Friday, 29 August 2008

Avril Lavigne

Yay!!! Today's Avril Lavigne's concert!!! Ahaha!!! Those stupid people didn't manage to get it canceled in the end. Too bad!!! I heard they're gonna go to the concert to protest and 'educate' the concert goers. Because they said the government didn't take their memorandum seriously. WTF?!?! The show got canceled and the organizers had to appeal again what. Not serious enough a? Bloody hell. Give out flyers and stuff. If they give me a flyer I'm gonna tear it in front of them and throw it in their face. Haha. So stupid. I'm going to Times Square or something before the concert. Me and Wendy are gonna do some shopping 1st. Hehe!!! I'll update u guys after the concert!!! Ciao!!! Check out Wendy's blog for some superb pics of Avril. =)

Sunday, 24 August 2008

Stats and Flu

I had my Bioscience test on Mon. It was quite hard. I got like 7 wrong in a row!!! At the start!!! Imagine how scary that is. The 1st question also wrong already. I was careless also la. Haih. At least all we need to score is 50%. Which I am sure I can get, unless I'm a stupid idiot since I already spent so many hours actually studying for it. My baby fell down on Mon as well. We were jogging and then at the last round we sprinted(as always) and he stepped in some wet slippery place and slipped and fell. Right next to me!!! He was holding 2kg weights in each hand also. His injury was dam teruk la. His thumb was injured so badly. It swelled almost twice the original size. He was so worried that it was broken and that it would affect his exam on Thurs and that his parents will scold like crap. We quickly went back to shower and change then I fetched him to see the doctor.

The doctor confirmed that his thumb is not broken and that it should be good enough for him to be able to write. Thank goodness for that!!! Now the only thing left to worry about was
his parents. The nurses cleaned and bandaged his wounds, gave him some pain killers and antibiotics (for god knows what). Then we went back. His mum was home already and she had called him when we were at the clinic. When we reached his house, she scolded him a little. Then we went upstairs to wait for his dad. He said that me being there worked as his mum only scolded like 25% of her normal scolding. I didn't want to leave him alone to face it so I decided to stay until after his dad got home. In the end, his dad didn't even raise his voice or look angry. Just said that he was a lil disappointed with him that he fell down so close to the exam. My baby darling was so happy he kept saying "you are damn geng la. My dad never scold at all!!! What magic you do a?" Haha. But memang if there are other people around, parents won't scold much ma. I had dinner with them in the end because his mum already finished cooking dinner and had extra food and I was suppose to meet up with Vicki and friends at William's but I was already late because of my dear.

After that I rushed to William's. Vicki, Sin Yee, Darryl and Victor was there. Told them all about sweetheart's accident and t
hey all kept insulting him. Ceh! Next time don't tell u all only u all know. Haha. No la, more off like jokingly insult if u know what I mean. Then we talked about quite alot of stuff. Me and Sin Yee had Mango juice with lychee and watermelon cubes, Victor had Ribena with lychee, Darryl had 'special' (because it took so freaking long to come) teh tarik (or whatever it was), and Vicki just stole from everyone. Haha. We all left around 10++pm while Sin Yee left earlier, around 9.50pm. I fetched Vicki home.

When I got home, my mum asked if I have found anyone to go for the High School Musical as I had 2 extra tix. I called Vicki but she said she had too many assignments and suggested Darryl. I tried but failed. He said it was to sisi. He would go if I can find a guy that he knows to accompany him. Of course I knew no such person so I tried my IMU friends but to no avail. After all, Stats exam is next Wed. So I asked Phyll to call 2 of her friends and she said she would try.

