Tuesday, 28 August 2007

he came in the morning

My baby came to my house this morning. I was still comfortably snoozing away when he called me. I think it's 1 of the nicest ways to be awoken. The 1st thing you hear is the voice of the one you love. *sighs dreamily* He asked me if he could come to my house now and I was like of course!!! Hehe. So I quickly went to brush my teeth and wash my face then quickly ran excitedly downstairs. No time to shower also. I didn't put on my lens and was too lazy to wear my specs so everything was a blur to me. Haha. He wanted to me to go to his car but I refused to step out of the house in my PJs. Yes, I didn't change either. Hehe. So he came in after realising that I wasn't going out of the gate. He was late for a talk in IMU and so decided to skip the rest of it. Its so sooo nice to see him and to be able to be near him. I missed him so much even though it was only Sunday since I last saw him. Soooooooo extremely happy to see him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hehe!!

He was planning to stay for awhile only but when he called his group members they didn't seem like they needed him urgently so he decided to take me out for brunch. Yay!!! Hehe. We went to the vegetarian stall near Williams. The food there is quite yummy. I used to eat there almost everyday a few years back. There were 3 kittens playing nearby while their mother was watching them from a chair. They were so so cute!!! But of course my baby darling is cuter!! Hehe. We tried to take some pics in the car but all of them turned out yucky so we deleted all.

After that he drove me back to my house and we lepak abit in the car then he went off to IMU. I already miss him loads. Maybe when his orientation is over and there is a fix timetable I might go and visit him and my friends there during their break or something. I'll have to get a map to there 1st though because I have no sense of direction and have no idea how to get there. Haha. Most probably will get lost for like 30minutes before finding it.

So bored now. Nothing to do. Haih. Nothing to update. Nothing to watch. No mood to chat. All I want is to see him. Maybe I'll go lie down and daydream of him. Ya, I think I'll do that. Ciao!!

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