Tuesday, 21 August 2007


I'm so freaking bored!!! My baby started his course in IMU yesterday but since it was only registration he could leave early. Plus, he had to attend the awards ceremony in Taylor's for his excellent results(yes, I'm very proud of him) and I had to accompany him to help him take pictures. Then after dinner with my friends I went to his house. So, I still managed to see him yesterday. But today, not a glimpse of him. Haih. I didn't think it would be so bad. He asked me to miss him in a non-destructive way in which I can have moments of sadness but after that I could continue with life normally and missing him won't make me sad the whole day. I thought it would be ok, but turns out I've been moody half the day already and cried at least 3 times even after hearing his voice three times and chatting with him on msn once before he left for uni. =(

Ok, best not to dwell on unhappy things. Last night I had dinner at Pizza Uno at Centerpoint with Vicki, Mabel and Sharllina. Sharllina is back from India!!! Hehe!!! Sin Yee couldn't come since she had some online test that was due yesterday. Me and Mabs wore red and Sin Yee and Sharllina was wearing pink. Only Vicki was wearing white which is not a shade of red. Haha!! And we never planned the colour coordination. It just happened!!! Haha. The food at Pizza Uno was yummy!!! We had Pollo Lasagna, some chicken fettuccine and the last pizza on the menu as Mabel said. The pizza was folded close. At first we didn't know if they gave us the right thing. Haha. Oh, I forgot to mention that I baked a Chocolate Hazelnut Torte and I brought them each a piece so they had it after dinner. Vicki was afraid I was going to poison her with th cake. Haha. Then as usual fourforever outings, we took pictures!!! Too bad it was raining so we couldn't take more pictures outside as inside the mall was so dead. Mabel!!! I want the pictures!!!

My cake>>>>

After Mabel dropped me back home I went to GM™'s house. I gave his parents a piece each. Hopefully they don't think it is too sweet/too bitter/too hard/too filling/..... My baby said that my cake is like a chocolate moon cake. Delicious but you can't eat more than 1 piece because it is too much. Hehe!! He is such a sweetheart!!! Sorry, couldn't stop myself from talking about him again. =p I've never been so integrated into someones life after all. Last time I felt like I was just a decoration beside the main dish on the plate, but now its like I'm one of the ingredients of the main dish. Ok, I know it's a terrible analogy but oh well, that's all I can think of. It's almost like I belong with him in his house. I miss going to his house and seeing him so soo much...

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