Saturday, 16 June 2007

100th day!!!

I'm sorry I'm sorry!!! I didn't have time to blog until now. I gave him the surprise in a small plastic bag closed with a heart brad. I didn't let him open it yet and he said it smells like banana. Haha. We went to 1u to watch the show and we ate in Old Town Kopitiam before entering the cinema. Since I took Milo before we went out, I wasn't really hungry. I shared ice cream toast, which by the way is delicious, with him and he had nissin noodles with ham and egg. The show was nice but we didn't really like the ending. I didn't like it because Will became captain. Its so sad!!! They can only meet for 1 day every 10 years!!! OMG!!! GM didn't like it because Davy Jones died. He wanted him to turn out to be a good guy. Oh well, we can't change the ending anyway, so no use grumbling about it. We went around window shopping for awhile and then we had a sweet corn bun each from Roti Boy. So yummy. Then we went to his house. He opened it there and stared at it. Then he asked me if it came with the box. I was like, er, you have to take it out. Haha. I mean presents usually come in a box and you have to take it out right? I don't know la. Haha. He kinda liked it I guess. Then we spent about 2 satisfying hours together and then he fetched me home. Hehe. After that he called me around 8 I think and we chatted for awhile. I know it doesn't sound like we did anything special except watched a movie, it still was a seriously wonderful day. Hehe.After all, any day spent with my sweetheart is a great day itself. Hehe.

Well, that was about Thursday. Now about Friday. Me, Phyll and Alicia went to 1u (yes, again) to shop for Alicia's dress and Phyll's accessories. We ate at A&W 1st and I met Kayzerin. So nice to see her again. Didn't see her for so long already. Alicia kept getting static shocks from Phyll. Haha. I just realised so many shops closed down already. MCM, Redrummurder, Urban & Co.. Sad la. Anyway, we went to 'egete and the dresses there were so sparkly and nice. The prices are also super 'nice'. Haha. Me and Phyll were thinking the same thing. If everyone is wearing like that there, we are going to be so sad. Our dress isn't all that sparkly and glamorous. Haih. Oh well. We went to a few shops but Alicia couldn't find the dress she wants. Then we went to Rest n Relax and she tried on a cream coloured dress but decided that it looked horrible on her. So we went to Watson to find stick on bra. Alicia suddenly remembered that she didn't have her handbag with her and so we rushed back to Rest n Relax but only found her empty handbag. Someone stole her wallet and her handphone. So evil!!! Curses to those evil people!!! Her IC, credit cards, bank card, savings card are all there!!! She had to freeze her account, cancel her credit cards and make a police report. We took Phyll's car to the DU police station. The people there are so NOT efficient. So SLOW!!! Just for 1 stupid chop we had to wait for like 30minutes. What the Hell. Then Phyll dropped me back in 1u and she took Alicia to the bank. I met Sian Yee and Karen there, shopping for prom dress as well. GM™ came to 1u with Yvonne and her cousin, Grace to shop for her prom dress. They really should not put prom so near to the end of the exams. People need time to shop for clothes you know. Anyway, GM™ wanted to buy his pants so we went to look for it. He kept saying he hates shopping. He doesn't mind accompanying me shopping but he doesn't like shopping for himself. Haha. Then Yvonne called and ask us to go eat and Little Cravings. Gary called on the way and Gary and me kind of pissed him off. I think. He's just not the type of guy who clubs and drinks but I like clubbing and drinking(just a little). Gary was asking him to go clubbing tonight and he was saying NO NO, anything but clubbing. And not on Saturday night. Sunday got prom. Then I was like I wanna go clubbing. I want I want. Then I told him I'm going clubbing after prom. He didn't seem happy to hear that. He had a kind of sad face all the way to Little Cravings. We had Thai Thom Grob(can't remember exactly what it is called) or Red Ruby. It's mock pomegranate seeds made of starch in coconut syrup. Yummy. But I think the one in Johnny's is nicer. It has nangka strips and atap seeds. GM™ paid for me. Hehe =) He didn't like it though. Then we had to walk to the other end of 1u to buy his pants. Haha. We walked from 1 end to the other about 2 times. His pants had to be altered so we went to sit and talk while waiting. He told me that he isn't really excited about prom. He's buying his pants now, learning how to drive to JW Marriot at night, and going to prom only because of me. So nice. After collecting his pants he walked me to my car. Before he left he said he wants prom to be the best night for me and if that means I want to go back at 10, don't want to go back at all, want to stay there, go clubbing until very late, then by all means do it and don't feel bad. He is such a sweetheart!!! I love him so so much!!! muax* muax* muax* Hehe. I wonder what I did to get such a darling as my bf. Ok, got to go for lunch now. Tata!!!

