Tuesday, 28 August 2007

he came in the morning

My baby came to my house this morning. I was still comfortably snoozing away when he called me. I think it's 1 of the nicest ways to be awoken. The 1st thing you hear is the voice of the one you love. *sighs dreamily* He asked me if he could come to my house now and I was like of course!!! Hehe. So I quickly went to brush my teeth and wash my face then quickly ran excitedly downstairs. No time to shower also. I didn't put on my lens and was too lazy to wear my specs so everything was a blur to me. Haha. He wanted to me to go to his car but I refused to step out of the house in my PJs. Yes, I didn't change either. Hehe. So he came in after realising that I wasn't going out of the gate. He was late for a talk in IMU and so decided to skip the rest of it. Its so sooo nice to see him and to be able to be near him. I missed him so much even though it was only Sunday since I last saw him. Soooooooo extremely happy to see him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hehe!!

He was planning to stay for awhile only but when he called his group members they didn't seem like they needed him urgently so he decided to take me out for brunch. Yay!!! Hehe. We went to the vegetarian stall near Williams. The food there is quite yummy. I used to eat there almost everyday a few years back. There were 3 kittens playing nearby while their mother was watching them from a chair. They were so so cute!!! But of course my baby darling is cuter!! Hehe. We tried to take some pics in the car but all of them turned out yucky so we deleted all.

After that he drove me back to my house and we lepak abit in the car then he went off to IMU. I already miss him loads. Maybe when his orientation is over and there is a fix timetable I might go and visit him and my friends there during their break or something. I'll have to get a map to there 1st though because I have no sense of direction and have no idea how to get there. Haha. Most probably will get lost for like 30minutes before finding it.

So bored now. Nothing to do. Haih. Nothing to update. Nothing to watch. No mood to chat. All I want is to see him. Maybe I'll go lie down and daydream of him. Ya, I think I'll do that. Ciao!!

Monday, 27 August 2007


Sorry for the super emo post earlier. If you are too lazy to sroll down to see which post it is there's a link here. emo post. I don't feel like that all the time. Only once in awhile when I'm really down. Thanks for all those people who messaged or tagged me. =)

I cooked a horrible lunch today. Super yucky and disgusting. Haha. I went to his house on Sunday. Spent 9 blissful hours together. Hehe. We had dinner at Khalifah Bistro. We ordered mee hun goreng, nasi goreng and roti pisang. Then we went to Tesco look for some stuff and bought a mini chocolate danish, mini sausage croissont and sausage donut. Hehe.Then we went back to his house and ate some of the porridge his mother cooked since she insisted that its very nice and we should try. It is very nice. Hehe. And I finished a small bowl of it. We hanged out awhile in his room and he burned a cd with all the songs he usually listens to for me. Hehe. I went back at around 10.30 because it was the last day of the ghost festival and so its not good to stay out too late especially since I was driving home alone. On Saturday he came to see me after dinner and we went to atria and shared a kfc snack plate since he hasn't eaten since 5pm. It was a very short meeting as he had to go back early but it was fine since we met on Sunday. Hehe. Thats about it. Nothing much. Just that I love my baby darling alot. =)

Friday, 24 August 2007

fake rose

OMG!!! I almost forgot. I wanted to post some really beautiful pictures of the artificial rose my sweet baby dear darling bought for me. Please don't steal them ok? I really rally adore those pictures...

Aren't they beautiful? Ok, maybe you don't think so. But I do. And Its my blog. Haha... Nevermind, I've gone insane. I took some phots of myself when I just woke up.

I don't want to wake up...=(

I know it doesn't look nice but just felt like posting them. Haha...told you, I've gone insane!!!! Hahahahahahaha........



Yesterday my baby darling called me and we talked for lk 30minutes and later at night he went on MSN and on his webcam!!! So I could see his super cute and adorable and sexy and hot face. Haha. Its not very long but its effect lasted until today!!! I'm still very happy!!! Plus yesterday I chatted with Matt on MSN. Haha. He is such a joker. Haha. Coming up with funny theories. Haha. I promised the both of them that I'll take care of myself, so here I am. I woke up before 1. Haha. Its not much but for the past 2 days I brood in bed till past 1pm. So I view it as an improvement. Me and Matt are people that can survive with less than a bottle of water a day. Its damn unhealthy so we are trying to get each other to drink more water by sms-ing in the morning to remind each other to drink water. Haha.

