if the phone bill isn't already sky high so i can't call anymore. If the bill is more than 50bucks i have to pay the remainder you know. And i can't afford to do that because i'm going broke. Again! If i wasn't i would have topped up my credit a long time ago. So Gary did the apologising for me. Thank you so much. So anyway, back to the topic, he messaged me and kept apologising for all sorts of things he came up with eventhough he didn't do much of it. He's so so sweet sometimes. I LOVE YOU lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and...........

fucking frustrating

Today is so soo sooo frustrating!!! 1stly, my bf pissed me off in some ways which I'd rather not speak about again. 2ndly, i chose to be honest and told my mum i did not go for tuition because i forgot it was today. Which is bloody hell the truth but she started scolding me. Saying that I'm not responsible and stuff. I told her i can go and borrow the notes from wing chuan and photostat them since he lives so near to me. Then she said that's not the point and her point is that i don't even know how to do the right thing. Fuck her la. I told her the truth and all. I could have just lied to her and said i went and she wouldn't even know. She said if she uses my theory then she don't go to work also she can say never mind la. Bloody fuck. That's not what i meant also. Work she has to go. Tuition i don't have to go. I can just borrow notes and its almost the same. She can't borrow the work from her colleagues. It won't be the same because she needs to deal with people and her work needs to be done there. I just go there for revision. Don't even see accordingly. Fucking shit.

Initially i wanted to study after dinner because my bf seems like he was obsessed with studying so i wanted to prove to him that i can score just as well without ignoring other people. But because of that stupid incident with my mum i don't feel like studying anymore. I just want to read a good book and be absorbed into their world and not bother about all of the problems i have. Ok, I'm exaggerating about the stuff with my bf. It wasn't that bad. He wasn't totally ignoring me and its mainly because I'm PMS-ing. I wanted him to accompany me to sleep but he wanted to study. He just let me sleep alone while he studied. Usually he caresses me even when he's studying. But today he didn't. Its like we're in the same room but so far apart. Haih. I feel bad for being such a bad tempered gf. I mean he didn't really do anything wrong. And i didn't even say goodbye to him. So sorry dear if you're reading this. But i really was pissed at that time. Oh well, i talked about it in the end.

-this post has been edited for my darling's sake. <3-

Friday, 25 May 2007


Turned out he called and said i could come after all. So i cooked and all. GM said its the best spaghetti ever. Haha. But to me it was so dry. My sis can cook better. I don't know la. He said all he knows is that mine is the best. Hehe. Even nicer than Pizza Hut's wor. I don't think it is that nice, but up to him la. I'm just glad that he likes it. So sweet la he. Its so weird because I'm not the type who cooks and I never imagined that I'll cook for him. Haha. His mum was home when i came. She didn't seem to mind that i came. GM's wound got infected. Haih. The doctor also like not good wan. Don't know how to treat my darling's wound properly until got infected. tsk tsk tsk. Haha. His mum was talking about sending him to a hospital to check. He was so worried that he would lose his flesh because me and his mum was telling him that it is possible that his flesh has rotten. Haha. He said, both of you are scaring me. Hehe.

I had tuition at 4.30pm. Phyll called me at 4 saying that she has no car. Her car was taken by her mum because her mum's car no battery. So she don't dare to drive her grandpa's car too far. In the end she drove to GM's house and we sat my car to tuition. We were obviously late as she only reached GM's house at 4.30. By the time we reached it was already 5pm. Haha. The tuition so was so freaking full!! Luckily still got place for us to sit. After tuition I'm suppose to join my family at 8.30pm to watch Pirates of the Carribean 3 in 1u. My mum's client is one of the sponsors for some event so she got free tickets. So i had to rush to GM's house to drop Phyll and to take the spaghetti stuff i left at GM's house. The ldp was f**king jam. I reached GM's house at around 8pm. I was wearing the shortest skirt i have and a t-shirt. I couldn't possibly go and watch a movie in those. I'll freeze!!! Since my mum was already kind of angry at me, I didn't feel like going. It's not as if i really enjoy watching movie with my family in the 1st place. My parents will be complaining about how noisy it is. Too loud la. Bla bla bla. So noisy about the noise. Literally.