Thursday, 14 June 2007


Yay!!! I finished it!!! I finished it!!! I completed it last night around 1am. Haha. By then the modem was off so I couldn't blog. Yay!!! I even did something extra for it. Hehe. I still can't tell what it is. Today is me n GM™'s 100th day together. Haha. Weird right? Nobody will go and count how many days but he did and it is today!!! Hehe. We're going to 1u to watch Pirates of the Caribbean 3: At World's End. Hurray!!! He's going to 'kidnap' me, as he likes to call it, around 10 something to eleven. Hehe. Can't wait!!

The only bad thing that has happened is that I had 3 dreams and in all 3 someone was trying to kill me. So freaky!!! The 1st 2 was my sister. My sister was trying to slash me with a really sharp knife. At first I thought she was fooling around and I asked her jokingly if she was trying to kill me and she said yes with a very evil glint in her eyes. I woke up and went back to sleep. I dreamt that I was in my mum's room and my sister was trying to stab me with a scissors. I already told my mum that she wants to kill me but she didn't think it was true. I was shouting mummy!!! because she was downstairs but she couldn't hear. I was on my own. My sister is quite strong and I think even a little stronger than me. A little more and she would have overpowered me easily. Thankfully I woke up. I thought i was still dreaming and called out to my mum. Then i realised I was actually talking so I knew I was awake. My mum didn't hear me, which is probably because I was only mumbling even though I thought I shouted. In the 3rd dream, I was invited to an event with Sharon and her family at a really exclusive club house. I was somehow dressed so casually and I was late. Everyone was seated and already half way through their meal. After the meal I was shown to my bungalow which I had to share with a small boy. He wanted the smallest room as he said it is the treasure room. Haha. I had the bigger room and the master bedroom didn't have a bed since the bungalow is only accommodating the 2 of us. My room was designed for a couple to stay in. The small kid's room was decorated with a safari theme. He was soo excited and rushed forward but he fell down and hurt his knee. I couldn't really help him so i just stared worryingly at him. Then he said,"don't tell me you are an angel?" I was like what?! But then I went to check out the master bedroom's toilet with the person that showed us around. It was huge!!! And the toilet had so many mirrors you could see yourself from every angle. Suddenly there was a loud chorus of 'monkeys like money' over and over again. We saw tons of monkeys swarming in, lead by a man blowing some kind of musical instrument. It was something like the Pied Piper except that the instrument is different and this one lead monkeys that chanted 'monkeys like money'. And they wanted to attack us!!! We quickly tried to lock the toilet door but the lock was so sucky. It can't even close properly!!! I had this stupid idea of taking the sofa cover(yes, the toilet has a sofa) and hiding inside. It seemed like a good idea that time. But then my alarm woke me up. I was soo happy that i set my alarm. *whew* Freaky la!!! 3 killings in 1 night? OMG.

Wednesday, 13 June 2007

almost done

Yay!!! I'm almost done with it!!! Just need my dad to drill some holes in it and then wait for some stuff to dry and paste on some stuff!!! Hehe!!! I'm ecstatic!!! It looks nice to me =) Hehe. But no pics just yet. Not until xxx. Haha. Its a surprise!!! Hehe.

Finals are over!!!

Yay!!! Finals are over for me!!! My class didn't have any celebrations though because quite a number of them are retaking AS exams so they till have exams on Thursday and/or Friday. My darling went to celebrate with his classmates right after the exam. Since nobody will be celebrating with me today, I treated myself to 2 french pastries from d' pastry and put a milk mask. Hehe. It's been quite awhile since I've used a mask. Too bad I don't have a long bath, if not I would have given myself a nice long soak. I just realised it's nice to have some alone time. I usually don't like being alone so I never thought I would be happy to have some alone time. Now I'm working on something which requires living skills (kemahiran hidup). It has to be done by tomorrow and I'm not sure I can do a good job of it. Oh well. Haha. I've already figured out the general idea of it but it still needs a lot of work. Hopefully I'll get it done by tonight and make something presentable. Wish me luck!!!

