Friday, 8 August 2008

Happy belated 17th month anniversary

Hihi!!! Yesterday was my 17th month anniversary!!! Tonight I'm going to watch The Mummy with my baby for FREE!!! Cuz Alicia, not shasha, but also from Taylors, got 2 free tix but she and her bf cannot go so she gave them to us. So nice la she. Hehe. Thx!!! Then we're gonna eat at Pizza Hut for dinner!!! Yay!!! The only set back is that it is in Mid Valley and it is a little late la the show. But still very nice!!! Hehe!!!

Yesterday my sis baked Rock Buns. They are not suppose to be as hard as rocks ok. She said it turned out to be a terrible disaster. But to me they are delicous!!! Haha. I am the only one that really enjoy it. Dono why. GM™ eat ad also he say okla. But it's like too soft or too hard ad. Abit like 'lou fong' ad. Sudah masuk angin. And then he said taste like fish biscuit!!! Haha. The one to feed the fish wan. Haha. So bad la he. Okla, I gotta go do my Physio project stuff ad. Tata!!!

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