Friday, 15 February 2008

Valentine's Day

Hi Hi Hi Hi HHHIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Haha!!! I'm juz too happy!!! Yesterday was valentine's day. The morning was not eventful, besides him fetching me to uni, not liking the shoes i chose n not daring to tell me, him being very sleepy and i made him wait 20mins in the car before i came out cuz i was very very late(as usual). Then he emo abit n then i oso emo n then his parking pass got problem n had to take a ticket n then only after parking and getting off did he tell me that he din like my choice of shoes. He said its nice but appropriate for uni. So i changed into another pair of heels which i brought in case the pair i was wearing was too painful. Luckily i brought those. He was worried i would emo bcuz i took so long to get ready n he's suppose to like it n he does, juz dat he thinks its not appropriate for uni. Stupid baby!!! Tell only ma. I won't angry wan...

We both had a break from 10.30am-approx 1.40pm. So we went to watch Jumper in Mid Valley. Oh, we tried to use the e-payment thing for gsc using my credit card the night before but it just keep saying that the transaction failed. I don't have a maybank2u account thing so i couldn't use that. In the end my mum says she has so we used her account to buy the tix and got good seats, save time queing up AND got student price for a movie that came out on the day itself for the price of an extra ringgit. Hehe!!! Ok, back to the movie, it was quite a good movie, just rather short. Only 80+ mins!!! Can u believe it? So short!!! But it was quite good. Good la actually. Hehe. Oh, we got popcorn n drinks too!!! Which is not what we usually do. So yummy the popcorn that after when we went back to campus i still imagined the taste of popcorn during lab. haha!!! It was so nice being cuddled next to him. So nice and warm and *sighs* the best thing ever!!! The same feeling i get everytime i hear the song Bubbly by Colby Callat cuz i think of him everytime i hear that song. Its such a nice song. Oh ya, i dedicated 18songs to him through some IMU thing. But in the end he heard only 1. Only 1!!!Haha!!! Cuz we were out most of the time during the time they play the songs. After the movie we had McD for lunch which he paid for. Hehe!! muax* We didn't have much time left so we finished the fries in the car. (I fed him while he drove!!! =p) He was kinda late for class but i was early. Oh, his parking ticket earlier was waived by the finance ppl cuz they said it was the system's problem. But his pass was still problematic so he had to take a ticket again. Which was waived, again.

When i was waiting for him to come out of class when i finished mine, i saw Grace, his classmate, which is also his ex-classmate in taylor's, which i also know through my baby. We wished each other happy valentine's day then she ask me whether GM got give me flowers onot. I told her no. Then she ask me to scold him. Haha. But i had a feeling that it was not yet, not no. Hehe. Then he fetched me back home and asked me to take my time cuz we both had stuff to do. He said he'll come and pick me up when it is dark. Hehe!!! I was wondering bout what he's gonna do and he did say a few days ago that we're having dinner in his house or something like that. But then i soon stopped pondering as i had my own stuff to do.

My surprise is actually that chocolate hazelnut torte that i did before juz that this time i used almond and the cake is heart shaped. I started baking it the day before ad cuz it has to be left in the fridge overnight. I think it is a total DISASTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It tastes ok, but it looks HORRIBLE!!!!! The cake is so mushy that its hard to put it together. Then the chocolate sauce to make the topping is too god-damned sticky that it couldn't flow properly so cover the cake. AAhhhh!!! As I said earlier, DISASTER!!! It's still in the fridge in my baby's house. Oh, he hasn't even opened it to see yet. That was all i did for him on valentine's day, besides dressing up in stuff he likes. So suck rite? Wait till u read bout what HE did for me.

Ok, so i change and then he picks me up. He says he knows where to have dinner ad but he has to go back to his house for awhile 1st and i just sit in the car and wait for him for about 5mins. Then he takes me for a ride around his neighbourhood and comes back to his house. When he was about to complete the round he asked me whether i know where the dinner is and i said i know. His house la!!! Then he ask me r u surprised? I said no. haha!!! cuz he told me before ma. His mum was in btw so i didn't really expect much.

