Monday, 1 September 2008

Avril Lavigne concert

Hihi!!! Curious to know how the concert went? Well, I'll tell u ALL about it. But 1st, about the start of the day.

Morning: Picked up Wendy and Cheryl's sis from Yuk Chai where Cheryl dropped them and went to IMU. Went to class, did the stupid stats works for so goddmaned long. The last CAL session took less than 2hrs, this time it took more than 2hrs. Me and Wendy were also compiling Avril's pics for her to sign later. We were all hungry and cranky fed up after finishing the Stats CAL thing and our own Avril project. Then I called my baby and he said
he's already on the way to eat yong tau fu and he never tell me. He was suppose to msg me about the lunch plans. Hmmph. Then later he called to say that he got pulled over by a policeman for talking on the phone. Yes, its evil, but its payback from above. So I ate lunch with Wendy and Sook Yee. We bought fried rice from one of the many road side stalls. I had Salted fish fried rice, Wendy had Tom Yam Pattaya fried rice and Sook Yee had Chicken fried rice. Quite nice lo the fried rice. But I already knew this stall was nice as I've eaten their Pattaya fried rice with my baby before.

Afternoon: When we finished eating, I spotted darling coming into IMU so I went to meet him. The M208 were having their orientation. So he was talking to his friends about it while I juz hang around him. Then Wendy messaged me asking where am I as I left without saying anything. Oh, and GM™ dear was going to go to Low Yat with JR while me and Wendy wanted to go to Times Square. Unfortunately we had to shower and change 1st so
we went to my car while GM™ stayed back in IMU for awhile to watch the orientation before going to Low Yat. We hiked up to the carpark and drove to her place. Printed out the Avril pics and then took our time to shower(Watson's Strawberry body wash smells damn nice!!! like candy!!! So expect Wendy to alwiz smell nice. Haha.), change and make up. I really don't know how to stick on those fake eyelashes. They just keep dropping!!! Aargh!!! So annoying!!! I gave up in the end.

Evening: We departed from her place around 5.30pm. The carpark at the Sri Petaling LRT station is so narrow la. There were 2 fat cars on each side of the entrance. I had to turn in Flaunterz's 'ears' as Wendy says and then we both check that she doesn't scratch the other cars on each side. So scary. There was no proper parking available. Already there were cars parked in a line in the middle. So I parked in a space in th middle of the line. Then we got onto the LRT. I suddenly remembered that GM™ dear can walk to Times Square from Low Yat if he's still there. So I called him a few times, and even tried calling JR. All no answer!!! =( In the end he called back like after quite long and said that he already reach home. What the crap. Haih. Me and Wendy talked and talked on the train until guess what? We missed our stop by 2 stations!!! We were suppose to get off at Hang Tuah. Then at Masjid Jamek, Wendy suddenly realised and said Shit!!! We missed the station!!! Haha. So we had to get off and go onto the other side. But we had to pay extra as there wasn't a connecting place. Usually people take monorail from Hang Tuah to Imbi to get to Times Square right? But since it looked so near to us we decided to walk there.
Wendy: "Actually quite far la. So near yet so far."

Times Square: We shopped awhile only la. Didn't really go into many stores. BUT, we bought relatively alot. Haha. I bought a purple jacket, 2 black shorts, a black lace chain necklace, 3 temporary black tattoos and 5 bracelets. Cheap ma!!! All the while we thought the concert starts at 8.30pm. Then I decided to check again after Adrian called Wendy. It turned out to be 8pm!!! It was already 7 something and we have not eaten. Wendy suggested gasoline. The deco is damn nice lo. Got some part like cave, then got egyptian stuff and then got the japanese style where u sit on a raised platfom and take off ur shoes. The food is not expensive and very yummy!!! Our recommendation:

(Wendy's)Spicy Sambal fried rice(not spicy but still nice, good for those who can't take spicy food but like spicy food, like me)
(Mine)Marmite Chicken rice(the marmite sauce abit runny but still damn nice, especially for those who like marmaite, like me)
(Shared)Shrimp bomb(breaded shrimp, recommended for those who like prawns, like me)
(Shared)Watermelon+banana juice(so yummy!!! got watermelon and banana taste together. Sounds disgusting? I can assure u it doesn't taste disgusting. Specially recommended for those who like watermelon and banana and who like to mix things, like me)
(Shared)Banana Split(their ice cream is damn smooth and creamy. Eventhough usually I don't take strawberry ice cream, I like their strawberry ice cream!!! A must try for those who like banana and ice cream, like me)