The next day (which is Tues if u don't rmb), Darryl messaged to say that he might be able to go as he thinks he found someone. In the end, Sam came along. Haha. We all met up at my place and I drove them there. It was so packed la!!! I had to u turn again because I missed the turning because of the sheer number of cars!!! Then I went into the wrong parking. Dumb. Haha. Paid the ticket already only realised, eh!! The right stadium is the other side. Haha. Luckily the receipt can be used again to park on the other side. Our seating was quite good la. Not the best, but good la. The most front section, but not in the center, at the east of the rink. In the tix it was stated south, but that is the orientation from the entrance, not from the rink. So, oh well. There was this big size man in front of me so I missed a couple of things like the superb stunt by a young girl who is a part of the crew. The cast are all so old!!! Gabriella is not pretty also. Sharpay was pretty but old!!! Like 30+. Troy does not look like Troy and
Gabriella's friend (can't rmb her name) was the prettiest but also rather old, like 25+. Ryan doesn't look like the character either. The show was only 2 hours long with a little break in between. They performed both High School Musical 1 and 2, 1hr each. A lot of parts were cut off and it was narrated by the pianist, Kelsie (however u spell it). There was also like 2 new songs. The journey back was a little slow, thanks to the total standstill when we just moved out of the parking lot. All in all, the show was ok, but the night was enjoyable thanks to the wonderful company (by which I mean Phyllis only)(No la, joking. Haha)(Not funny)(wth).

We were suppose to go back to the clinic on Wed for redressing but at first he didn't feel like it. But then on Wed, some blue blacks appeared on his thumb around the joint. He was worried that maybe the doctor didn't check properly and there actually is a fracture or something. So we went to see another doctor, but the same clinic. The doctor said that he had to let the
nurse remove the bandages first. The nurse like quite dumb dumb wan. She was coughing, which of course is not a crime, but she coughed into his wounds while changing the dressing!!! What the crap!!! I mean, even a lay person would know that it is not good to cough at people, what more open wounds!!! And then the gauze were all stuck to his wounds because well, wounds get sticky when they're healing. She removed them by just pouring iodine to loosen them and tearing them off. I also can do la like that. Summore pour iodine on the wounds damn pain wan. So anyway, after that the doctor saw to his thumb, took an X-ray of it, and confirmed that his thumb was not bended/ fractured or broken in any way.

Baby darling didn't want the dressing to sticks to his wounds again so he asked if they could use a special kind of gauze that does not stick, which he knows exists because they used it on him before some other time. The nurse said she would ask the doctor but she forgot and just used back the normal dressing. Which stuck like shit. He didn't dress the wounds on his leg and only retained those on his hand as he needed to write the next day. Then we went to buy lunch at a chap fan stall near by. So cheap la!!! I took 4 pieces of lemon chicken, a lot of spinach, 1 whole tau fu, and rice = RM4.30 only!!! Cheap le? IMU also more expensive a. In IMU, 1 meat + 1 veg + rice = RM4. This one extra meat and tau fu = extra 30cents!!! Haha. In the end I didn't eat all la because it was simply too much, so I gave some to my baby.

I was suppose to go to IMU that day for the Clinique workshop but I didn't because I was so tired, for donno what reason. So I passed on a RM200 worth door gift for free. Haih. It was extremely tempting but I gave it up because it was just too tiring. Just thinking of driving all the way to IMU for that 1hr++ workshop and then driving all the way back to his house made me tired. Plus, if I didn't go I can take a nap. So being my lazy self, I chose the comfy bed. After all, Wan Yuan, whom I was suppose to go with didn't go because she thought I was not going because she didn't see me in IMU in the morning (because I didn't have class in the morning in the first place) and so she went home.

After the nap I exercised while my baby studied and then I suddenly saw a msg on my phone. My mum messaged me, asking me to come back by 7.30pm cuz she wants to show me a shorter way home from Pyramid (my sis went there in the morning with her friends). The time was 7.10pm. OMG!!! I haven't even shower and drink soup!!! So I quickly showered while he poured the soup into a plastic bag for me to take home. I reached home at 7.40pm and my mum was grumbling saying that I'm always late and if it's a life and death situation can never count on me. wtf. Of course if it was super important I wouldn't have bothered to shower and take the soup la. Then, on the way back, my mum missed the turning and she got so frustrated over it. Haih. But she managed to show it to me in the end after taking a u turn and a lot of grumbling from both me n her.