He took me upstairs n i got the shock of my life. His room was so freaking nicely decorated!!! it had yellow light and there was Norah Jones songs(those like jazz and songs played in romantic resturants) playing on the background and there was a table with CANDLES!!! He made a candle light dinner(ok yes, i admit my spelling is terrible cuz i don't know how to spell it correctly) for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't have the pics yet cuz its in his camera but i promise i'll put them up soon after i get up. It's very very nice!!! I didn't know my bf is such a romantic. So nice!!! He bought Maryland Chicken for the both of us and a bottle of sparkling juice. Hehe!!! I was still so dazed that i just kept staring around the room and at him and hardly ate my food. The food was nice btw. Its juz that i was still so dazed and happy that i just kept smiling and feeling like i'm in a dream. He helped me finish my food then we cleared up together. Hehe. So nice rite? Oh, there was a valetine's card on the table but i'm not suppose to open it till we clear up.

So after that he blindfolded me with his red tie and seated me in front of the card and made me open it. Then he untied me and in front of me was the very very nice card with light and a teddy bear!!! hehe!!! He got me a rose(see, i was correct bout the not yet thing) too, i forgot to mention earlier, which he wrapped himself!!! The teddy bear is so so soft and cuddly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahah!!! Linda!!! I got teddy bear also!!! Ur bear want to make friends with Brownie(yes, that's his name)? hahaha... Oh Oh!!! Got Belgian Chocolate oso!!! Which he said cost way more than Ferrero Rocher. It's only a small box so it must have cost dam alot. Then there's also a brownie from Secret Recipe. But bcuz we were so full, we only ate 1 of the chocolates. The rest of it, the brownie and my cake, we left it for today. Yes, the brownie is oso part of the reason why the bear is called Brownie, and of cuz bcuz he's brown. I was thinking of changing it to Brownie Love since it's on Valentine's. I'll have to ask my sweetheart later.

See?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?(if u still don't see i'm gonna whack ur head!!!) My baby darling is such a sweetheart!!!!!!!!!!! And all I did was dedicate some songs to him which he only heard 1, and made a stupid cake which looks horrible! Teruk rite me? After we cleared up and blew out the candles, what we did is private and confidential. Blek!!! Then i had a food-poisoning scare cuz i felt like vomitting and too full. But after awhile the feeling subsided. Then he fetched me home and that was the end to the incredibly wonderful day!!!

Pics will be up later k? U'll b shocked to c what my dear did. At least those who know him will be. Oh, forgot to mention that the theme was black with a little dash of red.

To my sweet baby dear sweetheart honey piggy darling:

I really Really REALLY love u with all my heart!!! U'r the BEST of the BEST of the BEST!!!And of cuz MY EVERYTHING!!! TOGETHER FOREVER!!!

Yours Forever,
piggy baby

Tuesday, 12 February 2008

I'm back!!!

Hi ppl!!! Sooo SORRY!!! My internet was down for a month ma. What to do? Plus i was super buzy dono doing what. Oh, btw, big news!!! I'm not in Nottingham anymore!!! I'm in IMU!!! But still doing Pharmacy and still going to UK. Now i'll twin to Strathclyde in Scotland. Brr!!! Will be freezing there!!! Cuz IMU cheaper ma, and UK system is student-centered, as in we have to do more self-study. Whereas in Nottingham its more teacher-centered. So its good that i come here and get used to it 1st before i go there and make a mess of my studies since i'm so utterly lazy and find it very hard to pick up a textbook. I better start training from now. Of cuz there;s the addded bonus of my sweetheart being here as well!!! My orientation was o...k... Had a lot of dress ups. My orientation group was called Shh...SECRET!!! Yes, that's the name, not me wanting to keep it a secret. It's group 9 btw. The 1st nite was Heroes Vs Villians. I was part of the Matrix Duo. 2nd nite was Mtv Remix Nite. We had to do a dance using the

"We can do it, we can do it, we can help our Cindereli, we can make her dress so pretty, there's nothing to it really. We'll tie a bow around her, and put some ribbons to it. She'll be dancing at the ball and be more beautiful than all with the dress we make for Cinderelli. Hurry hurry hurry hurry make the dress for Cindereli. Cut it with this scissors. And I'll do the sewing. Leave the sewing to the women, you go get the ___! And we'll make a lovely dress for Cindereli. Ho!!! Make a lovely dress for Cindereli... Follow me gus gus. We go get beady beady. Hohohohoho!!! Cindereli be surprised!!! Surprise surprise for Cindereli."

or something close to that song and Kelly Rowlands Like This. So we did a short play with the Cinderella song and a dance for the other song. Me and Melissa kind of cheographed the dance. With the help of the other group members and our (orientation officers)OOs too of cuz!!! Hehe!!! I was the Stepmother. Yes, we had to dress up as characters from Cinderella too.

