Sunday, 14 December 2008


Hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes yes, I know it's been super long since I've updated. Hehe. Class started already what, you can't expect me to update so often. Ok, so here's a quick rundown of what I've been up to.

1. Went to meet Pui Ling with Sin Yee at One Utama on the 15th of Nov. Ate dinner at Plus One Shabu Shabu. Took lots of pics!!! Pics are uploaded in my facebook.

2. Celebrated Siu Hong's 20th birthday in Full House, NiuZheXui on the 22nd of Nov. The deco there is super nice!!! Got lots of stuff on sale as well. Clothes, glassware, candle holders and all sorts of cute stuff. There is even a bed upstairs!!! It's actually designed to look like a bungalow. The food there is quite nice and not very expensive. I didn't take lots of pics with my camera since it ran out of battery. But I got to take lots with Siu Hong's new gigantic camera!!! It's those kind used by professional photographers. Hehe. Pics uploaded on facebook by Siu Hong/May Fong/Soo Swan.

3. Went to Sunway Pyramid with mum for a shopping spree on the 30th of Nov!!! I finally got a pair of branded sport shoes. A purple Nike pair!!! Hehe!!! I am so in love with it. I can't bear to wear it to jog since it'll kill it fast and make it dirty. Wear to IMU... also not very good since technically I'm not allowed to wear sport shoes there but everyone does it and because I have to walk on the stony floor the car park which will kill my darling shoes. I bought a new set of comforter, some other miscellaneous stuff and a furry jacket!!! Hehe!!! I've wanted it for quite some time but at that time, the one I saw had a tear in the lining so my mum said what for buy something that is torn. The I saw it again at Pyramid and this one without flaw so my mum bought it for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hehe.

4. Celebrated Ching Yee's 20th birthday on the 3rd of Dec. Shin Yen and Lee Ming bought a Mango cake from somewhere and brought it to IMU's cafeteria so we sang song and took pics. Then after class, Wan Yuan, Nicole Liew, Nicole Woon, Hui Ping, Chooi Chooi, Sze Ying, Ching Yee and me went to Red Box at The Gardens. The place there nice la. We had buffet dinner, 5 jugs of drinks, 2 bottles of sparkling juice, 2 plates of fruits and sang from 6pm-12am. All for under RM50. Cheap? Okla. Hehe. It was very fun la. I stayed over at Sook Yee's place. Then Ching Yee at first say want to come over to her place as well. But then later she say 1hr later only she come. Sook Yee was like "What?!?!?! So late only you want to come?(It was already close to 1am plus she was gonna walk alone from her to block to Sook Yee's block, which is quite far and dark) Even if you come also I won't open the door for you la." Haha.

5. Celebrated GM™'s Chinese birthday on the 6th of Dec together with his relatives at his house. We sort of take it as we celebrated our 21st monthaniversary also la. He got a Marble Cheesecake from Secret Recipe. But then, his name was spelt wrongly. Haha. It was spelt as Guan Ming instead of Muan Meng. But then he didn't mind la. His couz Zhi Hoe is back from Aus so he also came. After eating we went upstairs to sing karaoke since his father has a set. Hehe. His father very sporting wan k? He sing like the most wan!!! He also invited one of his customer and his wife. We took a few group pics la, but not very clear.

5. Girls in Black Part 2!!! 13th+14 of Dec. Actually we were suppose to wear ou own colour, but then... Vicki can't find her blue shirt. So, we had to change it to black. Hehe. For once, Sin Yee was the only one wearing skirt. The rest of us wore jeans/cargo pants. Haha. We wanted to go out from 10am-10pm, but then Sin Yee had to go to Monash in the morning and only came back around 1.30pm. So by the time we reached and found a parking spot in 1u, it was 2.30pm. So hard to find parking la. Anyw, we bought tix for Bolt at 3.20pm thinking that we had enought time to eat lunch. Sin Yee belanja-ed btw, cuz she said she's working ma. Hehe. Thx Sin Yee!!!We went to our beloved and much missed Johny's steamboat. We wanted to sit a our usual place but it was taken. We ordered the biggest set and took lots n lots of pics. The halfway through the meal I suddenly realised that we only had 20mins more. Then we hastened up but still end up being a litle late for the show. Oh, and because we were gonna eat dinner there again, we booked 'our' table for dnner at 8pm. We kept emphaszing that it MUST be THAT table. Haha. Then the waiter was like "Still not enough a?"