So GM ask me to stay in his house for now. He shall house me for now he said. Haha. He persuaded his dad to let me join them for dinner since i haven't had my dinner. His mum's cooking is really good. I took so much soup. =p So long since i had good soup. Catering does not include soup. >^<> Yum yum. Ate till i was so full. Hehe. Then we went upstairs to study. I finally finished 1 mechanics paper. Haha. The whole day do 1 paper only. There were so many questions that i don't know how to do. I get frustrated very easily and i don't really know how to explain to people what i don't understand about the question. So GM is one of the few people that can teach me. Hehe. When i finally finished it was already 12 midnight. =p I stayed a little too long. But, i didn't really care. At least i got to spend 7 hrs with my sweetheart. I wonder if I'll ever get the chance to spend 24hrs with him consecutively. Hmmm. Hopefully 1 day we'll be able to. Its so late already. Got to sleep. Nitez!!!

Let down

Why why why must his mum come back so early?!?!!Why?! Now i cannot go to his house already. >^<>Unfair!!! Since i haven't prepared the ingredients and stuff i'm not going to cook already. I'm not going to eat lunch today. Lost my appetite. Lost my mood to study. I bit myself again. I don't know why i'm so worked up over this. It's not a big deal. I can still see him on Monday. Maybe it's because i was so excited about this and the plan just got canceled. Plus i think i'm PMS-ing. I'm going to wallow in my sadness. Tata.

Thursday, 24 May 2007

1 hr call and bite marks

Today is relatively boring. No, actually seriously boring. Except in the evening. I was so bored and i missed GM alot so i called him. We talked for an hour. Haha. We were actually online but i wanted to hear his voice. =p We played bejeweled on msn while on the phone. He beat me. T.T 7k vs 5k. And he only played 1 game while i had to play 3 games. I admit it, i suck at bejeweled. After that he on his webcam but i still didn't want to put the phone down. He said he looks very ugly, but i think he still looks as good as ever. Hehe. I only put the phone down after he told me we've been on the phone for 66minutes. Haha. We kept spamming each other with kisses and nudges. Yes, i know is stupid and just plain dumb but it was fun. Hehe. I'm gonna cook spagetthi for him tommorow for lunch. I think this is only my 2nd time cooking spagetthi so wish me luck!! Haha.

Just a weird fact about me, i bite myself when i'm stressed or angry or sad or jealous or when i feel like it. Its painful sometimes, but i think it calms me down. Strange huh? Maybe GM is right, i really am a bit of a saddist. Oh well. Tata.

bite marks on my hand caused by jealousy.


I had bio 4 on wed. I didn't study the night before. I tried but in vain. I love sleeping too much =p Well, anyway, it was easier than expected. I hope i at least get a B. It was ok for my darling, too. But for some people it was really hard. Guess they didn't study what came out then. Sometimes, exams aren't just about how much u studied. Sometimes, it depends on luck. If you're lucky, what you studied comes out. If not then what ever you did not study comes out and you'll get crappy results eventhough you actually studied really hard. It isn't always fair. I feel pretty lucky most of the time. I hope my luck doesn't run out too soon. I have been depending on luck since i was young. People always say that i'm smart. But i think it is more becuase i'm lucky. I never studied the whole syllabus, but still i felt it was ok.

Anyway, after the exams, I wanted to have lunch with GM. But i put the parking until 11am and it was already 11.30. I was rushing to put more money in case i get summoned. Then when i paid and all, my baby told me that he has to go back because wai kwan wants to go back. I was like what?! I just refilled the parking! Then he suggested that he pay for the parking and i send sin yee back while he send wai kwan back then he'll meet me at my house and we'll go for lunch. I stopped by sin yee's house for awhile because i wanted to see her baby hamsters. They're so so so cute!!!! aahhh!!!! Haha.
the babies and their mother.
it is soo tiny and cute!!!
from different angles.
Hehe. GM was driving his mum's Vios so he wanted to drive to show me how powerful the Vios is. Haha. We went to Ikano 1st as he wanted to cut his hair. I went to Treats while he was at it. I tried this dress which i think is quite nice. But, i didn't want to buy it because it is only up to the knee. I want something that almost touches the floor. Besides, the gold on it wasn't striking enough. OMG, the lady there was soo pushy. Kept asking me to buy, say that its hard to find dresses that suit your body and bla bla bla. Ask me to pay a deposit so she can keep it for me. Whatever. I already told her that i want to see other dresses 1st. I quickly escaped to the accessory shop next door. Haha. After my sweetheart finsh cutting his hair, we were deciding where to eat. We kept changing our minds so he was like pulling me 1 way and then the next. We were walking to and fro, passing by the same shops so many times. Haha. Those people probably thought we were mad. Haha. In the end we decided to go to Tesco. Haha.
We bought a whole ayam percik and a pack of spagetthi and a tesco version of super ring. Hehe. He belanja-ed me this time because i paid for his lunch the day before. When we reached his house, we found out that the pasta sause in his house has already expired so he cooked indomee for us instead. The chicken was ok, but very dry. I took soo long to finish a quarter of it. I had to eat it with oyster sause since he was out of ketchup. Then we went to sleep for i don't know how long. He finally listened to me and wrapped the wound on his thigh and said he felt much better. I mean like duh! Obviously if the wound is still fresh and you don't wrap it the pants will rub against it it will be very painful. Haih. So stubborn. I wanted to follow him to see the doctor to change the dressing but his mum wanted to take him there when she comes home so plan canceled. Eventhough he's injured he still can carry me and still is the best at it. Hehe. I'm starting to miss him alot already. I'm gonna go to sleep now and hope i dream of him. Nightez!!

