Friday, 29 August 2008

Avril Lavigne

Yay!!! Today's Avril Lavigne's concert!!! Ahaha!!! Those stupid people didn't manage to get it canceled in the end. Too bad!!! I heard they're gonna go to the concert to protest and 'educate' the concert goers. Because they said the government didn't take their memorandum seriously. WTF?!?! The show got canceled and the organizers had to appeal again what. Not serious enough a? Bloody hell. Give out flyers and stuff. If they give me a flyer I'm gonna tear it in front of them and throw it in their face. Haha. So stupid. I'm going to Times Square or something before the concert. Me and Wendy are gonna do some shopping 1st. Hehe!!! I'll update u guys after the concert!!! Ciao!!! Check out Wendy's blog for some superb pics of Avril. =)


  1. what,they actually give out fliers?!means they've planned it earlier if not how could they have time to print them out?!

  2. Anonymous4:00 pm

    yala yala, you and your Avril Lavigne!

  3. ya, they did. its written in the star that they gave it to Muslim youths only. They are so lucky they didn't pass any to me. I really would have scrunched it up and throw it in their face. Damn nice la the concert. But short lo. Anyw, will put up a post about it by tonight la hopefully.