Bolt is damn nice and funny la. Really must watch!!! I won't give out any spoilers here so don't worry. All I'll say is that the show is awesome and the animals are super cute and funny. We bought tix for The Day The Earth Stood Still at 7pm right after we came out of the cinema. This time Mabel belanja since she is also working. Haha. Thx Mable!!! Then after that we went to Watson since my mum asked me to buy some stuff. OMG. The staff there a, don't even know what is on offer and stuff. Make people so confused and frustrated. I bought quite a lot of things la, so the cashier asked me if I wanted a big plastic bag or a few small ones. Of course I said I wanted just 1 big plastic bag la. But then, the plastic bag turned out to be humongus!!! Super super huge!!! Haha. Then we went buy some stuff in Popular.

There was this stall outside Popular selling handmade stuff to help single mothers. There were 2 ladies manning the stall. We asked one of them how much was one of the things and she show her black face and just ignored us. We were like wtf is wrong with her? Then the other lady told us the price. I bought something fo RM5 so I gave her RM10. Then I saw something else n was looking at it and then decided not to buy already. She was holding my RM5 change and just looking at me. Then I wanted ttake my RM5 la, then she like "U bought the thing is RM5" "I know. I gave u RM10" Then don't know la. Just like very weird wan. But in the end she got give it back to me la. Seriously la, when doing business must put personal issues aside wan ma. The only reason why I stil bought from them was because it was to help single mothers.

Me and Vicki then went to Jusco to buy stuff while Sin Yee and Mabel went to buy Shih Lin XL chicken and Seafood tempura. Hehe. After that me and Sin Yee went to my car to put all the unnecessary stuff while Vicki and Mabel went to Reject Shop and also to change the time of our dinner to 9pm instead of 8pm. Then on the way back we stopped at Jusco to look at all the Chrismas stuff. So nice la!!! Hehe. I was so tempted to buy this small christmas bolster for my baby for his birthday but decided against it since he already has one, and if I buy it, I'll end up being the one using it in his house. Haha. In the end Sin Yee bought it as her fren's birthday gift. Then we went to watc the movie. It's quite nice la. But I think the ending is like not very good because they never explain what happen later. Worth watching la I think.

Then we happily went to Johnny's for dinner thinking that we could sit at our table. But when we reached, to our horror!!! There was a Malay (Not racist k?Just stating a fact) family sitting there and looks like they just arrived because they were looking at the menu!!! We we SOOO disappointed. I almost didn't feel like eating there anymore. The waiter kept apologising, saying that he forgot. He look so pitiful that we decided to still eat there. Hehe. This time we ordered noodles. Quite nice la, but a bit too salty. Then since we have not finshed the chocoloates Mabel gave us to share, I suggested that they stay over at my house. At first Vicki say cannot cuz she got some family stuff the next day, son only SIn Yee staying. But in the end all 3 of them decided to stay. Then all 3 of them took out their phones and started calling. So funny la. Haha.

So then we went to pay parking, and guess what? It cost RM7!!! So much!!! I didn't know they changed the charges. OMG. So expensive la. So anyw, we went to everyone's house to gather their sleepover stuff and then went to my house. Mabel brought her laptop so we watched 27 Dresses and Twilight!!! I like 27 Dresses!!! So nice la the show. Throughout the entire show, Vicki kept saying so cute la that guy!!! Then Mabel even funnier. She fell asleep when we were watching Twilight because she watched before already. Then when she woke up, the 1st thing she said was "so cute!" bcuz she saw Edward. Then she went back to sleep. Haha. We watched and talked and transfered pics and create blogskin(only Sin Yee la actually)until 5.30am!!!

