Tuesday, 1 May 2007

wesak day

I can't seem to remember what happened the last few days. So, I shall not blog about them. So sorry. Today is Wesak Day. So, Happy Wesak to all of you who celebrate Wesak Day. My mum wanted to go to Brickfields Temple to pray. Since today would be really jam and hectic, we decided, or rather she decided that we go yesterday night. It was already jam and the place was filled with people. We went to see an exhibition on the meanings of the Buddha's hand positions in the hall. Me n my sis sat by the side because we were just not interested. Then we went to pray and left. My darling already went to temple on sunday so he did not join me n gary today in CBL. The only reason I went there is because I was so bored at home and I wanted to catch up with a few of my friends which I have not seen for some time. I walked there since it is just a short distance and there won't be any parking left anyway. I didn't see anyone I knew there so I called them and only fong yee and soo yieng said they were coming. I spotted christy guarding the exit of the hall so I went to help her. Gary was volunteering inside so he didn't see me. Christy brought mun chien down and we chatted for awhile. Then gary came out of the exit to take some food in. So he saw me. So, everytime he passed by he kacau me. >^<<> Then after awhile fong yee came and we chatted then she went in to eat. After awhile gary said he was going back so i asked him to fetch me back since i walked there. But since i had nothing else to do I accompanied him for lunch. He was going to GM's hse after lunch. I wish i could go too. >^<<> But since his parents are in and finals are so near, i better not risk it. I wanted to watch Spiderman 3 and gary as gonna watch that later. Its so unfair. Why he can do all the things i want to do. He dropped me home after lunch. I didn't eat there since i wasn't hungry then, but now my tummy is growling and I'm going to be late for tuition. Got to go. Ciao!!!

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