Today I'm much more cheerful!! Hehe. I'm going to do some baking just to fill my time. I want to do so so many but some will have to wait as they can't last long and I want my sister to try them but she won't be back from Japan till Wednesday. By the way, I forgot to mention that Shamus Gong Gong helped in the baking of the Chocolate Hazelnut Torte. maybe that's why it tasted so good. Haha. Ok, I got to go cook my lunch already or they will say I never take care of myself. Hehe. Ciao people!!! Muahh!!!

Thursday, 23 August 2007


She feels like she’s nothing at home. Just a nuisance that gets scolding from her parents for everything she didn’t do or didn’t do well. All the things she did are ignored or given very little attention by them. Her achievements are belittled unless it was the best that could be achieved. She is deemed to have no potential to cook by her family after only a few failed attempts. Her success doesn’t remove that title. She is always compared to the best of the best which makes her seem worthless. Her sister is always better than her in some ways. She is better than her sister in some ways but they are tossed aside and ignored by her parents when they compare them. Her sister is always trying to prove that she is smarter and can outwit her. She still gets treated like a kid by her whole family and doesn’t get to have much freedom compared to her friends who are allowed to party till way past midnight and go to clubs and stay with their boyfriend.

Her joy is her boyfriend and her friends that are always there for her. He makes her feel loved and wanted. For once in her life she feels like she’s worth something. He believes in her and doesn’t judge her based on her failures and her past. He doesn’t ignore her achievements and maker her feel proud of herself even when she looks down on her own achievements. He makes her feel that she is the best in his eyes and no one can take that title away from her. He makes her feel that even if she is no one to the whole world it wouldn’t matter as she is someone to him. He picks her up when she falls and comforts her in her sadness. He tolerates her outbursts of frustration and confusion misdirected at him and calms her down. He listens to her whining, grumbling and complaints and tells her everything will be alright. Typing messages to him calms her down at night when she is afraid of the dark and the unknown. He tells her she’s beautiful when she’s at her worst. He doesn’t keep anything from her and is open about everything she tells him. He treats her like his princess and is proud to have her. He makes her feel good about herself and diminishes her self-doubt. He makes her feel safe and that she belongs somewhere-with him. He makes her part of his life and not just a bystander. His affection is what she lives on. He means the world to her.

They are there when she is sad to comfort and console her. They readily listen to her whining and give her any advice they can think of. They accept her as who she is and don’t attempt to change her. They are sincere in their friendship don’t back stab. They still remain even when she hasn’t seen them for ages because she hangs out with her boyfriend most of the time. They still go out with her and talk and joke the same way they did years ago. They tolerate her tendency for arriving late and procrastination. They believe in her in their own special way. They are the best friends she has ever known and treasures them immensely even if she doesn’t show it often.

But now he has started his course in university and is no longer as free as he used to be. He can no longer pamper her and accompany her much. She misses him dearly but there’s nothing they can do as he has to study. They are also studying already and therefore cannot afford to spend their time with her as they need that precious time to study for their exams and do their assignments. She understands this and does not blame anyone for her boredom and loneliness. But the sadness she feels missing him drains most of her energy and spirit and he’s not there to make her feel alive. Her family drains her of even more will and so she now mostly does nothing at home and broods away in her misery and boredom. She has unhealthy meal times as she lost her appetite which was before this extremely good. She doesn’t like having lunch alone and the thought of it makes her depressed and therefore loses her will to cook, go out and eat or buy back any food. She sleeps in the early hours of dawn as she lost her liking for sleeping as well and as a result, wakes up very late in the afternoon. She drinks very little water as he is not there anymore to prompt her to drink. She misses the songs she used to so frequently hear him play almost every day and so sings fragments of the songs that she remembers to herself. Her recently hyped up cheerfulness has dissipated into thin air as depression cloaks her and now hardly opens her mouth to speak unless she has to. The thought of leaving for Semenyih during late September leaves her even more depressed as she will be far away from her source of happiness. She will only come back every weekend which will most probably be spent with her family and so leaves scarcely much time to spend with her boyfriend and friends who have their own activities as well.