The next morning Sin Yee woke up 1st bcuzmy alarm rang. Then all of them don't want to wake up. I set the alarm a 10am bcuz Sin Yee got work at 1pm and Vicki has to be back by lunch. Plus, they said that they want to eat dim sum. At least that's what they said the night before la. 1hr later only they start to stir. In the end, we went out at 12pm to Sin Yee's house for her drop her stuff and change then went to Min Tien to eat lunch cuz she works at e-books, which is just opposite. All of us ate Sarawak noodles. Then we went to e-books together wth Sin Yee. Me and Mabel went crazy over buying fourforever stuff. As in the same thing but in our colour. Hehe. In the end we each got 2 pens, 1 mechanical pencil and 1 highlighter. Hehe!!! Mine all purple!!! Then after that we went back lo.

So that's all I did la. Pics will be in facebook most likely. But it'll take awhile since the uploading is taking quite some time. I shall colour-fy this post later. =)

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Back to Uni

Haih!!! My hols are over!!! Nooo!!! So fast la!!! Why why why?!?!? Of all times I get addicted to Diablo II. Stupid right? My classes are starting soon and then on Sat, I get addicted to a computer game. But its so nice to play!!! Got my favourite character!!! Sorceress!!! Wahaha!!! But my sorceress can hit people wan also ok? Not just spells!!! Don't think if I'm out of mana u can bully me!!! Blek!!! But of course my baby is better la. He played this since Form1 la. It's his cd anyway. I borrowed it for my sis actually since she kept complaning about having no games to play during the hols. In the end I also get addicted pulak.

Diablo II is almost like NOX la, which is a game me and my sis played when I was in Form4. I got it from Hong Yee. Unfortunately, it can't be read on Vista. Haih. But Diablo II nicer!!! Cuz my baby can teach me and play together with me!!! He played all 7 characters before, each at least 3 times!!! So pro right? So he give me lots of tips. I know I'm very outdated la, now only playing it when Diablo III is coming out already. But what to do? Now only I discover that it is so nice to play ma.

So anyw, I passed my Sem2 finals la. Duh!!! If not I won't be in Sem3. I didn't resit anything la. This sem we have to take Malaysian Studies!!! What is the reason for Pharmacy students re-taking LAN subjects (Yes, even if you have taken them in Pre-U) and not Medical students? It is because we Pharmacy students do not have anough credits in each Sem so we have to add in LAN subjects to reach the required amount of credits per sem, set by the government. It is so DUMB!!! D! U! M! B! DUMB!!! Our dean likes to say things that way. Example, he wants to emphasize on the word a lot: A LOT!!! A! L! O! T! A LOT!!! He will say it one time, then spell it out, and then say it another time. Haha.

I once said that I was being efficient during the hols right? Well, I take that back. It only lasted for the 1st week. Haha. I didn't do much after that. My room and table is still in a mess, my stuff are not all repaired and I didn't manage to rearrange some of my stuff. Haih!!!

My mum and I went for the premier of Quantom of Solace last Wednesday in Cineleisure.
I'll post up the pic soon. I hope. Hehe. They gave us each a goodie bag which contained a pack of 6 nuggets, a packet of pre-packed popcorn and a cup of soft drink. The goodie bag was placed on each seat so I could only get to it after I went into the cinema. As usual, I wanted to take pics of it before I ate the nuggets away. But then I was worried because we were in a cinema, you are not allowed to take pics in the cinema. My mum said that it should be ok since the movie hasn't even started. So I did. *flash flash flash* Then before the movie started, the organiser or someone in charge, went up to the front to give us a reminder that we were all not allowed to record the movie illegally with any device, and those who do so, will be escorted out and to the police station by the guards. My mum whispered to me: "I think it's because you flashed so many times just now la." Haha. The show was quite nice la. But a lil too violent for me. We didn't watch Casino Royale and so were a bit lost on who is who.

I wore StarFish to the premier btw. Hehe. And I met this girl, who has the exact same name as me. She's also in IMU, but doing Medicine. My darling's junior la. She's my mum's friend's daughter. That's how I know her name and why she was there la. Followed her mum to the premier ma. Cuz each person got 2 tix. That's about it la. Will post up those outdated pics some other time.

