Friday, 18 July 2008

Nothing to do

Now, I'm in the e lab in uni. Nothing to do. I finish watever I have to do in the CAL session ad. So now I'm blogging. Haha. Not bad rite? I suddenly blog so much. I went to watch Wanted with my darling on mon. OKla... It's not as good as everyone says it is. I'm not saying that it's not good. It is! But just not as good as everyone says la. Then we went to Pizza Hut to eat. Yummy!!! Hehe. The we argued about what is easier to prepare. Pizza or Cheng tong noodles? I chose cheng tong. As in, if u just use the chicken stock thing to make the soup la then put in the noodles and watever ingredients, and the pizza is buy the pizza bread then put all the ingredients on top and then throw into the oven to bake. We argue so long u know. Then i pissed off summore. Haha. Over some stupid thing like that. But after that ok ad la.

I snapped the back strap of my darling purple nose heels!!! NOOOOoooooOOOOOoooooOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My loyal heels!!! My most beloved heels!!! Stupid IMU!!! Bcuz of the stupid small hole at the escalator in IMU which I accidently stepped into bcuz I didn't see it. I walk walk walk then *pakk!!!* break ad!!! Plus the rubber at the bottom of the heel also got pulled out bcuz it got stuck in that stupid hole!!! NOOOOOOooooOOOOOO!!! But I think the strap can sew back la actually. Hehe... But now I REALLY REALLY have to get a pair of patent black strappy heels which are at least 3 inches high. It's a NEED, not a want. Okok, actually I don't NEED it to be patent black and strappy and 3inches high. It only really NEEDS to be black, strap on heels. But but but, I like PATENT Black!!! It's so SHINY!!! and and I like tons of straps and at high high heels!!! Cuz nice ma... not nice meh? 3 inches is like minimum so that I can still walk far far. What I really really want is like 4-5 inches. But then cannot walk far far!!! Can only wear to functions and stuff which don't need to walk/stand alot. Unfair!!! Why can't they be comfortable enough to do so? WHY?!!?!?!?!?!? Sorry... overreacting. Blek =p
I would put up a pic in remembrance of my darling heels but I don't have one. So it'll have to wait.

Today I might be watching another movie. Not sure what la. Then tmr I'm going back to his grandmother's house. Cuz Gary is going to UK soon. Plus, he juz bought a new laptop so I'm sure he wants to show it off to me, thats why he disguised his plan by saying that he very long nvr see me ad so ask me to go. But it's true la. Memang very long I nvr go back ad. Like almost 3-4 months. Both our laptops are Acer wan. But his is all black, mine is black on the outside and whitish on the inside. But then the specs abit different la. Then then we're going to low yat also. My baby says that there got a lot of HEELS!!! Haha!!! Haha!!! Haha!!! Haha!!! Haha!!! Sorry, I'm abit insane today cuz probably lack of sleep.

Ohya, yesterday I had a presentation for English. I was so freaking nervous my whole body was trembling. Like seriously shaking from inside out. Haha. But then Sze Ying says I look very calm wor. Haha. And apparently some people think our presentation and advertisment was good la. So good la!!! Hehe. Cuz I really did put some effort into doing it. So I feel kinda of happy then it was quite good. =D I also put Bite's and Bast's pic in the presentation on the slide saying that we're against animal testing. Hehe. So cute and FAT la they all. Yesterday Bite was so so so lazy. Just like down there the whole time they were let out. Then me n my sis just gave him belly rub all the way. His belly is so so furry and soft!!! I feel like burrying my face inside if it wasn't so dirty and the fur doesn't come off so easily. I'm abit allergic to cat fur la. I start to sneeze after awhile.

I gotta go already. Class is starting. Tata!!!

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