Thursday, 24 May 2007


I had bio 4 on wed. I didn't study the night before. I tried but in vain. I love sleeping too much =p Well, anyway, it was easier than expected. I hope i at least get a B. It was ok for my darling, too. But for some people it was really hard. Guess they didn't study what came out then. Sometimes, exams aren't just about how much u studied. Sometimes, it depends on luck. If you're lucky, what you studied comes out. If not then what ever you did not study comes out and you'll get crappy results eventhough you actually studied really hard. It isn't always fair. I feel pretty lucky most of the time. I hope my luck doesn't run out too soon. I have been depending on luck since i was young. People always say that i'm smart. But i think it is more becuase i'm lucky. I never studied the whole syllabus, but still i felt it was ok.

Anyway, after the exams, I wanted to have lunch with GM. But i put the parking until 11am and it was already 11.30. I was rushing to put more money in case i get summoned. Then when i paid and all, my baby told me that he has to go back because wai kwan wants to go back. I was like what?! I just refilled the parking! Then he suggested that he pay for the parking and i send sin yee back while he send wai kwan back then he'll meet me at my house and we'll go for lunch. I stopped by sin yee's house for awhile because i wanted to see her baby hamsters. They're so so so cute!!!! aahhh!!!! Haha.
the babies and their mother.
it is soo tiny and cute!!!
from different angles.
Hehe. GM was driving his mum's Vios so he wanted to drive to show me how powerful the Vios is. Haha. We went to Ikano 1st as he wanted to cut his hair. I went to Treats while he was at it. I tried this dress which i think is quite nice. But, i didn't want to buy it because it is only up to the knee. I want something that almost touches the floor. Besides, the gold on it wasn't striking enough. OMG, the lady there was soo pushy. Kept asking me to buy, say that its hard to find dresses that suit your body and bla bla bla. Ask me to pay a deposit so she can keep it for me. Whatever. I already told her that i want to see other dresses 1st. I quickly escaped to the accessory shop next door. Haha. After my sweetheart finsh cutting his hair, we were deciding where to eat. We kept changing our minds so he was like pulling me 1 way and then the next. We were walking to and fro, passing by the same shops so many times. Haha. Those people probably thought we were mad. Haha. In the end we decided to go to Tesco. Haha.
We bought a whole ayam percik and a pack of spagetthi and a tesco version of super ring. Hehe. He belanja-ed me this time because i paid for his lunch the day before. When we reached his house, we found out that the pasta sause in his house has already expired so he cooked indomee for us instead. The chicken was ok, but very dry. I took soo long to finish a quarter of it. I had to eat it with oyster sause since he was out of ketchup. Then we went to sleep for i don't know how long. He finally listened to me and wrapped the wound on his thigh and said he felt much better. I mean like duh! Obviously if the wound is still fresh and you don't wrap it the pants will rub against it it will be very painful. Haih. So stubborn. I wanted to follow him to see the doctor to change the dressing but his mum wanted to take him there when she comes home so plan canceled. Eventhough he's injured he still can carry me and still is the best at it. Hehe. I'm starting to miss him alot already. I'm gonna go to sleep now and hope i dream of him. Nightez!!

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