Thursday, 24 May 2007

1 hr call and bite marks

Today is relatively boring. No, actually seriously boring. Except in the evening. I was so bored and i missed GM alot so i called him. We talked for an hour. Haha. We were actually online but i wanted to hear his voice. =p We played bejeweled on msn while on the phone. He beat me. T.T 7k vs 5k. And he only played 1 game while i had to play 3 games. I admit it, i suck at bejeweled. After that he on his webcam but i still didn't want to put the phone down. He said he looks very ugly, but i think he still looks as good as ever. Hehe. I only put the phone down after he told me we've been on the phone for 66minutes. Haha. We kept spamming each other with kisses and nudges. Yes, i know is stupid and just plain dumb but it was fun. Hehe. I'm gonna cook spagetthi for him tommorow for lunch. I think this is only my 2nd time cooking spagetthi so wish me luck!! Haha.

Just a weird fact about me, i bite myself when i'm stressed or angry or sad or jealous or when i feel like it. Its painful sometimes, but i think it calms me down. Strange huh? Maybe GM is right, i really am a bit of a saddist. Oh well. Tata.

bite marks on my hand caused by jealousy.

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