Monday, 4 June 2007

pics and prom

I finally settled my prom stuff. Well, not completely, but at least i already bought my dress. It's black and gold but not as nice as i imagined. My mum actually took me to a wedding gallery to see the dresses. They were so elaborate and beautiful but so expensive!!! 450/night was the cheapest. But i simply loved the last dress i tried. It's maroon in colour at seriously bare back!!! Well, too bad it's so expensive. My mum took me to Char Chang Teng for lunch after the visit to the wedding gallery. We had steamed rice with marmite pork, borsch soup, stocking tea H.K style, ice honey peach passion fruit tea, honey peach cheese bread pudding. The food was nice but the place was freezing cold!! The drinks there are huge, enough for 2-3 people. The bread pudding was so delicious to me but a little too sweet for my mum. We spotted a clothes shop with gowns while having lunch so stopped by. It was there that my mum bought me 2 dresses, a stick on bra ,a gold organza scarf and a necklace set. 1 of the dresses is the 1 i'm wearing for prom. My mum says it looks very elegant. So anyway, i already kind of decided what accessories to wear. My mum thinks i'm overdressing. But, i don't think so. So i'm gonna ask my darling's opinion. Hopefully he'll side me? Haha. Anyhow the final decision will be up to me. Still have about 2 weeks to decide. I finally had the time to upload pics. So here are pics bout this post and a lot of miscellaneous pics.

the maroon dress

the dress i bought in the end

borsch soup and steamed rice with marmite pork

ice honey peach passion fruit tea(it's huge!!!)

honey peach cheese bread pudding

my new sport shoes!!!!

ice cream dessert that i made for myself!!! yummy!!!

my mum's framed cross stitch work fell and the glass broke. Me and my sis decided to play with the broken glass like a jigsaw puzzle and this is as far as we managed to piece it back. Hehe.

Phyllie Willie's cute lambie!!!

styrofoam structure in brickfields temple on wesak day

the base which is shaped like a turtle

the lotus candle we gave as offerings

a dress i tried in Sub. It looks like something those F1 girls wear.

the back is soo nice!!! too bad its so expensive. >^<<

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