Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Accident again!!!

Haha. I got into an accident again!!! Sorry if it sounds like I'm very happy. I'm NOT ok? My car is so smashed up now. My poor poor Flaunterz. Yes, she has a name. My poor darling car. It happened on Tues. To those ppl who are thinking "normal la" or "as usual" or "oh, again a?", ya ya. Nothing new la. I alwiz accident anyw. I skipped the whole day of class after that. It doesn't sound significant but actually Tues got lab and BM which I'm suppose to do a presentation. Haha. But then no transport ma. Plus I'm so dazed ad, still want me to go and do presentation meh? Ok, so here's the story:

Once upon a time, on a bright sunny morning around 9.20am, a girl was driving her beloved purple car, Flaunterz to uni. She was behind a KIA MPV which was going rather slowly and that kept braking. She was nearing the flyover beside Western Digital on LDP when suddenly she realized the MPV wasn't moving anymore. She tried to brake but it was not to be. She slammed into the back of the cream coloured car and felt something splash onto her face. She was shocked a second or two, thinking that she was badly injured and bleeding. Then she realized that it was just water from her open water bottle wedged between her legs so that she didn't need to hold it while driving. But that didn't calm her down. From the safety of her smashed up car, she saw a few people come out of their cars and exclaiming at the damage their vehicles suffered. She just sat there in her car. The she decided to call her baby, GM™. She was so shocked that she was like in a daze. She asked him to come to the accident site to accompany her. Then she called her dad, who said that he was not around the area but will come as soon as possible.

Finally she got down to examine the wreckage. Her beloved car was almost dead and leaking green blood. The guy from the KIA just asked if she couldn't stop in time and she shook her head to confirm it. There was more than 1 car that was involved. Luckily no people were injured. The 1st was a yellow Storm, 2nd a black saga, 3rd was the cream KIA MPV and lastly, Flaunterz. Flaunterz was the worst of the lot. She lost the front of her face. It was crushed into half. And her eyes! Oh, her eyes!!! They were cracked!!! Her teeth were all smashed and bent inward. Out of her mouth, green blood trickled out onto the road. Luckily for them, there was a LDP ronda person nearby. He directed them to moved the injured to the side and helped them stop the other cars to let them pass.

There was a Malay guy who was wearing a yellow shirt, so for this we shall call him Yellow. Yellow said that he was from a workshop in subang and panel for a few insurance companies. He kept bugging all of them to sign a form so that he can tow the victims to his workshop for free as all of them wanted to claim insurance. She called her father to let him discuss with Yellow. She didn't really interact with anyone and just handed them her phone to let them discuss with her father. All she was thinking of was why is her baby taking so long to arrive and what she was gonna do with this mess.

Other people came that were with Yellow. A blue shirt Indian guy, a red shirt Chinese guy and a blue shirt Chinese guy. We shall call them BlueI, Red and BlueC respectively. BlueI claimed that he was with an insurance company before and that it doesn't matter which workshop you send your car to, that you will still be able to claim. Red didn't really talk much besides the insistent bugging that they should go to the police station now and she could ride in his car. BlueC said that she looked familiar and she just smiled and shrugged. She guessed that this was the pick up line these kind of guys use. How lousy, she thought. After what she has been through,he can still look at it as an opportunity.

All this time, something dawned in her head. What if her baby got involved in a accident too because he was rushing here? That got her really worked up and she started to call him again but with no avail. As she kept Red at bay by saying that her boyfriend was coming, she realized that it had gotten really hot and she was sweating profusely. Finally GM™ called back and said that he's on the way as he had a stomach ache after leaving his house and had to turn back. When she finally glimpsed the reflection of the sun on his silver Kelisa as he neared, she let go of the breath she didn't realize she was holding. She rushed into his arms as soon as he got out, arms of comfort, arms of love and care, arms of warmth that didn't scorch, arms that said that it was ok.

They then quickly got all of her things out and into his car. It was then when she realized that her glove compartment had gone in and was impossible to open.However, she wasn't awake enough to realize that it might be dangerous as they might take whatever is in there. As she relaxed a little in his car on the way to the police station, her father called to say that he was already there, and then she relaxed a little more. The whole time she looked deceptively calm, but it was all just a facade. She didn't know how to react and so her mind went into partial shut down and she just went about things numbly.

At the police station, the officers there were friendly and not like anything other people described. They even joked with her a little.
There were two policemen that she had to meet. One was the guy that took down her statement and the other one was a corporal or something high up like that. He gave her a RM300 ticket for being the last car in the pile up. It took about an hour for the whole process of reporting to be over. During that time, the guys had a little mini bonding session. It was comforting for her to see that her father and her beloved boyfriend could get along quite well. Then she excused herself from going home and followed her boyfriend. She really didn't want to be at home alone.

On some wild impulse, as they passed Amcorp Mall she decided to go in when he playfully asked. She only realize what a big mistake it was when they realized they could have gone to KL if they didn't stop there. All the time, she clung on to GM™ as a child would to her parent. They only stayed for about an hour after finding the mall so dead and eating some Chipsmore from Giant. They went to take away mix rice for lunch from their usual shop. This time, she didn't take any rice and only took 1 type of veggie since he said that there was some chicken at home and she wasn't very hungry after all. It was only after finishing her meal that her appetite came back. GM™ grudgingly allowed her to eat the last piece of potato bread which she brought along that day.After lazing around awhile, they took their usual afternoon nap. She only realized how tired she actually was when she drifted away to sleep faster than usual.

After that they went about their usual routine, exercising, showering, changing and then when GM™ was about to send her home, his mum came back, which was a good thing so she wouldn't think that he went out the whole day. They told her the story and she commented a little, but nothing bad. She even gave her a little extra soup. Then he fetched her home. Her sister wasn't home for the night as she stays over in her friend's house every Tues, and her mum wasn't home yet. When
her mum was home, she told her and was shocked when her mum didn't scold her and was just relieved that she came out unscathed.

That night, during the time between already asleep and drifting to sleep, she realized how lucky she was. Every single time she was involved in an accident, she was not hurt. Not once. Maybe a few blueblacks that appeared mysteriously the next day that might not have been connected to the accident at all. But that was all. Then, she surrendered to dreamland.

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  1. Anonymous11:06 am

    My dear, u think too much already lar, upon GM's arrival! XDD
    no wonder u said it's very bad! next time dun too close to any vehicle that's infront of you! if not, cut them! that's what I do nowadays... XDD