Sunday, 3 June 2007

prom dress

OMG!!! I just thought of a design for my prom dress but i know i just won't find it anywhere!! Haih. If i want that design i must have it tailor made. But that will cost a bomb!!! I just don't want to spend so much on a dress that i probably won't wear again. Haih. But it is so so nice to me!!! I really really want to have it!!! AAaaargh!!! Its a black dress with 2 golden dragons running down the side. The back has a corset style and the dragons' wings will be at the back. There will be golden chains on the limbs of the dragons which holds a golden heart in the center of the dress. Its so so nice to me!!! The dragons represent the year of the dragon which is the year i was born and the symmetrical design represents Libra the scales. I'm totally in love right now and thus the heart. It is black and gold which are the colours i totally adore right now. Oh well, since i can't really have it, i shall just daydream away...toodles.......

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