On Thurs I finally got to eat the 'Chinese burger'. Bak Gua(long yok) in a hot dog bun with cucumber slices and tomato sauce. There was a van selling them outside IMU so darling bought 1 for each of us as we and Jian Ren (JR) didn't have time to eat lunch cuz right after their exam they had photography club meeting. So nice la. So long I didn't eat bak gua with bread already. I just found out that JR doesn't like to eat bread. So sad la. Bread is like so nice. Linda, how u tahan? I went to the library to sleep while they were meeting up with a doctor. I didn't manage to sleep but then got drift off a little la. After that we went to the cafeteria to eat again. JR and GM™ ordered lam mee while I had fish ball noodle soup. GM™ asked the boss if he wants a 'chiu kap tai'(super big) wan then how much a? She said add mee a? I give u free la. Haha. JR was like saying, he everything also 'chiu kap tai' wan la. Haha. They both said the lam mee was okla, but sadly that cannot be said for my fish ball noodle soup. It was tasteless, besides the fish balls and the crab meat stick. It's like they forgot to add some seasoning. Totally so tasteless and hard to eat. Even the fu chuk also tasteless.

Friday was a very tiring day. I had classes till 4pm++. I found out that Yun Peng stay very near my baby's house so I wanted to show her a new way back, the way I always use, because her way have to pay more toll. It was raining and so we went to get an umbrella from the guard at the basement car park. We got lost on the way there, luckily there was a kind guard who showed us the way each time the way he showed us was blocked. We were in a hurry to get back as we were both very tired and the umbrella thing cost us quite some time. Then we hurried to her car and got so wet along the way. She drove me up the hill to my car and then I led her.

On LDP, my car horn suddenly triggered. I didn't even touch the horn. It kept honing non stop!!! Seriously like "peeeeeeeeeeee..................................." all the way. It was so embarrassing!!! So I thought If I off the engine and the start it again it might go away. The traffic was quite slow and since it was Yun Peng behind me I know she will stop if I stop. So I off the engine and then on it again. It could not restart!!! It was like stuck or something!!! I was starting to panic. Yun Peng don't know this way!!! How?! She will have to wait here with me if I can't restart my car!!! I quickly called her and told her. The suddenly I was able to start the car again, although the horn was still sounding all the way. At least it's better than being stuck!!! So I drove my noisy Flaunterz all the way to near the Curve where she knew the road already and then to my baby's house. Both my darling and Yun peng found it so funny la. Darling said it's like cartoon like that. wtc. Haha.

Then around 7 something baby said that if only I can stay back for dinner, and I suddenly had an idea!!! I can ask his dad to help me check my car since my dad is not around and so I will have to stay for dinner!!! I quickly called my mum to tell her. After dinner, his dad checked and I can't rmb what's wrong la. As long as he disabled my horn already. And it only took like less than 2mins. Phew!!! I won't have to drive home with a super loud car at 10++ at night and wake up the whole neighbourhood or at least announce my arrival to the whole of my area. When I was reparking my car earlier in the evening, his neighbours were all staring wondering what is wrong with me, until they figured out that I wasn't honing purposely, my car's just spoilt. Maybe it was the rain.

Because if the rain, I'm sick. I'm down with the flu. I got it yesterday. And have been blowing my nose off the whole night. I've used up 1 whole tissue box. My sister is clearing her room and so she gave me her extra box of tissue since I need it so much and she doesn't know where to put it. Haha. My mum, sis and I went to CAMPAP cuz my mum needed to get some box files. We ate at Restaurant Fu Kua which was just a few doors away. The menu is like filled with everything fu kua. Btw if u didn't know, fu kua is bittergourd. Yucks. Bitter. We ordered Marmite prawns, Sang choi with oyster sauce, Seaweed soup and Venison in black pepper. The food is damn nice lo. But there's no price list on the menu and they didn't give receipt. So we didn't know how much each dish cost. For drinks, I had Apple juice with fu kua, my mum had Apple juice with ampala, and my sis had soya bean milk. The Apple juice tasted very normal la, like they never add anything also. Then we went to CAMPAP which was freezing cold!!! Seriously!!! Air-con AND fan. So many fans summore. OMG. Until I cannot tahan and went outside to wait while my mum paid.

Stats is all about calculating the probability if something is associated with/different from something. So I wonder if studying Stats and having flu has an association. Of course I'm just talking rubbish. Haha. I took medicine before I slept. I didn't sleep much at all. Kept waking up and never really sleeping. I only really went unconscious around 6.30++am.

Today I'm cured!!! Thx to Loratadine and Pseudoephidrine!!! Ahaha!!! I'm so happy now. I woke at at 9 something even though I hardle slept last night. I felt so fresh and not miserable that I literally jumped out off bed eventhough it was still so early. Then I washed my hair, ate lunch, watched CSI, facebooked awhile and now I'm off to study Stats!!!