Poor baby

My poor baby slipped and fell of his bicycle at high speed on Monday. He claimed that his bike betrayed him. Haha. His wounds are really quite serious. He had to have about 8 stitches done near his knee. And there was soo much blood. Ok, I didn't see it but he told me. He called me when he was washing his wounds. At first he didn't want to go and see the doctor. After much persuading he finally agreed to let me take him to the doctor. But his mum came back so I couldn't go. He reluctantly told his mum and got a hell of a scolding from her and his dad. They took him to the dotor after that. He messaged me later saying that he really appreciated the fact that i gave up my time to listen to him crap and that he thinks he's willing to take a bullet for me if he has to. Hehe. He verified that he really meant it when i asked him. Hehe. Its one of the sweetest and most touching thing i have ever ever heard. muax* Since he's driving a manual car, he couldn't go out and get lunch the next day so i bought food for him then i studied in his house. I almost got a ticket for parking without paying when i went to buy lunch. Haha. I was like running to my car when i saw the MPPJ starting to write down my car number. I was shouting sorry sorry, sekejap sahaja. Haha. So he let me off. *phew* His mum came back when we were having lunch. She told him when she came home at night that i was very nice to attend to his needs. Haha. Here's the pics of his wounds.
So bad right all the wounds? haih...hope he recovers soon. Miss you lots!!! *huggies*

Family dinner

GM invited me to his family dinner in his house last saturday. OMG... I had to meet his aunties and cousins. We've only been together for less than 3 months. His grandparents were there as well. It is a teensy weeny bit traumatic. So scary!!! He didn't even intorduce anyone to me and vice versa. All they know is that they have an extra guest and that it most probably his gf. Gary said when he came, he saw a purple car, 5871. And he thought, wtf?! Haha. Then he burst into GM's room and said:" Wah, u very brave hor? His parents in also u come." Then GM said i was there was the dinner. Gary was like stunned for awhile. Haha. The food there was delicious and all home cooked wan. Hehe. We sat in his dining room while everyone else sat outside. It felt a bit wrong for us to be isolated. But i don't think i'll be anymore comfortable sitting with all of them either. So anyway, after we ate we went upstairs to his room which was invaded by his cousins. They were using his laptop. Then they went out after that because we wanted to study. We studied 1 chapter of bio application. He brought out the patchi chocolates i gave him a few wekks ago. He said he didn't want to eat it so fast. It looked too nice to unwrap. Haha. Then since i was the one who tied the ribbon and i know how to tie it back, i just unwrapped it nonchalantly. Then i fed him 1. Hehe. Then he threw the ribbon on my head and i threw it back at him. Then he left it on his head. I wanted to tie a ribbon at the base of his head. But the ribbon fell to his neck so i tied it around his neck. Haha.

Then Gary came in and saw the ribbon around his neck. His reaction was wtf?! Present Boy. Haha. He told me his dad's view on him having a gf now was that he may as well stop studyin and settle down. I was like what?! Marry now?! What in the world?! Haha. He said sorry la, his father's view is old fashioned. Haha. Then he said he is not old fashioned. Then i said he is. I don't know how or why, but he just gives me the feeling that he is a little old fashion. Haha. Then he said later he'll show me that he is new fashion. By the time he fnished studying, it was already 11pm. And i had to go back early to give a good impression. So he walked me to my car. He gave a french kiss as a good bye kiss and i was caught off guard for once. Haha. I guess that was what he was referring to when he said he'll show me that he is new fashioned. Haha.