Tuesday, 4 November 2008


I've just received Star Fish!!! It's so nice!!! U see!!!

My pos express arrived!!!

The package!!!

Nicely wrapped in a protective bubble wrap!!!


Star Fish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So nice right?!!?!?! Hehe!!! Must go and check out her blogshop!!! There are many more amazing hand made accessories where this came from!!! =D

Sunday, 2 November 2008


Yippie!!! Stephanie just agreed to remake Starfish for me!!! Wee!!! I'm gonna pay now!!! Hooray!!! See!!! It's so nice!!!

Can't wait to get it!!! Hehe!!!


I have 2 more posts to update, so wait for them k? Cuz I'm not really in the mood to blog about long posts and wait for the pics to upload. Hehe. Sorry. Here's just a lil update. I recently got a lil' hooked on online shopping. I have not bought anything since most of them are either not my style or much too expensive. There is one site which I think is absolutely great!!! Stephanie's.

She makes hand made jewellery and it's at such an affordable price. I think she custom makes stuff too.

Remember in my post about the accident I said the Sarjan will call me the next day. Well, I waited till 3 pm for him and he still didn't call. So I called the station and found out he was only working on Sun. Damn WTF rite? Make me wait so long for nothing. So I called today and he said he settled it with my dad already when my dad knew nothing about that. We went to the police station and he said that since the bus driver agreed to pay for the damage of the bus by himself, it is settled. No saman. The End. Haha. At least I didn't get a saman la.
Ok, next is May Fong and Fong Yee's 20th birthday celebration at My Elephant, Section 17 on 01.11.08. The last post is on the dinner with my 3rd aunt when she came down to see my new baby nephew on the 24 th of Oct. Yes, it is such a long time ago already and I still have not posted it. Hehe. Sorry!!! Will try to update soon!!!

Thursday, 30 October 2008

Accident again!!!


Today started off normally. Ok, maybe not normally, since I jogged in the morning, which is so extremely unusual. Then I blogged and stuff. I was suppose to meet Hong Yee and Siu Hong at Sunway Pyramid at 2pm. But knowing Hong Yee, I took my time. I was still at home at 2pm. I called him just to check whether it's still on. As it turns out, he had something to do and could only be there after 5pm. Siu Hong didn't reply his message about the change of date from yesterday to today. I called him, but he did't answer
so I texted him. He later replied that he can't come anymore because we kept changing the time and didn't tell properly. Hehe. Sorry!!! Promise to tell u properly the next time we go out. So around 5.30pm, I left my house for Pyramid.

At the junction of SS 24/1 to LDP, I turned out and then I suddenly saw this bus sekolah coming into my lane and then *bong* accident again!!! Bloody Hell. This pic that will let u understand better.

So u see, I saw the 2 cars putting their left signal, which means that the left lane is clear. I saw a bus sekolah on the right lane but it didn't bother me bcuz he was on the right lane. So i turned out into the left lane. Once I finished turning out. I suddenly saw the bus coming towards the left lane fast!!! I didn't even have the time to brake properly and my front bumper was knocked out already. Haih!!! What the crap. It's not fault!!! He suddenly cut into my lane and never put signal some more!!! How can it be my fault? We argued a li
ttle then this annoying tow truck guy came and ask me to take his card but I refused saying I have my own people to go to.
As long as in the end, we went to the police station to lodge a report.

The damage on Flaunterz looks so terrible la. See!!!

At 1st it was like that. Then when I was driving to the police station, some part of the bumper came off mid-drive. Hopefully no one crashes into it as it is a big piece.

This is how she looked like by the time I got home

The bus only got so little damage.

The policeman said that it's my fault because it was at a junction, so the bus driver is in the right. But I was adamant that I was in the right. I got so emotional over it till I cried. Hehe. I didn't mean to. I didn't want to either. But I couldn't help it. I tried controlling the tears but they flowed out anyway. Once I started, I couldn't stop. I sobbed and sobbed so much that in the end he and 2 other sarjans who were decided that this is a difficult case, and they will talk to
their boss about it. So they asked me to drive my car into the police station so that they can take photos and further assess the situation. After that they said I could go home, and they will call me the next day to tell me whether or not they will issue me a ticket.