Saturday, 16 August 2008

High School Musical On Ice

I'll be the first to admit that I'm not a big fan of High School Musical. So why am I going to watch High School Musical On Ice with VIP tix? Bcuz of Linda and Zhao Yen lo. Unfortunately, they all fong fei kai me!!! Huh!!! Haha. End up got some clashes and problems so they can't come already, after I got the tix. So I decided to invite Phyllis. So long I never see my darling already. I have always been saying that even though I've met up with her a few times already. But it still feels so long!!! I miss college times la. It's much better than uni. Trust me. College friends are way more fun to hang out with. Unless of course your uni friends are your college friends. Then you're lucky.

The show I'm going to is on Tues night, 8.30pm. I'm going to be right in front of the rink. Blek Blek. Life is unfair isn't it? I guess life is making it up to me by letting me have VIP tix for 2 shows. Haha. Unfortunately both shows I'm not going with my baby darling. Cuz of exams!!! Stupid IMU timing. People want to watch shows and Olympic games they give us exams pulak. Haih. Actually I'm suppose to be studying now. But since my dad is not around and my sis off the internet timer, I may as well post up this post. Ok, got to get back to the slides. STUDY!!!

Drama drama

Thursday I wore a kind of short skirt to IMU. At home it didn't look that short, but when I was walking from the car park to IMU it did seem kind of short. But anyw, in front of me was another girl wearing a somewhat shorter black skirt. So, I thought to myself, "if I get caught, she will too. I guess then it won't be that bad." Unfortunately, I underestimated the guard's bias-ness. OMG. The guard as usual called me a few times but I ignore la. That is biasa. Then this time she actually blew the whistle!!! I was like, need or not wor. Skirt only ma. But I still ignore. Then she caught up with me when I just stepped on the escalator. She said my skirt is short. Like DUH!!! Then she followed me up the escalator. I argued with her, saying that I walked in with a girl wearing a skirt just as short as mine. She said where got. OMG. Super blindness. Damn fucking stupid la. Then I ask her to see la. I showed her the girl summore cuz the girl came up the escalator too. And she actually said mine is shorter. WTF. Then fine, I said if u want to catch then catch all la. Where got so unfair wan rite? Then we kept arguing la. And she kept saying that my skirt is shorter n bla n bla n bla. Who the fuck cares if mine is shorter or not? If the other person's skirt is shorter than allowed then it doesn't matter if mine is shorter, she's still breaking the rules. Seriously, it was like half of her thigh. Then Jay Mee called. So I answered the phone and chat with her like normal like that, totally ignoring the guard and even trying to prolong the conversation. Haha. Let her wait like the idiot she is la. Then after that I decided I had enough of arguing with her, waste my time only, and just followed her down and wrote some stupid name and ID. The end.

This is the skirt I was wearing, but of course not with this combination la. This was taken another time ma.

I cannot tahan they all la. It's so fucking unfair. Maybe mine looks shorter because I'm taller than that girl so it looks shorter to her even though mine is actually longer. Just because to her, mine is shorter then catch me only la. So next time if I wear short skirt, I just have to walk in with another girl that is wearing a shorter skirt than mine then can already la is it? Where got such thing rite? I guess darling was rite, that's why they're working as guards, cuz they're too stupid to work as anything else. Be guard very easy only ma. Just sit there like dungu, and when u see someone u don't like breaking the dress code by just a little bit then u annoy the crap out of them by being fucking unfair. Maybe they're too bored already so they want to annoy people to amuse themselves. How dumb.

My friend
Yun Peng called me later in the day. She was complaining to me that the English teacher very mean. She asked us to write an essay last week, to be handed up this week. I did mine, but I didn't go cuz I was late and then held up by the idiotic guard, and when Jay Mee called it was actually to tell me that the teacher locked the door already. But we managed to hand it up, thanks to our friend. So anyw, Yun Peng said that she didn't know the essay got marks wan, 15% for finals le!!! So she didn't do. She did a draft and wanted to rewrite it in class, but the teacher didn't give her a chance to cuz the 1st thing she said was pass up the essays already. So Yun Peng told the teacher she left her essay at home and only brought her draft and asked if she could hand it up next week. The teacher said cannot, it's either she get zero, or let her mark her draft. What the crap. I agree with the teacher that next week hand up is a bit too much la, but at least let her do in class la. After all she already did her draft and all she needs to do is rewrite it neatly.

