Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Finals are finally over!!!

Yay!!! My finals r over!!! My finals r over!!! Hehe!!! They were over on Fri actually. The last day of the exam. But now I've gotta wait till 21st before I can enjoy with my sweetheart. I'm going to see Angkor Wat somewhere around the last week of May(I think). So, I don't have much time with my baby after all. Haih!!! What good is having holidays when u can't spend much of them with your friends and your boyfriend(of course he takes the bulk of it). Well, here's how I felt about my finals...

1st paper, Maths

Its suppose to be easy, but NOOOOO!!! Ok, fine!!! It was easy but there was just too many questions that I only managed to do about half of the paper. Maybe I was just slow, but alot of ppl didn't finish theirs too!!! I'm so gonna fail this paper. And guess what? The resit costs RM500 for 1 paper. RM500!!! I can but like donno how many pairs of super branded stilettos with that amount of money!!! Not to mention my mum wasn't exactly happy when I told her. Despite her being in a good mood that day and me chattting happily with her, trying to make her happier before I tell her. To her, Maths is the only paper that I should alwiz get an A for. She was like I don't know whether u r serious in your studies or not? Pee-lease!!! I told her that the rest i did better than most ppl tot they did. The rest are real Pharmacy subjects, unlike Maths which is so general. Oh well. Its up to my luck. Generally, I have slightly better than average good luck. So let's(at least I) hope it works.
Expectation: FAIL!!!#$%^&*(!$%^&*^

2nd paper, Foundation Chem

It wasn't too bad but the Organic Chem part was kinda tough. Especially since I haven't read BioPharm. It included stuff that we didn't learn in Organic Chem. Related, yes, but we learned those in BioPharm!!! Unfair!!! The rest was ok, just that there were 2-3 calculation questions that I just couldn't get the answers for some weird reason. My friends found those ok, but I guess my mind just wanted to screw with me. How good timing brain!!!
Expectation: well, maybe about A- to B-

3rd paper, Physiology

Comments: Not too bad actually. The first few questions were kinda easy for me. There were 6 questions that I totally didn't know the answer and another 8 that I was not so sure of. So far, I've confirmed that I have at least 5 wrong. The last 10questions were tricky. It's kinda like:
She has an apple, because I gave it to her.
So the 1st statement is correct and the 2nd statement is correct and is the explanation for the 1st statement.

She has blond hair because she is a natural brunette.
Both statements are correct but the 2nd statement is not an explanation for the 1st statement.

Get it? So there's both wrong, 1st right 2nd wrong, 1st wrong 2nd right and the 2 I used as examples up there. Of course the questions are related to Physio and not some random thing I came up with. So even if u know that both the statements r true, u can still get it wrong if u don't know if the 2nd is explaining the 1st. Meanie!!! Give so hard type of questions!!!

Expectation: An A perhaps? Well, I can hope can't I?

4th paper, BioPharmacy

Comments: It wasn't that bad. I did quite ok I think. Except for the 10questions in the middle. I'm not so sure about those. I didn't bother to check the books. There's nothing I can do to change it anyway. So I just let it be. The kinda like to give 10 hard questions in a row don't they?Hmm.

Expectation: An A? I'm hoping again. Hehe.

Yes, I've only got 4 papers!!! Hehe!!! I just went to the MPH sales recently and so I have a pile of books ready to keep me company while I stay out of sight awhile so that I don't bother my baby darling from studying. I want him to get good results too. Like duh!!! It's important for our future too. All those plans for our new house won't be able to come true if he fails his exams.

Well, the finals and normal uni days has kept me from socialising alot lately so I apologise for neglecting some ppl. There has been so many ppl's birthdays recently so I'll just do a shout out here to all those belated birthdays that I might have missed or remembered but forgot to wish.

Happy Belated Birthday to:


Pei Yin(21/03)


Mun Chien(26/03)



Wan Yuan(10/04)

Sin Yee(11/04)

My Mum(13/04)

Beng Keat(17/04)



Siang Kai(23/04)

Kelly Clarkson(this is just for fun, but its real tho)(24/04)

GM™'s Mum(30/04)

Pui Yieng(03/05)

I haven't forgotten u all ok?

