Thursday, 24 May 2007

Family dinner

GM invited me to his family dinner in his house last saturday. OMG... I had to meet his aunties and cousins. We've only been together for less than 3 months. His grandparents were there as well. It is a teensy weeny bit traumatic. So scary!!! He didn't even intorduce anyone to me and vice versa. All they know is that they have an extra guest and that it most probably his gf. Gary said when he came, he saw a purple car, 5871. And he thought, wtf?! Haha. Then he burst into GM's room and said:" Wah, u very brave hor? His parents in also u come." Then GM said i was there was the dinner. Gary was like stunned for awhile. Haha. The food there was delicious and all home cooked wan. Hehe. We sat in his dining room while everyone else sat outside. It felt a bit wrong for us to be isolated. But i don't think i'll be anymore comfortable sitting with all of them either. So anyway, after we ate we went upstairs to his room which was invaded by his cousins. They were using his laptop. Then they went out after that because we wanted to study. We studied 1 chapter of bio application. He brought out the patchi chocolates i gave him a few wekks ago. He said he didn't want to eat it so fast. It looked too nice to unwrap. Haha. Then since i was the one who tied the ribbon and i know how to tie it back, i just unwrapped it nonchalantly. Then i fed him 1. Hehe. Then he threw the ribbon on my head and i threw it back at him. Then he left it on his head. I wanted to tie a ribbon at the base of his head. But the ribbon fell to his neck so i tied it around his neck. Haha.

Then Gary came in and saw the ribbon around his neck. His reaction was wtf?! Present Boy. Haha. He told me his dad's view on him having a gf now was that he may as well stop studyin and settle down. I was like what?! Marry now?! What in the world?! Haha. He said sorry la, his father's view is old fashioned. Haha. Then he said he is not old fashioned. Then i said he is. I don't know how or why, but he just gives me the feeling that he is a little old fashion. Haha. Then he said later he'll show me that he is new fashion. By the time he fnished studying, it was already 11pm. And i had to go back early to give a good impression. So he walked me to my car. He gave a french kiss as a good bye kiss and i was caught off guard for once. Haha. I guess that was what he was referring to when he said he'll show me that he is new fashioned. Haha.

Here are some miscellaneous pics that i took and thought were quite ok. I can love myself a little too much once in awhile =p

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