Wednesday, 13 August 2008

The Mummy

The Mummy was okla. Quite nice actually, just that everything happened a little too fast for my taste. Plus it's little too jumbled up. But I guess it's worth watching in the cinema.

I'm old already la. Last time I can go out all day and not feel tired at all. Now cannot already!!! Shit lo. It's as if I can really feel the effect of getting old. Ohya, well here's the photos of my poor poor Flaunterz and the rest of the victims.

My poor darling Flaunterz

The back of the cream coloured KIA (see!!! so little damage compared to Flaunterz!!!)

The back of the black saga

The front of it

I didn't manage to take a pic of the 1st car, cuz I was still kinda blur blur and by the time I started taking pics he went off already. Besides, he was a little scary cuz he was very frustrated. Ok, that's about ppl. Ciao!!!

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