French Pastries!!!

Tuesday, 12 June 2007


Ok, finally got some mood to blog. First of all i want to say sorry to my baby darling for 'injuring' him and not being in the 'mood' and so no feeling. Haha. Well, anyway, 7th of June was our 3rd month anniversary. We went for lunch at Little Hong Kong, a coffee shop near my house. But because he was still hungry, we went to the 7-eleven nearby to buy some food. He bought a cup noodle and i bought a high5 bun. Then he came to my house to eat. He studied for awhile with me downstairs and left around 4 because he wanted to sleep. I got so sad for nothing and worried him. Haih. I am such an oversensitive-emotional wreck sometimes. I guess because at that time he made me so comfortable already and i wanted to ask him to study in my room so that i can sleep next to him while he studies but then the words 'I think i need to go back already' came out of his mouth and i didn't expect that. Oh well, he went home anyway.

I went for tuition on Friday and had to wait an hour in college because i didn't receive the sms saying that the class was pushed an hour later. I messaged my baby 30minutes later so he thought my tuition was at 6. When i was walking to tuition he called me and said that i just passed by him. He actually came all the way to see me. So sweet!!! But too bad my tuition was starting already so we only spent about 10minutes together? But it was worth it i guess. Hehe. =)

Today he finally came to fetch me at 2pm. I was still pissed and so we didn't talk much in the car. When we reached his house he was pissed too because he has his own problems and he was hoping i would be nice to him. Well, since he looked so sad and stressed out i forgot all my frustration and we kind of talked it out in the end. We went for lunch at 3 something. Haha. So late. I showed him my diet rules and he took me to eat mamak food which is like full of calories!!! I ate roti pisang and he had roti planta. I thought the roti pisang was really really nice. He didn't seem to think the food there is nice though. We didn't study in the end. Haha. Even though we weren't really in the mood we wasted like 1 hour plus. Ok la, not really waste la. It was great but not great. Now I'm contradicting myself. Never mind i shall not try to explain how i feel. Haha. Nitez!!!

Monday, 11 June 2007


Ok, i actually don't know what to write here except that I'm sorry i haven't been blogging recently but i just don't feel like blogging yet...and that right now I'm feeling very very frustrated. Is it so hard to tell someone where you're going and what time will you be reaching when that person is waiting for you? Nobody likes to be so excited about something and then suddenly got let down because the other person wanted to do something else first but conveniently forgot to tell and never replies the sms. I hate waiting and not knowing till when am i suppose to wait till...frustration...frustration...frustration...

Wednesday, 6 June 2007


Today, June 6th, is the birthday of 3 of my friends!!! Yee Leong, Sharllina and Vijay!!! Happy Birthday!!! My pet brother turns 20 and the other 2 turns 19!!! Yee Leong and Sharllina are studying overseas now so wish you guys all the best k? Will see you all when you guys come back!!! Take care!!!

Monday, 4 June 2007


Recently, my mood has NOT been good. I keep feeling bored, frustrated and i get agitated so easily. I've been taking it out on my darling GM™ and I'm so so sorry. I don't mean to. I'm such a bad-tempered gf. Haih. Well, just wanted to say I'm sorry and it's not because you did anything wrong. You've been very understanding and i really appreciate it dear. I love you i love you i love you!!! muax*

pics and prom

I finally settled my prom stuff. Well, not completely, but at least i already bought my dress. It's black and gold but not as nice as i imagined. My mum actually took me to a wedding gallery to see the dresses. They were so elaborate and beautiful but so expensive!!! 450/night was the cheapest. But i simply loved the last dress i tried. It's maroon in colour at seriously bare back!!! Well, too bad it's so expensive. My mum took me to Char Chang Teng for lunch after the visit to the wedding gallery. We had steamed rice with marmite pork, borsch soup, stocking tea H.K style, ice honey peach passion fruit tea, honey peach cheese bread pudding. The food was nice but the place was freezing cold!! The drinks there are huge, enough for 2-3 people. The bread pudding was so delicious to me but a little too sweet for my mum. We spotted a clothes shop with gowns while having lunch so stopped by. It was there that my mum bought me 2 dresses, a stick on bra ,a gold organza scarf and a necklace set. 1 of the dresses is the 1 i'm wearing for prom. My mum says it looks very elegant. So anyway, i already kind of decided what accessories to wear. My mum thinks i'm overdressing. But, i don't think so. So i'm gonna ask my darling's opinion. Hopefully he'll side me? Haha. Anyhow the final decision will be up to me. Still have about 2 weeks to decide. I finally had the time to upload pics. So here are pics bout this post and a lot of miscellaneous pics.

