Friday, 25 May 2007


Turned out he called and said i could come after all. So i cooked and all. GM said its the best spaghetti ever. Haha. But to me it was so dry. My sis can cook better. I don't know la. He said all he knows is that mine is the best. Hehe. Even nicer than Pizza Hut's wor. I don't think it is that nice, but up to him la. I'm just glad that he likes it. So sweet la he. Its so weird because I'm not the type who cooks and I never imagined that I'll cook for him. Haha. His mum was home when i came. She didn't seem to mind that i came. GM's wound got infected. Haih. The doctor also like not good wan. Don't know how to treat my darling's wound properly until got infected. tsk tsk tsk. Haha. His mum was talking about sending him to a hospital to check. He was so worried that he would lose his flesh because me and his mum was telling him that it is possible that his flesh has rotten. Haha. He said, both of you are scaring me. Hehe.

I had tuition at 4.30pm. Phyll called me at 4 saying that she has no car. Her car was taken by her mum because her mum's car no battery. So she don't dare to drive her grandpa's car too far. In the end she drove to GM's house and we sat my car to tuition. We were obviously late as she only reached GM's house at 4.30. By the time we reached it was already 5pm. Haha. The tuition so was so freaking full!! Luckily still got place for us to sit. After tuition I'm suppose to join my family at 8.30pm to watch Pirates of the Carribean 3 in 1u. My mum's client is one of the sponsors for some event so she got free tickets. So i had to rush to GM's house to drop Phyll and to take the spaghetti stuff i left at GM's house. The ldp was f**king jam. I reached GM's house at around 8pm. I was wearing the shortest skirt i have and a t-shirt. I couldn't possibly go and watch a movie in those. I'll freeze!!! Since my mum was already kind of angry at me, I didn't feel like going. It's not as if i really enjoy watching movie with my family in the 1st place. My parents will be complaining about how noisy it is. Too loud la. Bla bla bla. So noisy about the noise. Literally.

So GM ask me to stay in his house for now. He shall house me for now he said. Haha. He persuaded his dad to let me join them for dinner since i haven't had my dinner. His mum's cooking is really good. I took so much soup. =p So long since i had good soup. Catering does not include soup. >^<> Yum yum. Ate till i was so full. Hehe. Then we went upstairs to study. I finally finished 1 mechanics paper. Haha. The whole day do 1 paper only. There were so many questions that i don't know how to do. I get frustrated very easily and i don't really know how to explain to people what i don't understand about the question. So GM is one of the few people that can teach me. Hehe. When i finally finished it was already 12 midnight. =p I stayed a little too long. But, i didn't really care. At least i got to spend 7 hrs with my sweetheart. I wonder if I'll ever get the chance to spend 24hrs with him consecutively. Hmmm. Hopefully 1 day we'll be able to. Its so late already. Got to sleep. Nitez!!!

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