Monday, 27 August 2007


Sorry for the super emo post earlier. If you are too lazy to sroll down to see which post it is there's a link here. emo post. I don't feel like that all the time. Only once in awhile when I'm really down. Thanks for all those people who messaged or tagged me. =)

I cooked a horrible lunch today. Super yucky and disgusting. Haha. I went to his house on Sunday. Spent 9 blissful hours together. Hehe. We had dinner at Khalifah Bistro. We ordered mee hun goreng, nasi goreng and roti pisang. Then we went to Tesco look for some stuff and bought a mini chocolate danish, mini sausage croissont and sausage donut. Hehe.Then we went back to his house and ate some of the porridge his mother cooked since she insisted that its very nice and we should try. It is very nice. Hehe. And I finished a small bowl of it. We hanged out awhile in his room and he burned a cd with all the songs he usually listens to for me. Hehe. I went back at around 10.30 because it was the last day of the ghost festival and so its not good to stay out too late especially since I was driving home alone. On Saturday he came to see me after dinner and we went to atria and shared a kfc snack plate since he hasn't eaten since 5pm. It was a very short meeting as he had to go back early but it was fine since we met on Sunday. Hehe. Thats about it. Nothing much. Just that I love my baby darling alot. =)

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