Saturday, 16 August 2008

High School Musical On Ice

I'll be the first to admit that I'm not a big fan of High School Musical. So why am I going to watch High School Musical On Ice with VIP tix? Bcuz of Linda and Zhao Yen lo. Unfortunately, they all fong fei kai me!!! Huh!!! Haha. End up got some clashes and problems so they can't come already, after I got the tix. So I decided to invite Phyllis. So long I never see my darling already. I have always been saying that even though I've met up with her a few times already. But it still feels so long!!! I miss college times la. It's much better than uni. Trust me. College friends are way more fun to hang out with. Unless of course your uni friends are your college friends. Then you're lucky.

The show I'm going to is on Tues night, 8.30pm. I'm going to be right in front of the rink. Blek Blek. Life is unfair isn't it? I guess life is making it up to me by letting me have VIP tix for 2 shows. Haha. Unfortunately both shows I'm not going with my baby darling. Cuz of exams!!! Stupid IMU timing. People want to watch shows and Olympic games they give us exams pulak. Haih. Actually I'm suppose to be studying now. But since my dad is not around and my sis off the internet timer, I may as well post up this post. Ok, got to get back to the slides. STUDY!!!


  1. Linda5:58 pm

    I'm so so so SORRY dear:(

  2. Haha, nvm la. I say only ma. =)