I wonder how she will cope……

Tuesday, 21 August 2007


Aaaahhhh!!!! I love my baby so much!!! I thought I was going to blog on how I missed the chance of seeing him. But then he called me...

Me: Are you online?
Baby dear: It's hard to go online here.
Me: Oh,ic.
Baby darling: Can you do a me a favour?
Me: Do what?
Sweetheart: Can you go to your gate....

Haha. I love him so so much!!! He surprised me with a fake rose!!! Ok, it may sound un-romantic but it really is very very sweet!!! It represents his un-dying love!!! muax* muax* muax* You are an absolute sweet baby darling sweetheart honey dear sweety!!!!!!!! So adorable and cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And yet still irresistably sexy and hot. I feel like screaming the way I scream when I see a cute animal everytime I see/think of him/hear his voice. Haha.

The fake rose

Yes, I know I'm crazy over the rose again.

By the way, he gave me his shirt on Monday(or was it Sunday?). He has an exact same 1 in a bigger size. Hehe. I'm going to wear it to sleep so I can feel closer to him.

We spent an hour in his car outside my house. Hehe. Its so nice to cuddle in his arms and breathe in his scent. The way he feels and his touch. I was playing with my cats earlier, manja-ing them and I was wishing that my cat was me and I was GM. So nice to be manja-ed and caressed and kissed and loved and hugged and...........Its just so nice to be around him.

I miss you so bloody hell much and I love you even more fucking much.

For the love of heels...


I'm so freaking bored!!! My baby started his course in IMU yesterday but since it was only registration he could leave early. Plus, he had to attend the awards ceremony in Taylor's for his excellent results(yes, I'm very proud of him) and I had to accompany him to help him take pictures. Then after dinner with my friends I went to his house. So, I still managed to see him yesterday. But today, not a glimpse of him. Haih. I didn't think it would be so bad. He asked me to miss him in a non-destructive way in which I can have moments of sadness but after that I could continue with life normally and missing him won't make me sad the whole day. I thought it would be ok, but turns out I've been moody half the day already and cried at least 3 times even after hearing his voice three times and chatting with him on msn once before he left for uni. =(

Ok, best not to dwell on unhappy things. Last night I had dinner at Pizza Uno at Centerpoint with Vicki, Mabel and Sharllina. Sharllina is back from India!!! Hehe!!! Sin Yee couldn't come since she had some online test that was due yesterday. Me and Mabs wore red and Sin Yee and Sharllina was wearing pink. Only Vicki was wearing white which is not a shade of red. Haha!! And we never planned the colour coordination. It just happened!!! Haha. The food at Pizza Uno was yummy!!! We had Pollo Lasagna, some chicken fettuccine and the last pizza on the menu as Mabel said. The pizza was folded close. At first we didn't know if they gave us the right thing. Haha. Oh, I forgot to mention that I baked a Chocolate Hazelnut Torte and I brought them each a piece so they had it after dinner. Vicki was afraid I was going to poison her with th cake. Haha. Then as usual fourforever outings, we took pictures!!! Too bad it was raining so we couldn't take more pictures outside as inside the mall was so dead. Mabel!!! I want the pictures!!!

My cake>>>>

After Mabel dropped me back home I went to GM™'s house. I gave his parents a piece each. Hopefully they don't think it is too sweet/too bitter/too hard/too filling/..... My baby said that my cake is like a chocolate moon cake. Delicious but you can't eat more than 1 piece because it is too much. Hehe!! He is such a sweetheart!!! Sorry, couldn't stop myself from talking about him again. =p I've never been so integrated into someones life after all. Last time I felt like I was just a decoration beside the main dish on the plate, but now its like I'm one of the ingredients of the main dish. Ok, I know it's a terrible analogy but oh well, that's all I can think of. It's almost like I belong with him in his house. I miss going to his house and seeing him so soo much...

Thursday, 16 August 2007


I got my A-Levels results already!!! OMG!!! It's really quite disappointing. I got 1A and 2Bs. I used to think that it was really easy to get that, so I expected at least 2As. Haih. Guess I was overconfident. I just managed to fulfill the requirement for Pharmacy in Nottingham. Luckily I still got in. Maybe some people might think that my results are good, but to me, I failed myself. =( I never used to be upset over my results. Even during SPM I only got 6As out of 10 subjects and I didn't really feel sad at all. But this time, it just kind of broke my heart. Sure, lots of people didn't get good results too, but there are so many people who scored so much better than me too. My baby, as expected, got straight 4As. Congratz by the way. I'm not mad at him for being smart, but just a little jealous. Oh well, its done and there's nothing I can do about it.

