Monday, 28 May 2007

i love you

OMG!!! I love my baby so so much!!! I mean like i was all upset earlier and it was because of myself and just a little bit because of him. I asked Gary to help me apologise to him for being such an oversensitve-bad-tempered-spoiled-brat for me since i couldn't message him as my phone is out of credit. Yes, i know. AGAIN! Gosh, my phone is almost always out of credit. Anyway, i couldn't call him using my house phone either because i've called him so many times and for so long that it would be a miracle if the phone bill isn't already sky high so i can't call anymore. If the bill is more than 50bucks i have to pay the remainder you know. And i can't afford to do that because i'm going broke. Again! If i wasn't i would have topped up my credit a long time ago. So Gary did the apologising for me. Thank you so much. So anyway, back to the topic, he messaged me and kept apologising for all sorts of things he came up with eventhough he didn't do much of it. He's so so sweet sometimes. I LOVE YOU lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and...........

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  1. andy borchetti11:05 pm

    sigh... so much to say but dunno where to start