Saturday, 16 August 2008

Drama drama

Thursday I wore a kind of short skirt to IMU. At home it didn't look that short, but when I was walking from the car park to IMU it did seem kind of short. But anyw, in front of me was another girl wearing a somewhat shorter black skirt. So, I thought to myself, "if I get caught, she will too. I guess then it won't be that bad." Unfortunately, I underestimated the guard's bias-ness. OMG. The guard as usual called me a few times but I ignore la. That is biasa. Then this time she actually blew the whistle!!! I was like, need or not wor. Skirt only ma. But I still ignore. Then she caught up with me when I just stepped on the escalator. She said my skirt is short. Like DUH!!! Then she followed me up the escalator. I argued with her, saying that I walked in with a girl wearing a skirt just as short as mine. She said where got. OMG. Super blindness. Damn fucking stupid la. Then I ask her to see la. I showed her the girl summore cuz the girl came up the escalator too. And she actually said mine is shorter. WTF. Then fine, I said if u want to catch then catch all la. Where got so unfair wan rite? Then we kept arguing la. And she kept saying that my skirt is shorter n bla n bla n bla. Who the fuck cares if mine is shorter or not? If the other person's skirt is shorter than allowed then it doesn't matter if mine is shorter, she's still breaking the rules. Seriously, it was like half of her thigh. Then Jay Mee called. So I answered the phone and chat with her like normal like that, totally ignoring the guard and even trying to prolong the conversation. Haha. Let her wait like the idiot she is la. Then after that I decided I had enough of arguing with her, waste my time only, and just followed her down and wrote some stupid name and ID. The end.

This is the skirt I was wearing, but of course not with this combination la. This was taken another time ma.

I cannot tahan they all la. It's so fucking unfair. Maybe mine looks shorter because I'm taller than that girl so it looks shorter to her even though mine is actually longer. Just because to her, mine is shorter then catch me only la. So next time if I wear short skirt, I just have to walk in with another girl that is wearing a shorter skirt than mine then can already la is it? Where got such thing rite? I guess darling was rite, that's why they're working as guards, cuz they're too stupid to work as anything else. Be guard very easy only ma. Just sit there like dungu, and when u see someone u don't like breaking the dress code by just a little bit then u annoy the crap out of them by being fucking unfair. Maybe they're too bored already so they want to annoy people to amuse themselves. How dumb.

My friend
Yun Peng called me later in the day. She was complaining to me that the English teacher very mean. She asked us to write an essay last week, to be handed up this week. I did mine, but I didn't go cuz I was late and then held up by the idiotic guard, and when Jay Mee called it was actually to tell me that the teacher locked the door already. But we managed to hand it up, thanks to our friend. So anyw, Yun Peng said that she didn't know the essay got marks wan, 15% for finals le!!! So she didn't do. She did a draft and wanted to rewrite it in class, but the teacher didn't give her a chance to cuz the 1st thing she said was pass up the essays already. So Yun Peng told the teacher she left her essay at home and only brought her draft and asked if she could hand it up next week. The teacher said cannot, it's either she get zero, or let her mark her draft. What the crap. I agree with the teacher that next week hand up is a bit too much la, but at least let her do in class la. After all she already did her draft and all she needs to do is rewrite it neatly.

she was complaining to me how she thinks the teacher doesn't like her and that she's worried she might fail English(passing mark is 70% and only 40% is from exam, which means 60% is from course work!!! 0.0). We had a presentation a few weeks ago, and that teacher specifically pointed her out as a bad example. She accused her of giggling too much as if there's an inside joke and that it wasn't funny. But to me, I didn't even notice it, as to me, ALL of us kept giggling. Then this means that her presentation won't get her much mark already. Plus she said her english isn't very good so that's why she's even more worried. She was so pissed at the teacher. So I asked her to do very well and score and show the teacher in her face that even though she doesn't like her and keep giving her low marks, she still can score. Huh!!! Haha.

I complained to
her about the dumb bitch and she told me that the day before, the guards (not sure which one) wanted the catch her cuz they said her skirt is too short. She told me she was wearing knee length!!! So she argued with them and got away. She said her theory is that they will only catch u if u wear a little nicer than the rest, if u stand out in other words. I told my mum and she suggested that I don't wear so nice. Just wear slacks every day. I said I'm not going to curb my style just for some dumb-ass-good-for-nothing-idiotic-fucking-unfair-and-blind-and-stupid-and-all-the-bad-words-u-can-think-of guards. Of course I didn't say it in those words, but u get the point. I'm sure as hell not going to let those guards stop me from wearing what I like.


  1. this skirt is not really short pun. smtms IMU is too exaggerating la=.=

  2. Thats y!!! Can u see how stupidly unfair the guard is? Haha.