the maroon dress

the dress i bought in the end

borsch soup and steamed rice with marmite pork

ice honey peach passion fruit tea(it's huge!!!)

honey peach cheese bread pudding

my new sport shoes!!!!

ice cream dessert that i made for myself!!! yummy!!!

my mum's framed cross stitch work fell and the glass broke. Me and my sis decided to play with the broken glass like a jigsaw puzzle and this is as far as we managed to piece it back. Hehe.

Phyllie Willie's cute lambie!!!

styrofoam structure in brickfields temple on wesak day

the base which is shaped like a turtle

the lotus candle we gave as offerings

a dress i tried in Sub. It looks like something those F1 girls wear.

the back is soo nice!!! too bad its so expensive. >^<<

Sunday, 3 June 2007

prom dress

OMG!!! I just thought of a design for my prom dress but i know i just won't find it anywhere!! Haih. If i want that design i must have it tailor made. But that will cost a bomb!!! I just don't want to spend so much on a dress that i probably won't wear again. Haih. But it is so so nice to me!!! I really really want to have it!!! AAaaargh!!! Its a black dress with 2 golden dragons running down the side. The back has a corset style and the dragons' wings will be at the back. There will be golden chains on the limbs of the dragons which holds a golden heart in the center of the dress. Its so so nice to me!!! The dragons represent the year of the dragon which is the year i was born and the symmetrical design represents Libra the scales. I'm totally in love right now and thus the heart. It is black and gold which are the colours i totally adore right now. Oh well, since i can't really have it, i shall just daydream away...toodles.......

sport shoes

Oh, i just remembered. My mum bought me a new pair of sport shoes!!! Yay!!! Its from Fila and its purple, white and black!!! Hehe!!! It looks kind of bulky though. Like its too big for me. But it fits nicely. Its my second pair of branded shoes. Yes, only the 2nd. The 1st pair was from B.U.M which i don't think is really considered branded. But i don't think I'll be able to wear it till next year or till i go to uni. Oh well, at least i have it. Hehe!!


Yesterday i went out with GM, Yvonne and her bf, Jason to Ming Tien for dinner. I had shark fin soup noodles which tasted like real shark fin soup but i'm not sure if there is any shark fin inside. My darling had the usual pan mee and yong tau fu. This time we didn't order ais kacang for once. We had peach lady. Which was a nice change from ais kacang. The we had waffle for dessert. I wanted to write something in this post but i can't remember because i procrastinated and now i forgot. =p So i shall post it next time if i remember. Ciao...

Friday, 1 June 2007


Today i had chem paper 4 and maths paper 4. Chem was freaking hard. I mean, its like, the way the questions are asked are just so so, i don't know how to describe it. I just don't like the paper. So bloody hard. Mechanics(maths 4) was so easy and it is all thanks to GM. He thought me how to look at the question properly and well, just thinking about him makes the paper easier. Hehe. I was stuck at 1 question, and i remembered that when he gets stuck at a question, he likes to say that i inspire him when he is able to figure out the answer after looking at me. When I'm around that is. So i thought, i should do that too. And it worked!!! Haha. Ok, so maybe it's just all in my mind but who cares!! Haha. I managed to do almost all!!! And i suck at mechanics ok. It's just amazing that i can do so many. Well, it is also due to the fact that it is an easy paper this time. Anyway, just wanted to say thank you to my sweetheart for teaching me mechanics and making the paper so easy for me. =D love u, muax* Oh, and sorry for causing your wound to bleed again. If you didn't stay back because of me, you wouldn't have gotten under the rain that subsequently caused all those problems to the wound. So sorry dear. Hope the wound heals soon. Miss you!!!