Moving on to happier topics, we celebrated our 5th month anniversary recently. He cooked dinner for me. Hehe!!! It was absolutely delicious!!! My sweetheart can cook better than me. Haha. Then he kind of surprised me with 2 movie tickets for Rise: Blood Hunter at 10 something, couple seat in Cineleisure!!! Hehe. Then my surprise for him was er, not so nice but, perhaps almost as nice? I wore fish net, dark grey pantyhose, the heels he bought for me, tie some ribbons to hopefully look more gothic, and wore a top in shiny black with a skirt. All of which are stuff that he likes to see me in. The movie was fine, though not very good. But the company was the best of all of course. Hehe!! We left Cineleisure at 1 something. Almost lost our way to the car. Haha. The night was the most special night of all. Superly nice. Details are private and confidential though. =p

Our dinner>>>

his mine

the time we left Cineleisure the time we were awake together

That was on 07/08/07. I stayed over at my friend's house from 7th-11th. Hehe. It was fun!! We went shopping and watched The Simpson's and Rush Hour 3. I never liked The Simpson's but the show was ok, funny, but a little too short though. We went to old town to have ngar po kai fan( however you spell it) and Yong Tau Fu somewhere.

Hmmm, I still can't find the pictures I mentioned in the lost post. Maybe my dad is having them. Anyway, a Japanese girl is coming to stay in my house tomorrow. My family is hosting her for 3days. Then on Mon my sis is going to Japan and then stay 3 days with her family. She gets 2.5k spending money!! Just for her to buy stuff!! So unfair! I never got that much of spending money. =( Of all times, they have to have this trip on this week, the last week I get to spend with my darling in his house. Baby dear is starting his Medicine classes in IMU on Mon. I won't be able to go to his house during the weekdays like I have been doing for the past 2 months. I won't be able to see him much on weekends either because he has to go out with his parents. So basically, this is our last week of seeing each other often. Haih. I'll miss him terribly. I wonder what I'll do now that he's not free anymore. Hopefully time flies when uni starts and time slows down during holidays......

Saturday, 4 August 2007


Ok, i know I said I'll write a really long post but.....its taking too long to finish it. And you know how lazy I am. I'll just post it later if I have the time. Anyway, I have a new pair of heels that my baby darling bought for me!! Patent black classic heels with ribbons at the back!! hehe!! My sweetheart is absolutely wonderful!!

Besides that I had my interview awhile ago and I've got a conditional offer from Uni of Nottingham already. My table is a mess as usual. My interest in cooking has been recently heightened but unfortunately my skill is still as low. =( My mum bought 2 new cooking books for me and my sis. Finger food and Delicious desserts. It seems so easy but still it turns out horrible. So far the only people who think that they can survive solely on my cooking is me and my baby(i think...or i hope? =p). Oh well. Perhaps cooking is just not for me. =] Guess I never inherited 'Gong Gong''s cooking skills.

I think, I've never been happier in my entire life than now. Being with my darling is just Sure, we have our fair share of disagreements and misunderstandings but it works out in the end. =D i love u,muax*!!!

Junie's birthday @ Poppy-16/06/07

Taylor's A-Levels Prom @ JWMarriot-17/06/07

Dinner with GM @ Tong Siang-can't remember

Daddy's birthday @ home-17/07/07

Having Espetada with my family @ Nando's, Atria-21/07/07

Pan mee with Gary and my baby @ Desa Petaling-25/07/07

My sister's 14th birthday @ home-26/07/07

Outing with My baby,Jason,Grace,Wen Yee @ Kayu-one of those days where I lose track of time.

extremely long roti tissue

Lunch with my sweetheart @ his car-one of those days where I lose track of time(top=mine,bottom=his)

Will have more pics next time when I find them. They seemed have gotten lost. Haha. Anyway,tata!!

p.s-comments on the heels pls?hehe...thx!!