Thursday, 14 June 2007


Yay!!! I finished it!!! I finished it!!! I completed it last night around 1am. Haha. By then the modem was off so I couldn't blog. Yay!!! I even did something extra for it. Hehe. I still can't tell what it is. Today is me n GM™'s 100th day together. Haha. Weird right? Nobody will go and count how many days but he did and it is today!!! Hehe. We're going to 1u to watch Pirates of the Caribbean 3: At World's End. Hurray!!! He's going to 'kidnap' me, as he likes to call it, around 10 something to eleven. Hehe. Can't wait!!

The only bad thing that has happened is that I had 3 dreams and in all 3 someone was trying to kill me. So freaky!!! The 1st 2 was my sister. My sister was trying to slash me with a really sharp knife. At first I thought she was fooling around and I asked her jokingly if she was trying to kill me and she said yes with a very evil glint in her eyes. I woke up and went back to sleep. I dreamt that I was in my mum's room and my sister was trying to stab me with a scissors. I already told my mum that she wants to kill me but she didn't think it was true. I was shouting mummy!!! because she was downstairs but she couldn't hear. I was on my own. My sister is quite strong and I think even a little stronger than me. A little more and she would have overpowered me easily. Thankfully I woke up. I thought i was still dreaming and called out to my mum. Then i realised I was actually talking so I knew I was awake. My mum didn't hear me, which is probably because I was only mumbling even though I thought I shouted. In the 3rd dream, I was invited to an event with Sharon and her family at a really exclusive club house. I was somehow dressed so casually and I was late. Everyone was seated and already half way through their meal. After the meal I was shown to my bungalow which I had to share with a small boy. He wanted the smallest room as he said it is the treasure room. Haha. I had the bigger room and the master bedroom didn't have a bed since the bungalow is only accommodating the 2 of us. My room was designed for a couple to stay in. The small kid's room was decorated with a safari theme. He was soo excited and rushed forward but he fell down and hurt his knee. I couldn't really help him so i just stared worryingly at him. Then he said,"don't tell me you are an angel?" I was like what?! But then I went to check out the master bedroom's toilet with the person that showed us around. It was huge!!! And the toilet had so many mirrors you could see yourself from every angle. Suddenly there was a loud chorus of 'monkeys like money' over and over again. We saw tons of monkeys swarming in, lead by a man blowing some kind of musical instrument. It was something like the Pied Piper except that the instrument is different and this one lead monkeys that chanted 'monkeys like money'. And they wanted to attack us!!! We quickly tried to lock the toilet door but the lock was so sucky. It can't even close properly!!! I had this stupid idea of taking the sofa cover(yes, the toilet has a sofa) and hiding inside. It seemed like a good idea that time. But then my alarm woke me up. I was soo happy that i set my alarm. *whew* Freaky la!!! 3 killings in 1 night? OMG.

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