I did celebrate some of their birthdays with them tho. I didn't miss all of them.

Btw, my 2nd aunt just passed away on Monday. I was at home alone with my sis from Mon till Thurs. My parents went back to penang for her funeral. I cudn't go cuz well, I had finals la!!! She had cancer and pneumonia. Haih. Altho I'm not very close to her, its still kinda sad. My mum was obviously very sad as she's her sister. Well, at least she lived to be a grandma. Its what most ppl want rite? To live long enough to see ur children grow up and have children of their own and be able to spoil our grandchildren. Altho, sadly, they won't remember her much as they're still so young. Haih. Live is short man. So we should treasure it and not let petty things destroy the happiness in our lives.

Things that I have been doing not so long ago...

Celebrate Sin Yee's birthday twice. The 1st with May Fong they all and surprisingly, Hong Yee, in some Japanese restaurant(Sushi Zanmai I think) in Sunway Pyramid. The food was good!!! I loved the vanilla ice cream wafer!!! So yummy!!! It tastes abit like Vienetta, tho much more expensive. On the way back, Hong Yee dared me to lie on the couch and do some stupid 'seductive' pose. I dared him back and he agreed!!! Haha. So we did and Sin Yee was our photographer. We kept looking around making sure nobody was around before attempting it. It was so hilarious. I haven't even gotten the pic from Sin Yee yet.

2nd with the Cengal group with Shamus the odd 1 out in Paddington's in the Curve. My baby was there too of course. Paddington's food is always yummy!!! Tho on the expensive side. I miss looking out for Mabel. Haih. Everyone's leaving soon. Even me. hehe. Daphne's a fashion designer now. She's already graduated. Fast huh? And I still feel like a kid. It's so amazing that she's working already, and as a fashion designer too. It's something that I can only dream of being. I like designing too but just not that creative. I only design as a hobby when my mind throws some design at me. And I always keep it to myself. After all, it's not like my designs can go anywhere. They're just stupid not very creative things. Mostly ideas for my prom dress which I certainly cannot afford to custom make.

Celebrate Nadia's belated birthday with May Fong they all in Tony Roma's in Cineleisure. The food there is freaking expensive la. Ok, it's a bit more expensive than the normal restaurants I would choose to go on special occasions. Probably around Italianies price but much much less choices if I remember correctly. The beef was so freaking expensive. I wanted to try it at 1st but decided not to when I saw the price. Hehe. The food was okla, not to say fantastic. The cakes there look nice, but the prices r very very nice too. Haha. So me and Sin Yee shared an order. It was quite a big portion, tho not enough for me normally, if I share with someone. Recently I've been trying to cut down my appetite. It's too big for my own good. I was starting to gain fats. It may not be in weight, but its visible on the face. So I've started exercising. Actually I've started awhile ago, with GM™ as my personal trainer. He's the best!!! I miss alcohol. I don't drink much. I just like the taste of it. No idea why. I like Heneiken, brandy with lots of sprite, vodka mixed with lots of orange juice and sprite(or was it 7up? can't remember). It was the 1st taste of alcohol I had with my friends. My mum drinks brandy and she likes to mix it with sprite or 7up. She lets me n my sis drink some since I was in secondary school. So I guess I liked it since then. I don't really like pure shots. I like my alcohol bittersweet, with less on the bitter. Hehe. Cocktails would suit me. Champagne is nice too. That I would gladly take pure. I only tried it once tho. It's sweet right? Sorry if I'm wrong. I have very limited knowledge about alcohol. I know it's not good for the body. So I control my intake too. Just a little, say a glass or two, on occasions only. Like when going out with friends for a birthday. This year, I think I only drank 4 times. 1st during Vicki and Mabel's birthday; 2nd, my 1st Aunt's birthday; 3rd, Sin Yee's
birthday in Tony Roma's; 4th, Pui Yeing's
birthday. 1st time I had a cocktail, 2nd less than 1/5 glass of red wine, 3rd a cocktail that Pui Yieng ordered and 4th very very little red wine. I honestly enjoyed the cocktails more. Pure alcohol is too potent for me.

