Tuesday, 12 June 2007


Ok, finally got some mood to blog. First of all i want to say sorry to my baby darling for 'injuring' him and not being in the 'mood' and so no feeling. Haha. Well, anyway, 7th of June was our 3rd month anniversary. We went for lunch at Little Hong Kong, a coffee shop near my house. But because he was still hungry, we went to the 7-eleven nearby to buy some food. He bought a cup noodle and i bought a high5 bun. Then he came to my house to eat. He studied for awhile with me downstairs and left around 4 because he wanted to sleep. I got so sad for nothing and worried him. Haih. I am such an oversensitive-emotional wreck sometimes. I guess because at that time he made me so comfortable already and i wanted to ask him to study in my room so that i can sleep next to him while he studies but then the words 'I think i need to go back already' came out of his mouth and i didn't expect that. Oh well, he went home anyway.

I went for tuition on Friday and had to wait an hour in college because i didn't receive the sms saying that the class was pushed an hour later. I messaged my baby 30minutes later so he thought my tuition was at 6. When i was walking to tuition he called me and said that i just passed by him. He actually came all the way to see me. So sweet!!! But too bad my tuition was starting already so we only spent about 10minutes together? But it was worth it i guess. Hehe. =)

Today he finally came to fetch me at 2pm. I was still pissed and so we didn't talk much in the car. When we reached his house he was pissed too because he has his own problems and he was hoping i would be nice to him. Well, since he looked so sad and stressed out i forgot all my frustration and we kind of talked it out in the end. We went for lunch at 3 something. Haha. So late. I showed him my diet rules and he took me to eat mamak food which is like full of calories!!! I ate roti pisang and he had roti planta. I thought the roti pisang was really really nice. He didn't seem to think the food there is nice though. We didn't study in the end. Haha. Even though we weren't really in the mood we wasted like 1 hour plus. Ok la, not really waste la. It was great but not great. Now I'm contradicting myself. Never mind i shall not try to explain how i feel. Haha. Nitez!!!

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