Sunday, 13 July 2008


Actually I'm not sure what to write here. I just wanted to post something. I don't have enough time to post pics yet. Yes, you'll probably say that I always say that. It is true. I have been procrastinating badly. Can't help it. I have so many assignments right now and during the hols I spent most of time away from the com. I have Physiology project, 2 or 3(I'm not even sure) Statistics assignments, Bioscience 2 lab report, Foundation Pharmacy report(2000-3000 words ok!). Plus, I have not been listening during lectures, which is really really bad because I mostly depend on what I remember from lectures to pass my exams. If I study by myself it is not so effective, unless I start early so I can do notes. But I can't because of the many many assignments I have to do. Haih!!!

I really think what they say about Libras is true about me. I really exaggerate how nice a person I like is. As long as I like the person, I will tell other people that they are really really nice and stuff. That's why no matter what, my sweetheart will always be the best in my eyes. Take for example my tutor, he's really nice la. I think so at least. He's the supervisor for the Foundation Pharmacy report topic 7, which is my topic and 11 other people, which about half are my friends. So, I told them that he is really nice and helpful. After the briefing, it looked like they didn't really like him that much. He is nice, but really fussy about details and stuff. Conclusion, it's gonna be really hard to please him for the report so we(my friends) don't really like him. Oh well. I don't really mind. I have this stupid thing in me which likes that I please the people I like. Which means I don't mind doing a little extra work to make my tutor proud of me. Altho, I don't always get it right. Yes, it is in me to suck up to people. I like to be their fav person/student/friend/watever.

Recently, I just realised that I am kind of a loner. I don't like people disturbing me when I'm reading or when I'm listening in class. I mean I don't mind the company, I like it actually, but I'd rather it's like a comfortable silence. You know what I mean? Like both of us don't mind being silent. Just doing our own things in silence without feeling that the silence is awkward. It's like its so ma fan to look up and say hi to your friend when you pass by, and then to smile at them again when you come back and each time you pass by them. This is especially annoying when you are sitting alone and they are all in another corner talking amongst themselves. It is like so awkward to say bye to them when they are all so engrossed in their own things, but it is rude as well to leave without a word. Of course this is only for those friends I'm not really that close with. My good friends are different. The only time when I really really hate being alone is when I'm shopping and during meal times. I really hate sitting alone when eating. Of course, this really doesn't apply to my baby darling, except the reading(story books mind you, not textbooks.) part.

You know, I think I really kinda like metal songs now. They really are quite nice you know. As long as you don't mind all the unintelligible screaming. Its like a way to release my emotions. Not that I scream with them, but it's like they're screaming it out for me. I really like all kinds of songs. Slow, metal, pop, R&B, hip hop, rap, rock, oldies, dance, techno, folk, Celtic, house...etc. They only type I don't like is Christian songs, not that they are not nice or anything but since I'm not a Christian I don't see how I can like their songs when they keep mentioning god.

Ok, that's all. I'm done with all my ramblings. I better get back to doing my homework. Ciao!!!


  1. Anonymous2:45 pm

    my god! i didn't know that you hate being shopping alone!!
    my apology of making you alone for like duno how many hours, tat time when u follow me to KLCC for bookfest. sorry babe! T_____________T|||

  2. Huh? Oh...haha...sometimes I don mind la. Since u don really like to see oso, so i will feel bad if i drag u along to see ALL the shops i wannna see ma. Hehe.