Haha, everything also recommended for people like me. What? Not good meh? Means that everything we ordered is I like wan la and the dinner is damn delicious to me la. Like that also cannot meh? Haha. Oh, btw Wendy's fried rice is heart shaped wan!!! Hehe. I have not gotten the pics from her. I'll post them up when I get them. We told the person we were in a hurry but then it hit me that we were ordering quite alot for someone in a hurry. Haha. But the waiter abit blur blur like that wan. Actually we ordered chocolate ice cream. Then he came back and said:
Waiter: Sorry, no more chocolate ice-cream already.
Us: Oh, then we order Banana Crunch-Chocolate la.
Waiter: But no more chocolate.
Us: Replace the chocolate ice cream with strawberry la.
Waiter: But this is with chocolate wan.
Us: We know, but then just replace it with strawberry la.
Waiter: Er, I'm not sure whether can or not. I ask and see.
(somewhere in the middle we switched to Chinese because he seems to understand better that way)
Then he came back...
Waiter: They say that if mix already not so nice. Cuz behind is chocolate wan(who knows what that means). Why don't u order Banana Split because behind no chocolate wan?
Us: But its okla. Just mix it.
Waiter: But won't be nice wan.
Us: Okla okla, Banana Split la.

What the crap. It's like he don't let us order the other ice cream. So what if it turns out to be not nice. We want to mix it la. Cannot meh? But okla, in the end also all very nice. Hehe. The service there is quite fast so we left around 8.05pm.

Night: We quickly hurried to the Stadium. I have no sense of direction seriously. I would have gotten lost if Wendy wasn't there. Haha. She led the way. It drizzled slightly on the way. When we reached, we wondered why there was nobody so we asked the guards there. They told us its on the other side. Haha. No wonder. The other way got so many people!!! There were so many stalls as usual, selling lanyards, posters, glow sticks, t-shirts and devil horns/cat ears!!! We both bought 1 set of devil horns/cat ears. Thats all. The rest was not worth it. Either too expensive or we can print them out ourselves. The VIP entrance is damn far away. But at the main entrance ma. Haha. There were food and drinks sold also la. But our tummies were gonna explode already so we didn't buy any. There were free posters and those blow up stick things given away by Hotlink. Just fill up a form and can get those free. Obviously we took them. Further up was more Hotlink stalls, this time with models wearing Avril's hair wig(meaning blonde wigs with a pink streak la) and can take pics with them so we did. Wendy hid her camera so well that it was so hard to take it out. Haha. We got past the guards la. We thought we were late by about 20mins and were saying that we are always late for everything anyw, plus VIPs are always late after all. Haha. But actually the show was postponed to start at 8.45pm. So we weren't late. =D

Stadium Merdeka: When we walked in we thought the VIP seats were very sucky. But actually that wasn't the place. Haha. It's the most front section. But there were quite a lot of rows for VIP. About 12 I think. Ours was the 7th row. So its quite back. The show didn't start till 9++pm. The opening act was good but... 1 song only!!! Like what the crap right? He come out to sing 1 song and then that's it. No more entertainment. After like damn long the drummers and guitarists came out to like test the equipment. Everyone started screaming already. Then the dancers came out. 4 of them. Malaysians la I think. Came out to show us some moves. The fans behind were all like screaming already. All calling for Avril to come out. Then she did la in the end(duh). She started off with Girlfriend. I can't remember all the songs she sang but
she was good. She can sing live. Some singers cannot sing live wan ma. They just lip sing. But can see that she really got sing wan la. She played the drums while singing part of Runaway, and the piano during When You're Gone(or was it Innocence? can't rmb). She also sang I Wear The Pants, Don't Tell Me, Get Me What I Want(I think that's the song title), The Best Damn Thing, Complicated, Losing Grip, My Happy Ending, Nobody's Home, Girlfriend Remix with Lil' Mama, and 2 songs which I've never heard before but know is from The Best Damn Thing album. Then she went off stage and they were all screaming for her to come back. The backdrop, which was a black cloth before the show, that changed to a pink cloth with a skull with an A for a nose, changed to a black cloth with a red star. Then she came back out to sing Sk8ter Boi. On the newspaper, they said she sang 17 songs. I don't rmb all so, I wouldn't know. Seems like I'm missing 1 song. Oh well. Through out the concert, she only changed her top. The first was a black t-shirt with some pink/purple design, then another t-shirt, then a white shirt, and lastly a red and gold striped hoodie with cat ears. She was wearing black skinny jeans with a white skull on the right knee the whole time. Then she said lots of thank yous and good byes. Oh, nearing the end, she did something really cute. She raised her hands and of course all the fans started screaming. Then she lowered them, and everyone went silent, then up and down and up and down. And when she lowers her hands for too long, all the fans start screaming anyw. Haha. All the while looking like a kid playing a game. Haha. So cute la she.