Here are some miscellaneous pics that i took and thought were quite ok. I can love myself a little too much once in awhile =p

Thursday, 17 May 2007

Prom probabilities

I didn't blog for so long already!!! I can't stand it!!! Haha. I wanted to stop blogging until after my finals but looks like I won't be able to do that. =p Me and GM's relationship has improved from my perception. I can't explain how, but I just feel that we have gotten better. =D

My prom night is coming soon!!! Aaahhh!!! Not sure what to wear yet. Actually I already decided. But then my maths teacher was saying that this is the night where there is no such thing as being overdressed. Phyll said she hasn't found a dress. So my teacher said just go and rent 1 la. And that just made me feel like renting a super gorgeous dress too! And just yesterday my mum asked me to rent a dress. But yesterday I didn't feel like renting 1 because I didn't think I would have the time to find a nice dress. But since phyll is going to rent 1 too, I guess we can go dress hunting together!!! Hehe. And even if I can't find a dress I like, I can wear the dress that I initially wanted to wear!!! Hehe!!! This is so exciting!!!

And this prom, I have a date!!! Yay!! He's my darling of course. Hehe. I didn't know that having a date for prom could be a little inconvenient. My classmates are sitting together as a class. So I'm expected to join them. But, I want to sit with GM as well. Plus, his classmates already reserved 2 places for him. Meaning they already expect me to sit with them right? So I'm sitting with GM but I feel kind of bad not sitting with my classmates. Oh, I don't know. I already decided anyway. I just don't know if it's the right choice. It should be right?

Oh well,phyll will be coming soon. She's staying over tonight to study. Gtg, tata!!!

Saturday, 12 May 2007


I'm feeling really frustrated and confused. I don't know what is up with me. I'm getting really bored. My patience is running low. I wish I could explain this right now. I feel like i could just blow up. But i just can't. Its not the right time for it to be let out. Maybe after finals...ya,maybe then...

Wednesday, 9 May 2007

2nd month

Thank you sin yee for the 2nd month anniversary post. Yes, on the 7th of may, me n GM have officially been a couple for 2 months already. Is it very unbelievable? Because most of my friends went:"really?so long already ah?! I can't imagine!" Oh well, anyway, i just want to say that, relationships aren't just about getting physical and being all happy and stuff. There are times when insecurity, frustration and all sorts of factors interfere. Then patience, understanding and trust is super important. If not, the relationship won't even last a month. Unless you are not serious about the relationship in the 1st place. Ok, actually i'm just crapping and i have no idea why i'm writing this, but i just felt like it. Ok, got to go, my campbell soup is getting cold. Hehe, ciao!!!

Friday, 4 May 2007


Just because someone is stressed, it doesn't mean he/she can treat other people like shit. Eventhough he/she is really really stressed, he/she has no right to just let it out on the people he/she cares about. It just hurts like hell. Sure, we have to be more understanding to him/her but it still doesn't mean that all the wrong things he/she did is just ignored. He/she has to apologise too. He/she might not get the usual outburst from the person he/she offended but that person is NOT going to apologise to him/her just because he/she is stressed. He/she will have it a little easier compared to under normal circumstances, but there is NO WAY he/she will get away with it by just ignoring the person he/she offended. That's all I have to say. Thank you. By the way, this has got me stressed, too.

Tuesday, 1 May 2007

wesak day

I can't seem to remember what happened the last few days. So, I shall not blog about them. So sorry. Today is Wesak Day. So, Happy Wesak to all of you who celebrate Wesak Day. My mum wanted to go to Brickfields Temple to pray. Since today would be really jam and hectic, we decided, or rather she decided that we go yesterday night. It was already jam and the place was filled with people. We went to see an exhibition on the meanings of the Buddha's hand positions in the hall. Me n my sis sat by the side because we were just not interested. Then we went to pray and left. My darling already went to temple on sunday so he did not join me n gary today in CBL. The only reason I went there is because I was so bored at home and I wanted to catch up with a few of my friends which I have not seen for some time. I walked there since it is just a short distance and there won't be any parking left anyway. I didn't see anyone I knew there so I called them and only fong yee and soo yieng said they were coming. I spotted christy guarding the exit of the hall so I went to help her. Gary was volunteering inside so he didn't see me. Christy brought mun chien down and we chatted for awhile. Then gary came out of the exit to take some food in. So he saw me. So, everytime he passed by he kacau me. >^<<> Then after awhile fong yee came and we chatted then she went in to eat. After awhile gary said he was going back so i asked him to fetch me back since i walked there. But since i had nothing else to do I accompanied him for lunch. He was going to GM's hse after lunch. I wish i could go too. >^<<> But since his parents are in and finals are so near, i better not risk it. I wanted to watch Spiderman 3 and gary as gonna watch that later. Its so unfair. Why he can do all the things i want to do. He dropped me home after lunch. I didn't eat there since i wasn't hungry then, but now my tummy is growling and I'm going to be late for tuition. Got to go. Ciao!!!