Sunday, 2 November 2008


I have 2 more posts to update, so wait for them k? Cuz I'm not really in the mood to blog about long posts and wait for the pics to upload. Hehe. Sorry. Here's just a lil update. I recently got a lil' hooked on online shopping. I have not bought anything since most of them are either not my style or much too expensive. There is one site which I think is absolutely great!!! Stephanie's.

She makes hand made jewellery and it's at such an affordable price. I think she custom makes stuff too.

Remember in my post about the accident I said the Sarjan will call me the next day. Well, I waited till 3 pm for him and he still didn't call. So I called the station and found out he was only working on Sun. Damn WTF rite? Make me wait so long for nothing. So I called today and he said he settled it with my dad already when my dad knew nothing about that. We went to the police station and he said that since the bus driver agreed to pay for the damage of the bus by himself, it is settled. No saman. The End. Haha. At least I didn't get a saman la.
Ok, next is May Fong and Fong Yee's 20th birthday celebration at My Elephant, Section 17 on 01.11.08. The last post is on the dinner with my 3rd aunt when she came down to see my new baby nephew on the 24 th of Oct. Yes, it is such a long time ago already and I still have not posted it. Hehe. Sorry!!! Will try to update soon!!!

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