Thursday, 16 August 2007


I got my A-Levels results already!!! OMG!!! It's really quite disappointing. I got 1A and 2Bs. I used to think that it was really easy to get that, so I expected at least 2As. Haih. Guess I was overconfident. I just managed to fulfill the requirement for Pharmacy in Nottingham. Luckily I still got in. Maybe some people might think that my results are good, but to me, I failed myself. =( I never used to be upset over my results. Even during SPM I only got 6As out of 10 subjects and I didn't really feel sad at all. But this time, it just kind of broke my heart. Sure, lots of people didn't get good results too, but there are so many people who scored so much better than me too. My baby, as expected, got straight 4As. Congratz by the way. I'm not mad at him for being smart, but just a little jealous. Oh well, its done and there's nothing I can do about it.

Moving on to happier topics, we celebrated our 5th month anniversary recently. He cooked dinner for me. Hehe!!! It was absolutely delicious!!! My sweetheart can cook better than me. Haha. Then he kind of surprised me with 2 movie tickets for Rise: Blood Hunter at 10 something, couple seat in Cineleisure!!! Hehe. Then my surprise for him was er, not so nice but, perhaps almost as nice? I wore fish net, dark grey pantyhose, the heels he bought for me, tie some ribbons to hopefully look more gothic, and wore a top in shiny black with a skirt. All of which are stuff that he likes to see me in. The movie was fine, though not very good. But the company was the best of all of course. Hehe!! We left Cineleisure at 1 something. Almost lost our way to the car. Haha. The night was the most special night of all. Superly nice. Details are private and confidential though. =p

Our dinner>>>

his mine

the time we left Cineleisure the time we were awake together

That was on 07/08/07. I stayed over at my friend's house from 7th-11th. Hehe. It was fun!! We went shopping and watched The Simpson's and Rush Hour 3. I never liked The Simpson's but the show was ok, funny, but a little too short though. We went to old town to have ngar po kai fan( however you spell it) and Yong Tau Fu somewhere.

Hmmm, I still can't find the pictures I mentioned in the lost post. Maybe my dad is having them. Anyway, a Japanese girl is coming to stay in my house tomorrow. My family is hosting her for 3days. Then on Mon my sis is going to Japan and then stay 3 days with her family. She gets 2.5k spending money!! Just for her to buy stuff!! So unfair! I never got that much of spending money. =( Of all times, they have to have this trip on this week, the last week I get to spend with my darling in his house. Baby dear is starting his Medicine classes in IMU on Mon. I won't be able to go to his house during the weekdays like I have been doing for the past 2 months. I won't be able to see him much on weekends either because he has to go out with his parents. So basically, this is our last week of seeing each other often. Haih. I'll miss him terribly. I wonder what I'll do now that he's not free anymore. Hopefully time flies when uni starts and time slows down during holidays......

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