The 3rd nite was Mix and Match i think. I was Cruella De Vil with my cotton-wool-pasted-on-paper-then-stapled-onto-lab-coat fur coat. Hehe!!! The 4th nite was Project Runway Malaysia. We had to create 2 oufits from rags for a guy and a girl to model. I modeled together with our group leader, Whelan. Oh, and we had a play about the dress after that. This time, I surprised myself. Never in my life have i ever thought that i would actually agree to act like a monkey (yes yes, u can laugh as loud as u want wilson, shamus, bob and all those ppl who alwiz call me gorilla)on stage. Haha. I did!!! I swear!!! It was so hilarious to me. The story goes like this...

One day, deep in the jungle, a monkey (which was Whelan) found a wishing well. He had no coins to throw in so he used a plastic bottle (recycle!!!). He wished for a wive. 5 days later, he was tryin to get a banana from a banana tree(duh!!! from mango tree meh?) but he couldn't get it. (This is where i come in) A female monkey approached and watched him for awhile. Then she when to the tree and jumped and snatched the banana of the tree and then went off to eat it. The monkey was impressed and liked her. He copied her actions and got the other banana and offered it to her. At 1st she didn't seem interested but when she saw him offering the banana she quickly grabbed it and ate it. Then he tried to flirt with her. She didn't respond for awhile, only interested in her banana. But after awhile she flirted back and they decided to get married. So they went to find the jungle's tailors, the Snake(Sin Wei) and the Lion(Atun), to ask them to make their wedding clothes. And so they did. On their wedding day, a gorilla priest was there to witness it and the tailors came to gown them in their wedding clothes. All of a sudden, they transformed into humans. The gorrilla priest was confused. They marveled at their new bodies and stared at each other. Then they decided to go and get married properly. The End.

Ok,ok i agree that the story is funny and a little weird. But overall i think the judges liked it cuz it was so amusing. The rest of the group members were the singers and sang "In the jungle, the mighty jungle, a lion sleep tonite..." We acted as monkeys with a cardboard monkey face on our foreheads and i wore a jacket over my 'wedding dress' and he wore the pants without the vest which is his 'wedding clothes'. So when they gowned us they just actually took off my jacket and put on his vest.

The 5th nite was Egyptian nite and i was cleopatra. I LOVE this costume. Hehe. Ok, mayb minus the puffy mahjong paper skirt.

Devi(MC for the orientation and now my mentor) : Why this country no money a? Use paper to make skirt.
Me : Cuz here very hot ma, so must use paper. Cooler!!!
Devi : O!!! Very smart a this country's ppl. Wah!!! This cleopatra got a lot of bling-bling(my belly dancin belt has lots of gold coins ma) a!!
Me : Of cuz la!! Queen ma.
Devi : Eh, since u'r the queen of this country can u show us your country's dance a?
Me : Can!! *panics a little cuz i forgot wat dance they hv then rmbs the snake dancers* *proceeds to do her best at belly dancing and the snake thing(u know, turn 1 side and make an s shape with ur hands and shake shake then turn to the other side and do the same thing)*

Haha. Then before going off stage the judges asked me...

Judge : Eh, cleopatra, since u got no king(we didn't have someone dressed as king tut) means u'r single la rite?
Me : Who say i got no king?
Judge : He's not here oso.
Me : He's at home ma. U think running the country very free wan meh?
Judge : Ow.... 1-0!!!(which means I win!! Hurray!!!)

Haha!!! Funny rite? Oh, on the 1st nite we had treasure hunt. We got there 1st!!! BUT we did not get the treasure... Oh well... There was Detective Game on the 3rd nite and Telematch on the 5th nite but i didn't go. There was also signature hunt through out the whole orientation. We had to get signatures from seniors, grandseniors, ppl from other courses, lecturers, staff... The seniors would give us tasks to do and only if we finish them will they sign for us. And they don't only give 1, they gives tons!!! Ok, well some of them. There was a lot of cross dressing through out the whole orientation. Well, the orientation president(Ray-he's from Taylor's and was the LEO president there so I knew him cuz i was the temp treasurer) and the other MC(Jeffrey-he reli looked lk a hot chick when he cross dressed i tell u) crossed dress themselves, so what do u expect?

Kla, i have to go to class ad. Hehe!!! My baby dear is beside me. So nice!!! Continue my story later la!!! Ciao!!!