Saturday, 17 January 2009


Hi! Happy New Year!!! Ya ya, I know I'm 16 days late, but at least I bothered to post an update when I'm so superly busy!!! I have:
1. 2 class tests next week which I have NOT studied for
2. A project due on Mon (which I just managed to finish)
3. A presentation due on the 3rd of Feb which I have not started on
4. A report due on 17th of Feb which I also have not started
5. A case study report that accounts for 30% of my finals which is due on the 11th and will only receive it on the 21st of Janary
6. The Regions of Malaysia thing in IMU on the 17th and 18th of Feb which I'm in charge of the West region and have to discuss with my group and have not done so
7. My finals on the 16th of March.

See!!! So many things to do!!! And then
on the 23rd I have the Girls in Blue. 24th - 30th I won't be free as I'm going to Penang for CNY hols. Where got time to do anything else? I don't even have time to go out with my baby dear. If you're asking what have I been doing during the week then I'll tell you. P109 orientation. I'm one of the station masters so I have to stay back and well, be the station master. It was fun, no doubt, but I don't have time!!! I stayed back 2 days for this. Haih. I got so little sleep and rest that now I'm having a cold and terrible sore throat. My darling took me to see the doctor yesterday so hopefully it'll clear up before my class tests.

The most understanding person is of course my dear la. I stay back for orientation, have long hours of classes and am going for the Girls in Blue and end up not having enough time to study and to go out with him. I get sick somemore! By the time I have free time, his hols will be up already. Haih. Damn freaking sucky la the timing.

Btw, if you're wondering what is Girls in Blue, it's a fourforever outing in 1u. We'll all be wearing blue so it's called Girls in Blue lo. It'll be our last fourforever outing for this year as by Feb, Sin Yee is going to Aus cuz she got accepted to University of Melbourne (congratz!!!), Mabel is going back to Aus, and Vicki will go back to Terrenganu. Me, I'll be leaving for UK around Aug/Sept/Oct. So, it'll be our last outing where the four of us can be together. Haih.

Well, there'll be a super long post with lots of pictures coming like after mid March. Till then, tata!!!