she was complaining to me how she thinks the teacher doesn't like her and that she's worried she might fail English(passing mark is 70% and only 40% is from exam, which means 60% is from course work!!! 0.0). We had a presentation a few weeks ago, and that teacher specifically pointed her out as a bad example. She accused her of giggling too much as if there's an inside joke and that it wasn't funny. But to me, I didn't even notice it, as to me, ALL of us kept giggling. Then this means that her presentation won't get her much mark already. Plus she said her english isn't very good so that's why she's even more worried. She was so pissed at the teacher. So I asked her to do very well and score and show the teacher in her face that even though she doesn't like her and keep giving her low marks, she still can score. Huh!!! Haha.

I complained to
her about the dumb bitch and she told me that the day before, the guards (not sure which one) wanted the catch her cuz they said her skirt is too short. She told me she was wearing knee length!!! So she argued with them and got away. She said her theory is that they will only catch u if u wear a little nicer than the rest, if u stand out in other words. I told my mum and she suggested that I don't wear so nice. Just wear slacks every day. I said I'm not going to curb my style just for some dumb-ass-good-for-nothing-idiotic-fucking-unfair-and-blind-and-stupid-and-all-the-bad-words-u-can-think-of guards. Of course I didn't say it in those words, but u get the point. I'm sure as hell not going to let those guards stop me from wearing what I like.

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

The Mummy

The Mummy was okla. Quite nice actually, just that everything happened a little too fast for my taste. Plus it's little too jumbled up. But I guess it's worth watching in the cinema.

I'm old already la. Last time I can go out all day and not feel tired at all. Now cannot already!!! Shit lo. It's as if I can really feel the effect of getting old. Ohya, well here's the photos of my poor poor Flaunterz and the rest of the victims.

My poor darling Flaunterz

The back of the cream coloured KIA (see!!! so little damage compared to Flaunterz!!!)

The back of the black saga

The front of it

I didn't manage to take a pic of the 1st car, cuz I was still kinda blur blur and by the time I started taking pics he went off already. Besides, he was a little scary cuz he was very frustrated. Ok, that's about ppl. Ciao!!!

Avril Lavigne concert

Guess what? I'm going to the Avril Lavigne concert...with VIP tix!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm going with Wendy from uni. Those tix are not even sold to the public!!! hahaha!!! blek!!! I can go!!! But too bad la, cannot take camera so can't take pics of her even tho we're so close. Haih. Ok, I'll leave u all to drown in ur jealousy... Ahaha!!!

Friday, 8 August 2008

Happy belated 17th month anniversary

Hihi!!! Yesterday was my 17th month anniversary!!! Tonight I'm going to watch The Mummy with my baby for FREE!!! Cuz Alicia, not shasha, but also from Taylors, got 2 free tix but she and her bf cannot go so she gave them to us. So nice la she. Hehe. Thx!!! Then we're gonna eat at Pizza Hut for dinner!!! Yay!!! The only set back is that it is in Mid Valley and it is a little late la the show. But still very nice!!! Hehe!!!

Yesterday my sis baked Rock Buns. They are not suppose to be as hard as rocks ok. She said it turned out to be a terrible disaster. But to me they are delicous!!! Haha. I am the only one that really enjoy it. Dono why. GM™ eat ad also he say okla. But it's like too soft or too hard ad. Abit like 'lou fong' ad. Sudah masuk angin. And then he said taste like fish biscuit!!! Haha. The one to feed the fish wan. Haha. So bad la he. Okla, I gotta go do my Physio project stuff ad. Tata!!!

Monday, 4 August 2008

Flaunterz back in action!

I got my darling Flaunterz back ad!!! She looks so much nicer now. Haha. Because she got herself a complete respray. So now she's so shiny!!! The repairs cost RM3400. O.O so expensive right? But its less than my 2nd accident which cost 4-5k.