Journey Back: We were feeling abit disappointed. Not because the concert wasn't good. It was great. But, it felt so short!!! We wanted more. Plus, we couldn't take nice pics of her. She just looked so so chun!!! So pretty!!! And my phone is so cacated that I couldn't take any clear pics of her, record her songs also all the quality so cacat, video quality also so cacat, memory also so little. Please please people, DON'T ever buy Nokia 7370. It looks damn nice I have to agree(that's why I bought it after all), BUT memory only 10mb. Yep, so little. Cannot put anything wan. One good quality song also not enough space la. So anyw, we took pics of the stage, oursleves with the stage, the VIP entrance, the crowd, the t-shirts sold, the stalls... We wanted to get lanyards with Avril's name on it so we can wear it to IMU, but don't have!!! All are plain lanyards with laminated pics of Avril. That's all. Like that I also can do la. Oh, then we saw Belinda from 8tv quickie!!! So we took pics with her!!! Ahh!!! Can't believe I actually got the change to take pics with her!!! She's so pretty la. I dono la. Don't know much about her but I admire her alot la. Dono why. Just got the feeling like she's so pretty and she's very geng as well. Can do so many things. Why everyone so pretty wan?! Haihz. Ok, so anyw, we walked all the way back to the station. So pain already my feet because I was wearing my sis's 1.5/2 inches heels. Its a little bit small. But then, our feet are almost the same size. I can never find a pair of shoes that doesn't hurt my feet at all. Even a pair of black sport shoes I bought from Topshop hurt my feet. Dono y la. So exhausted already. We bought a cup of drink each from a stall for 1 buck each. Normal price la. But cheaper than the rest which were selling them at RM2 each. I had limau ais while Wendy had coconut.

: We managed to get seats in the train. During the concert, Wendy suggested that we can call our friends and let them hear Avril sing. So I messaged my baby to tell him. But he didn't reply!!! I called also he didn't answer. So I thought he was still having dinner or something. But until the show end also he never reply or call back. Then in the train he called and said u called? I was like, so late already now only u call back. Then he said he just came back. Huh?!?
He went out? How come I dono wan? He said he went out with Nimalan. Ok, fine, nothing wrong with that. But why he never tell me? Then he said he didn't think it would matter since I'm at the show after all. Oh well, so he couldn't hear her sing and judge for himself whether he thinks its good or not. Haih. We mostly just rested in the train. When we reached Sri Petaling station, we saw Simba, our batchmate, with his friends. But we didn't manage to say hi because he was further ahead and I took some time finding my touch and go. Plus, we went the other way because we had to go to the carpark. My car was the only car left in the middle of nowhere. All the other cars were in paring lots. Haha. Flaunterz must have felt weird and lonely and a lil shy. I dropped Wendy at King Crab where her father greeted her.

: Finally!!! I reached home. Watched a lil tv with my mum then showered and plopped onto bed and off to dreamland...


  1. Linda5:59 pm

    Aikkkkssssss....jealous+envy+dunch like up pictures k?=)

  2. About that Banana split story was funny..ahhahaha..but nvr been to the place..I wanna go next time..hehe

  3. ahaha. i will la when i get them. =)
    Btw, gasoline is in Times Square and Sunway Pyramid as well. Their logo look abit like one of Plastic's doll.