Thursday, 24 September 2009

I'm in Scotland!!!

Hi people!!! Yes, I know an update is overdue. Hehe. Sorry!!! Was buzy with everything. I think I shall stop colouring people's names cuz it's incredibly tedious and is 1 of the main reason why I haven't blogged for so long.

So ok, I've reached Glasgow, Scotland. I flew to London on the 11th of Sept. Haha. Yes, the date was a total coincidence. Didn't realise it until I started telling people the date I'm going to fly. I went to London for about 5 days. We stayed in my mum's bank apartmen. It was fully furnished and totally awesome!!! Really!!! The furniture was really nice and the ID was great!!! The beds very really really heavenly soft and fluffy!!! Well, London was fun. We visited a lot of places, and the best thing is, we did all on our own!!! Just walking and taking the underground. My parents and my sister got a 3 day pass while I got the Oyster card since I might be coming down to London in the future for holidays and stuff. So we just took the underground everywhere, and walked where the underground couldn't take us. The only time we took a cab was to and fro the airport. The pictures I'll post onto facebook once I select them. Hehe.

Then we flew to Paris for 4 days and 3 nights. The hostel me and my dad booked online was horrible!!! It's actually quite cute but the service was kind of bad. We booked for 3 nights, but we when we got there, the girl said she can only guarantee us that night, and we'll have to come back to the counter the next morning to see if there's any room left. It's because their website had some problem and they are overbooked. We were like saying that it's their problem, not ours, why should we be the ones that suffer. She said she'll book us a night in a hotel nearby, and we don't have to pay extra.

The hostel is like a double story room. The ground floor has a double decker bed, a tiny toilet, a small shelf, and a curving staircase to the to floor. The upstairs has a double decker bed, a sink with a mirror, and a make shift wardrobe without doors. That's it. But it was ok to stay in. Then when we came back that night, it was already around 10++pm. We asked the guy at the counter about where our stay will be, and he said that we had to go to a nearby hotel called Hotel Citeau. He handed us back the money we paid and asked us to pay the hotel ourselves. But what if the hotel is more expensive? We are definitely not going to pay extra for their mistake. But the guy kept insisting that the price is usually the same. Then the worse thing is, he doesn't even know where it is. He said the girl in the morning booked it, so he doesn't know. Wtf?!?!

We tried arguing with him, and insisting that he bring us there, but in the end, all he did was take a map, bring us down a street nearby and say that it should be down that street. It was soooo frustrating!!! I asked him why can't he bring us there? And you know what he said to us? Can I leave the counter? WTF?!?!? We're part of his job too. Not just the bloody counter. But he left, with the map too, if I had not asked him if I could have that.

So, we had to ask our way to a hotel that nobody seems to know, besides the street its on, in a quite deserted time and area, ina place where hardly anyone speaks English. But, I finally found the place, thanks to a lady I asked, walking down the street. Hehe!!! She didn't know it, but she just said that if there's anything on Citeau street, it would be there, she thinks. Thanks!!!

The place was just as crappy, or maybe worse. We had to stay seperately as their rooms only cater for 2 person. The room had a queen sized bed, a small wardrobe, a table and a chair, a sink and a mirror, and some plug points. The end. The toilet was outside, and to use the shower, you have to pay 3€. Crazy!!! No breakfast somemore!!! It was cheaper by 2€ only. Haih!!!

The guy at the counter also said that if my dad came back the next morning before 9am, he can get the room for that night. So the next morning, my dad went there to get the room for the last night. But the girl at the counter, a chinese girl, said that they were overbooked and couldn't give him a room. My dad told her about what the guy at the counter last night saud, but she said she couldn't do anything. My dad was of course frustrated and asked her to call the manager. Her reply was super weird. The manager does not wake up so early. PLS!!! This is part of his job. Where got such thing as cannot call the manager in the morning at a respectable time, because he is sleeping??!!?! Then my dad asked her to call the 1st girl at the counter but she said she couldn't get her. Then my dad got really angry and banged the table. So she quickly called the manager. In the end, the manager agreed to let us have a room, and also breakfast for that morning, since the next morning we won't be having breakfast as our flight to London was at 7am, so we'll leave at 5am.

The places we saw at Paris were relatively little compared to London. We only went to the Opera, the Moulin Rouge, the Arc, the Bastille, the Lourve, and a few more. Food in Paris is slightly more expensive than in London. I don't know. That's just what I think.

Then so we flew to London to take another flight to Glasgow, waited for about 2 hours, then my friends arrived!!! Hehe!!! I arrived around 12pm on the 19th of Sept, while they came out of the gate at around 2pm. So we all went to the uni in the uni bus. My room is great, honestly. I like it!!! Except for the small and weirdly placed wardrobe, and the lack of place to hang things. The arrangement of our hostels are like this:

1 toilet, 1 kitchen : 4 ppl
1 living room: 8 ppl

But, in the end, since we were lucky, we got the corner lot, so the living room is only shared amongst us 4!!! Haha!!! Plus, somehow the shower's bigger too. Oh!!! There's another weird thing. There's actually 2 toilets. 1 toilet has a toilet bowl and a sink and a mirror. The other has a shower, a sink, and a mirror. So let's say you have some big business, you can't wash in the toilet bcuz there's no shower or any hose. You have to somehow get to the shower to wash. Weird huh? But we've survived for a few days.

Then we went shopping the next day!!! We walked all the way to a place called Chong Ying, to buy Chinese stuff like rice and oyster sauce. Then took a cab back (20kg of rice cannot carry and walk back 20mins ok?). Then we went to Tesco and LIDL. OMG. That took the entire day, and we bought so much stuff that we needed some time to load everything into the cab. After reaching the hostel, we had to unload everything onto the road. Haha. The cab couldn't drop us directly outside our block, so we had to walk like maybe 300m. There was so much stuff that 1 of us had to take care of it, while us 2 had to carry as much as much as we can back, and come back again for another round. It took us 3 rounds to take everything. OMG.

On Tues, we went to Arglye Street for shopping!!! OMG!!! I LOVE Primark!!! The things there are cheap!!! And really, UK is leopard heaven!!! Everywhere there's leopard print this, leopard print that. So nice!!! Furry stuff too!!! We even saw a pillow with faux fur by Tesco, and it was super soft!!! However, it was 13 pounds, so hehe, not in my budget. Anyw, the prices at Primark are pretty good, even when comparing to Malaysia. Well, of course not All of it, but quite a lot. I bought a leopard print umbrella (3 pounds), a purple top (1 pound), a super nice black dress (3 pounds), a black spaghetti strap top (1 pound), a leopard jute shopping bag (0.5 pounds), a mango body scrub (0.5 pounds), thick cotton tights (2 pounds), and a black beaded multi layer bracelet (1 pound). Cheap ok the stuff??!!? And the HEELS!!! OMG!!! So damn nice. But pricey... Haih. So I didn't buy any. If I do work part time, I'm definitely gonna save up for a super gorgeous sexy pair. *dreaming...*

We've started cooking our meals now. It's fun!!! We had salmon 1 night. OMG!!! So delicious!!! SO simple only some more. Anyw, all the pics will be up in facebook. Soon. Hehe.

My classes start tomorrow so I'll be seeing the lecturers and the lecture theatres. Hope they're nice!!! =)