Monday, 4 August 2008

Flaunterz back in action!

I got my darling Flaunterz back ad!!! She looks so much nicer now. Haha. Because she got herself a complete respray. So now she's so shiny!!! The repairs cost RM3400. O.O so expensive right? But its less than my 2nd accident which cost 4-5k.

Oh, I never did post anything on how my Sg. Wang trip went. It was quite disappointing. All the heels there are either open-toe, too short or ugly. Mostly too short. If its nice its way too expensive for a no brand shoe. I rather pay that kind of price for a Vincci or Nose heels or maybe even Lewre. Aldo has some nice heels but even after so much discounts its still sooooo expensive!!! *sob sob sob* We went to Sg. Wang, Times Square, Low Yat(more to see some stuff for Gary), all also not nice wan. All we got from that trip was that we got to spend lots of time together, we saw a chain of shops in Times Square selling some super hot looking outfits but not very affordable, the Blush outlet in Times Square has a separate section which sells more kinky stuff, we got nice lekur to eat and that he bought Gary a set of cheap head phones with very very nice sound. Its dam cheap but the sound is dam nice. Got microphone summore! So I didn't buy any heels. =(

On the 26th of July, it was my sister's 15th birthday. On the 28th was Gary's 23rd and Lara's(u'll know about her later) 6th birthday. So here's a shout out to all of them:

Happy Belated 15th Birthday YH!!!

Happy Belated 23rd birthday Gary!!!

Happy Belated 6th birthday Lara!!!

In the morning I went to Bangsar Shopping Complex with my mum to meet her old friends Aunty Guat Chu and Aunty Liza. Aunty Guat Chu married a German and so she stays in Germany and comes back a few times a year. I've known her since I was young. She gave me my 1st beloved teddy bear, Bear Bear. She also gives lots n lots of German chocolates every year. Very very yummy wan u know! She recently gave me a ratatouille look alike key chain worth 7+£. So cute la!!! So anyw, I've not seen them for about 10years. They were all saying OMG, look at her, so grown up ad!!! So pretty!!! So sweet!!! bla bla bla. All those kind of things adults normally say. Aunty Guat Chu has a son and a daughter. I use to play with her son in Kids Sports when we were younger. This year he didn't come, but the girl, Lara did. This is the 1st time I've seen her. She's very cute la she. She told me she'll be 6 in 2 days time, thats how I knew it was on the 28th.

The Kids Sports in BSC shifted to 1u, so thats where we went. I spent most of the time reading la while they chatted away for almost 6hrs!!! haha. Aunty Guat Chu very funny la.
Aunty Guat Chu: U got bf a? Got how many?
Me: Of cuz got 1 only la.
Aunty Guat Chu: y 1 only? Must have more ma! But I tell u a, don't get married.
Me: y?
Aunty Guat Chu: Because he most likely isn't the 1. Is he ur 1st a?
Me: No.
Aunty Guat Chu: Oh, then can marry la.

Then later on she ask me what my baby is studying. I told her he's doing medicine. Then she said: "Oh, then u better marry him!" Haha. She say until so excited summore. Haha.

After that on the way to the car park we bought 12 doughnuts from Big Apple. Then we went home to wait for my sis to come back from celebrating with her good friends in Sunway Pyramid. When she finally reached home, we all went to PJ Hilton to have buffet dinner. This is one of the very few time me and my sis start the buffet with the main course and not the dessert. Haha. Usually we have dessert 1st because they just look so delicious. The food there was okla. I've tasted better but its not bad as well. There was lamb so that kept MY SISTER happy. There was chocolate fondue and lots of jellies and puddings and cakes which kept ME happy. There was vegetarian dishes and ice cream so that kept MY DAD happy. There was high quality hotel food so that kept MY MUM happy. Hehe. All in all, everyone was happy and totally stuffed at the end.

After the satisfying dinner we went to Giant KJ to buy some stuff. My sis and I went around the other shops besides Giant while my parents went to buy the groceries. In the end I syok sendiri and bought myself a I Love You pillow from Living Cabin. Haha. Its just so nice and fluffy. Plus I don't have one ma. My sis also spotted a ring she was wearing as a pendant at a stall. It was selling for RM15. Guess how much my sis bought it for? RM2!!! Haha. We bought black short sleeve knitted half jacket. Then we joined my mum and dad in Giant and bought tons n tons of Marigold jelly, Calci Yum, Yoghurt drinks, baguettes and lots n lots of other yummy things!!! Then by the time we were ready to leave it was 11 something. A few minutes before 12 midnight, we sang YH her birthday song with the cheese doughnuts as her cake and invisible candles as she said she didn't want to pollute the air. Haha. So thats about it.

Last sun we ordered the Starsbites Cheesy Extreme Pizza for dinner. Finally!!! It was okla, they've had it before just without the sausage. Maybe it wasn't so nice because we took away. Okla, I gotta go. Tata!

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