Friday, 24 August 2007


Yesterday my baby darling called me and we talked for lk 30minutes and later at night he went on MSN and on his webcam!!! So I could see his super cute and adorable and sexy and hot face. Haha. Its not very long but its effect lasted until today!!! I'm still very happy!!! Plus yesterday I chatted with Matt on MSN. Haha. He is such a joker. Haha. Coming up with funny theories. Haha. I promised the both of them that I'll take care of myself, so here I am. I woke up before 1. Haha. Its not much but for the past 2 days I brood in bed till past 1pm. So I view it as an improvement. Me and Matt are people that can survive with less than a bottle of water a day. Its damn unhealthy so we are trying to get each other to drink more water by sms-ing in the morning to remind each other to drink water. Haha.

Today I'm much more cheerful!! Hehe. I'm going to do some baking just to fill my time. I want to do so so many but some will have to wait as they can't last long and I want my sister to try them but she won't be back from Japan till Wednesday. By the way, I forgot to mention that Shamus Gong Gong helped in the baking of the Chocolate Hazelnut Torte. maybe that's why it tasted so good. Haha. Ok, I got to go cook my lunch already or they will say I never take care of myself. Hehe. Ciao people!!! Muahh!!!

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