Oh, btw, did u know that in the police station there are toy cars for u to describe and show the way the accident happened. Like really cute small metal toy cars.

So, hopefully their timing is good la, since I still want to see my baby dear and he has to fetch me. It would be very ma fan if I have to go to the police station after he has fetched me to
his house. He has an exam to study for after all. He can't be driving here and there for me. So, wish me luck!!!

*ps* - I am officially in love with Secret's Glamour Precision Eye Liner in Precise Black + MAYBELLINE's Volum' Express Hypercurl Waterproof Mascara in Very Black. All through out the sweating in my car, the sweating on the road side, the crying session in the police station, and the tissue dabbing, my eye liner (I lined my lower lids too) and mascara did not smear at all!!!

Kathina in Pontian, Johor

On the 25th, my family and I headed down to Johor again for another Kathina, but this time in Pontian. We stopped at Melaka for some shopping and lunch. We went at Tam Kim Hock to buy the local stuff.

The cute trolley inside

The stuff we bought

Lemon flavoured sotong

The individual packets inside. Not very nice though.

We ate lunch at the Famosa Chicken Rice Ball shop.

Oops, accidently took my dad as well

The interior

Our table no. My mum's fav since it's her birth date.

The menu


Chicken claw?

Oyster source towfu? Towfu made from oyster?

All sorts of chicken/duck rice

Fishball soup we ordered

Towfu soup for my dad

Braised egg for my dad as well since he's vegetarian

Famosa Chicken Rice Ball

The drink fridge

All our drinks

My mum's duck rice ball

My sis's chicken rice

My roasted pork rice ball

Towfu soup, fishball soup and the sad looking braised egg

After the extremely filling lunch, my mum still wanted to have the cendol. So we went back to the car and drove there.

Some deepavali stalls we passed by

Indian cookies

Cardboard festive greetings

Decorative things

Indian candy!!!


The red houses or something. Can't remember what they are called.

A rather cute sign. "Save your feet"

A mini windmill at a round-about

The church

The apparently famous cendol stall

Even has his own poster. Cendol Jam Besar.

The bowl of cendol that I shared with my sis

So much stuff!!! But then to me, it wasn't sweet enough. Like abit no taste.

One whole line of trishaws

The boat for the 'save your feet' river cruise. Why would anyone want to take a cruise on a dirty river?

A water thingy.

Can you see the Eye on Malaysia?

The ship on display

Another ship

A menara that we saw and have no idea what it is for

We passed by Mahkota parade also. Will go there some other time.

Roxy and Esprit

One of the entrance to Mahkota Parade

Melaka likes cones. The Jusco there had a gigantic cone

The road side shrubs are trimmed into cone shapes

Another cone shaped shrub

They like this tree as well. I saw it almost everywhere!!! I have one in my house garden. Haha.

A man made waterfall

A vitagen truck got caught in my snapshot. Haha.

Finally!!! Dharma Light Meditation Centre!!!

Kathina banner

The place where the monks have their coffee and stuff

The special kuti

The kuti can be opened up from 3 sides. This one has a fan, lights and mosquito netting. Better than the one in Ulu Tiram. Too bad we didn't get to sleep in one bcuz there wasn't any left. All were took up.

The hall which we had to sleep in. The bottom floor is for the ladies while the top floor is for the monks.

The only toilets there. This place is newer so the place is very clean and has less bugs. The hall is very very newly built. 2 weeks ago, it wasn't ready.

The main place

The stalls are to the put the food for the monks' breakfast and lunch

Food Paradise. This is were the food for everyone will be the next day.

A fruit that we are not sure what it is since it looks to big to be a lime.

Bamboo trees

A line of trees

After putting our stuff in the ladies hall, we went out to see Pontian since there was nothing to do in the temple and it was still quite early. We have always learned that Johor is famous for pineapples. But we didn't see any pineapples/pineapple plantations in Johor the last time. This time we did. However, they were not real pineapples.

Can u see the pineapple shaped windows?

Another pineapple!!!

A super cheap shop. But the clothes look so ugly. not my taste at least. We didn't go in btw.