Celebrate my mum's birthday at home. My sis did 2 red pillows for her. GM™ and I bought 2 bars of Lindt's chocolate for her. I wanted to get her Patchi chocolate. But its only available in The Pavillion and Mid Valley, both too far and I have no idea how to get there by myself. Maybe next year I guess. My dad got her a bouquet of roses as usual.

I went to the playground to play badminton with my sis, Bob and Shamus after getting bored of being holed up at home studying. At 1st we thought Shamus wasn't coming. So, I played against my sis while Bob was the 'net' and kept complaining how terrible our aim is. Then Shamus came in the end so Bob and Shamus played against the Sisters!!! Haha. We played near some trees cuz the badminton court was occupied. The shuttle cork kept landing on the tree. Finally, 1 of it got stuck and we tried throwing sticks and branches at it but it wouldn't come down. Then my sis had this brilliant idea and threw the racket at it. The racket got stuck too. Hurray... Somehow I did the same thing and mine got stuck up there too. I guess that's why we're sisters. Haha. In the end it was Bob's brother that saved the day!!! He climbed up the tree and shook the branch that snagged all our stuff and they all came tumbling down. So we all live happily ever after. The end. Sorry, must be infected by my sis and her randomness. We then saw that the badminton court was empty so we were heading there when I saw Soo Yieng. Its been so long since I've really talked to her. So we chatted and chatted and chatted till it was time for dinner and everyone was waiting for me. Oopsy. We all went back to shower 1st and then met up at my house and I fetched them to Jaya One. Why there? Because we had vouchers. The restaurants there are so high class. There's Secret Recipe, Frounteu(or something like that), Duck King(don't look down on this 1. We thought it sold duck rice, but actually its those kind of restaurant where u call rice and dishes which cost RM40++ each!!!) We ended up eating at Secret Recipe cuz it was the cheapest amongst them all. Can u believe it? Secret Recipe is the cheapest!!! OMG!!! I indulged myself a little and ordered Iced Chocolate with cream. Mmm. Delicious! Anyway, the songs played inside were initally english songs but since we stepped in it changed to Japanese songs. They even had Digimon's ending song. Haha.

Celebrate GM™'s mum's birthday with his family. I had dinner with them in a restaurant near their house. His dad belanja. He bought a pandan cake for her from Cake Sense. Hehe. She liked it!!! Cake Sense cakes are very nice la. Plus they look nice too.

Celebrate Pui Yieng's, Soo Swan's and Sha Lee's birthday with May Fong they all in Republic in Sunway Pyramid. Yes, again. But the new wing is nice ma. I haven't really shopped there yet. Sin Yee and I went there early but we only got the chance to see a few shops. They look promising tho. Republic is kinda like a bar. I absolutely adore their deco. Thay have comfy sofas and chairs, lovely lights and have nice paintings drawn onto the walls. They even had a lighted platform that resembles a runway where u can catwalk up and down. Haha. So of course we grabbed the opportunity to take pics , pics and more pics!!! They weren't planning on having dinner but me, Poo Lim, Sin Yee and Wilson were hungry and so we ordered 1 shell pasta and 1 garlic onion pizza. The shell pasta was delicious! Tho a little on the salty side. The pizza was hmmm...okla...not very appetizing. They gave 2 complimentary loafs of bread. 1 was plain bread, the other was wheat meal I think. They ordred 2 bottle of red wine, House wine and Premium wine. I drank very very little that day. Me and Sin Yee left quite soon. It started late, around 9pm and we left around 10.30pm.

Well, that kinda summarises everything I did so far. Of course I still go to my darling's house around 5pm to jog and to stare at his handsome face while he studies, to enjoy his warm embrace, to bask in his sensous gaze, to inhale his intoxicating scent, to give and receive pecks of affection with him, to feel his seductive touch... Sorry, got a little carried away thinking of him. And yes!!! Today is our 14th month anniversary!!! Which reminds me, I have not blogged about our 1st year annivsary!!! *gasp* I shall have to write about that soon. I haven't gotten any pics from them yet so that will have to be later. I gotta go now. I'm in charge of getting KFC for lunch. Hehe. Tata!!!