Oh, I never did post anything on how my Sg. Wang trip went. It was quite disappointing. All the heels there are either open-toe, too short or ugly. Mostly too short. If its nice its way too expensive for a no brand shoe. I rather pay that kind of price for a Vincci or Nose heels or maybe even Lewre. Aldo has some nice heels but even after so much discounts its still sooooo expensive!!! *sob sob sob* We went to Sg. Wang, Times Square, Low Yat(more to see some stuff for Gary), all also not nice wan. All we got from that trip was that we got to spend lots of time together, we saw a chain of shops in Times Square selling some super hot looking outfits but not very affordable, the Blush outlet in Times Square has a separate section which sells more kinky stuff, we got nice lekur to eat and that he bought Gary a set of cheap head phones with very very nice sound. Its dam cheap but the sound is dam nice. Got microphone summore! So I didn't buy any heels. =(

On the 26th of July, it was my sister's 15th birthday. On the 28th was Gary's 23rd and Lara's(u'll know about her later) 6th birthday. So here's a shout out to all of them:

Happy Belated 15th Birthday YH!!!

Happy Belated 23rd birthday Gary!!!

Happy Belated 6th birthday Lara!!!

In the morning I went to Bangsar Shopping Complex with my mum to meet her old friends Aunty Guat Chu and Aunty Liza. Aunty Guat Chu married a German and so she stays in Germany and comes back a few times a year. I've known her since I was young. She gave me my 1st beloved teddy bear, Bear Bear. She also gives lots n lots of German chocolates every year. Very very yummy wan u know! She recently gave me a ratatouille look alike key chain worth 7+£. So cute la!!! So anyw, I've not seen them for about 10years. They were all saying OMG, look at her, so grown up ad!!! So pretty!!! So sweet!!! bla bla bla. All those kind of things adults normally say. Aunty Guat Chu has a son and a daughter. I use to play with her son in Kids Sports when we were younger. This year he didn't come, but the girl, Lara did. This is the 1st time I've seen her. She's very cute la she. She told me she'll be 6 in 2 days time, thats how I knew it was on the 28th.

The Kids Sports in BSC shifted to 1u, so thats where we went. I spent most of the time reading la while they chatted away for almost 6hrs!!! haha. Aunty Guat Chu very funny la.
Aunty Guat Chu: U got bf a? Got how many?
Me: Of cuz got 1 only la.
Aunty Guat Chu: y 1 only? Must have more ma! But I tell u a, don't get married.
Me: y?
Aunty Guat Chu: Because he most likely isn't the 1. Is he ur 1st a?
Me: No.
Aunty Guat Chu: Oh, then can marry la.

Then later on she ask me what my baby is studying. I told her he's doing medicine. Then she said: "Oh, then u better marry him!" Haha. She say until so excited summore. Haha.

After that on the way to the car park we bought 12 doughnuts from Big Apple. Then we went home to wait for my sis to come back from celebrating with her good friends in Sunway Pyramid. When she finally reached home, we all went to PJ Hilton to have buffet dinner. This is one of the very few time me and my sis start the buffet with the main course and not the dessert. Haha. Usually we have dessert 1st because they just look so delicious. The food there was okla. I've tasted better but its not bad as well. There was lamb so that kept MY SISTER happy. There was chocolate fondue and lots of jellies and puddings and cakes which kept ME happy. There was vegetarian dishes and ice cream so that kept MY DAD happy. There was high quality hotel food so that kept MY MUM happy. Hehe. All in all, everyone was happy and totally stuffed at the end.

After the satisfying dinner we went to Giant KJ to buy some stuff. My sis and I went around the other shops besides Giant while my parents went to buy the groceries. In the end I syok sendiri and bought myself a I Love You pillow from Living Cabin. Haha. Its just so nice and fluffy. Plus I don't have one ma. My sis also spotted a ring she was wearing as a pendant at a stall. It was selling for RM15. Guess how much my sis bought it for? RM2!!! Haha. We bought black short sleeve knitted half jacket. Then we joined my mum and dad in Giant and bought tons n tons of Marigold jelly, Calci Yum, Yoghurt drinks, baguettes and lots n lots of other yummy things!!! Then by the time we were ready to leave it was 11 something. A few minutes before 12 midnight, we sang YH her birthday song with the cheese doughnuts as her cake and invisible candles as she said she didn't want to pollute the air. Haha. So thats about it.

Last sun we ordered the Starsbites Cheesy Extreme Pizza for dinner. Finally!!! It was okla, they've had it before just without the sausage. Maybe it wasn't so nice because we took away. Okla, I gotta go. Tata!