We had dinner here

A play area there. So random.

A random fridge

And a random clothes shop

Some poor crabs tied up and waiting to be cooked

So pitiful!!! They are all doomed.

Stingray. We ordered some grilled sting ray.

Yucks!!! So many flies stuck on the fly paper. So disgusting. But what to do. If not eat what?

Our table no. by the sea front

The view from our table

Look into the horizon

Paya air masin. Haha. My sis watched Black Water (it's about a crocodile in a salt water mangrove) in her school since they finshed PMR. Then suddenly their Geography teacher came in and say 'For those who don't know, this is salt water mangrove' in BM. Haha. So funnyla.

Our drinks

Our food!!! Mun yee mee, fried rice, sao o fan and 2 plates of fruit rojak.

My plate of food!!! Of course I ate more than this la.

Grilled sting ray!!! Yummy!!! But spicy...

My family and I!!! without my sis since she hates taking pics.

The sunset

So nice the colour of the sky. Purple!!!

Another pineapple!!!

We went back to the monastery after that. We showered cold water since there was no heater. It was so cold that I was jumping around shivering while showering. Haha. When we came out, everyone in the hall had gone for evening chanting. We were already late so didn't feel nice interupting. The sliding door of the hall is tinted, so everyone could see inside. We didn't feel nice not joining the chanting either, so we went to the staircase at the side of the hall, where the door to the staircase blocks us from their view. Hehe.

We sat there and read for quite awhile until we thought the monks were coming down. So we quickly rushed back into the hall. In the end me and my sis decided that it was quite nice to sleep, so decided to sleep even though it was only 9pm. We went to take out our lens and brush our teeth. My mum, which already did those, decided to go back to the staircase to read the newspaper. When we were finishing, we saw a monk coming out of the door. So we knew our mum was busted. Haha.

It was so hard to sleep la. Don't know why. It wasn't uncomfortable. It was actually rather comfortable, as comfortabe as it gets sleeping on the floor. At 10.30pm something, all those people who were chanting came back and were making so much noise, walking here and there, talking, pulling sleeping mats, taking things from their bags, walking in and out. By the time I slept it was past 11.

The monks' breakfast and lunch spread

Some unconsiderate people smoking

A long line of stuff already left there in preperation for the Pindabat (the offering of stuff to monks)

See!!! So many!

Food Paradise. Haha.

The 1st thing we took. Satay!

There were so many stalls. Chee Chong Fun

Biscuits and packet drinks

Delicious pudding!!!

Food food food!!!


Bubble Tea!!!

Rojak! See the guy mixing the rojak!!!

Colourful jellies!!!


Bowls and more bowls!!!

Seafood in curry

Wan Tan Mee


Some kind of salad

Watermelon, honeydew melon and sago. So nice!!!

Corn in a cup

The bubble tea me and my sis took.
Yam and don't know what. They were good!!!

Empty already!!!

So we went for our dad's!!! Haha. No la, we just took a sip each.

Another cup!!! Cool colour huh?

Red + Blue = Purple!!! It tastes something like Ribena

It's not rubbish ok? It's the stuff we offered.

So many people

Woo!!! Banyak!!!

The Kathina tray

My mum putting stuff into the monk's bowl

The number of monks that were present for the chanting

And the number of people!!!

The entrance to the Sima Hall, which is the hall the monks go to every 2 months to do a confession. Lay people are not allowed inside.

The front


The rings to stabilise the monks' bowls

Kathina is a ceremony where a Kathina robe is offered to a monk. A Kathina robe is a robe that is made form a single peice of cloth, which is cut, sewed back and then dyed, just for the Kathina.

The cloth




Sewed back into a piece. It takes a long time u know? Like more than an hour. If u click on the pic, u can see that there is a pattern on the cloth. It is suppose to look like a paddy field.

Washing the cloth before dyeing.

The pot of boiling water to dye the cloth

The boiling water after the dye was added

More dye. 3 kinds of dye were mixed to get the right colour.

Tadaa!!! The finshed product!!! Not easy ok to do this?

That's all lo. After that we went back home and watched CSI!!!